In Government Contracting Nothing Succeeds So Well As Failure: Bloomberg Made Last Minute Contract With Discredited Obamacare Company

bloombergcc9a10d5c8232c2f9debfdfbbca2544fI previously ran a column on how it seems that no waste or lose of government money seems enough to force accountability in some areas. That column came to mind with the recent disclosure that, in the waning hours of the Administration of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, Montreal-based CGI was awarded a $10-million-plus contract to update the city’s non-emergency call system. That is the same company that was partially responsible for the massive failure of the Obamacare rollout and later denied renewal of its multimillion dollar contract. The company was paid roughly $100 million for the failed contract. That was just part of the $678 million spent on the Obamacare enrollment website at which is now the subject of additional contracts to fix the earlier contracts.

None of that appeared to deter the Bloomberg Administration to push through the contract with just hours left on its existence on December 31st. The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications awarded the contract despite that fact that is now infamous in Washington, has a history of failures, and actually has little experience managing 311 call centers.

The start up contract will cost $10 million this year and will potentially cost tens of millions more in future years.

It appears however that a lack of experience and a history of massive failures was not viewed as a barrier to additional contracts by the Bloomberg Administration.

12 thoughts on “In Government Contracting Nothing Succeeds So Well As Failure: Bloomberg Made Last Minute Contract With Discredited Obamacare Company”

  1. Among the leftists, the corruption and redistribution of the taxpayers’ money to their wealthy cronies never ends. Nor does the conspiracy among the politically controlled judicial “watchdogs” that lets them get away with it, time after time after time after time.

  2. How many times do I have to ‘splain things to you folks? It’s all about corruption.

    Companies make payoffs to politicians, judges, and various other officials in order to get sweetheart contracts like this one.

    Now, some of you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, isn’t Bloomberg a billionaire? So why we he be willing to take bribes?” That is a good question. But, unfortunately, multimillionaire and multibillionaires didn’t get to be so rich by playing by the rules that most people have to play by. But, more importantly, they are NEVER satisfied by all the money they already have. They constantly have to get more and more money, like a deep drug addiction from which there is no cure, feeding an inner emptiness that can never be sated.

    Are we getting the picture yet?

  3. Isn’t it amazing what the functionaries operating within government can do with your money.

  4. Darren, You’re correct about the money and for governors and the prez it’s also pardons. Never forget our worthless AG Holder was an errand boy in that travesty of a pardon made by Bubba. Lord help us if Hillary ever gets the WH. Leonard Peltier and his ilk will be pardoned.

  5. Well you do have to pay a failure fee…. But it usually works the other way around…..

  6. I am a programmer who has worked on many completely new systems –
    my first reaction to the Obamacare issues at startup was : “oh so they thought they could kill it by just making the startup a great big mess ” – who knew who was in cohoots with who – I am not alone in having zero trust in anything or anyone GOP – look what they have been trying to do to elections – they are a despicable bunch – if not a conspiracy, how on earth could this have been such a big mess – they had millions of dollars and 2 years to create it – simple at first is the way to go – the company totally blew it if not deliberate !!

  7. I guess its how they pay themselves for being in politics. Somehow they corrupt the rules of law & common sense but it happens too often to be an accident or error. Somehow the pols get a kickback or fulfill a promise, corporations too.

  8. Another Bloomberg legacy! It almost seems like he wanted to leave a few bombs around for the new mayor to make the city unbalanced and infected with problems about to bloom. He wouldn’t do that, would he? Like heck he wouldn’t,

  9. Follow the money.

    It seems that actions taken by politicians in the last moments of their tenure are very often suspicious, if not disgraceful.

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