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  1. He is going to leave ladder marks on a portion of the wall which he has already painted. So what he needs to do when he’s finished is to hold one hand against the wall to push the top of the ladder away from the surface of the wall, and with the free hand apply paint to touch up the ladder marks. Of course, then he’ll have to ease the top of the ladder back against the wall so that he can touch up the spot where his hand had been resting. And then he’ll have to push the top of the ladder back from the wall once again to touch up the ladder marks. And then . . . . .

  2. Gotta say that it is the lack of ground under the ladder that has everyone fooled, and the extra legs just hanging there. But think about it and apply physics. If a ladder was just leaning against the wall, even with ground under it, the only issue is the angle. Now this one seems at the edge as it is probably 55 degrees or so, but if it was 65, it would not be a big deal. I is only “bad” if the bottom slips backward, which could happen without the air below. Of course the fall, if it happens, is greater, but the chance of a fall is not any greater. Lastly, if the bottom rung hits the vertical stays of the railing, that stops the ladder as well. Last issue, will the aluminum support the weight at a greater shear angle created by the distance from the wall. Hmmm, that would be the biggest issue. From an engineering point of view the exposure here is not as great as presumed by many, and it is true that much “dumber” stuff is practiced on a regular basis. Smooth movement would lower the risks, and certainly any bounce could cause sheer to initiate.

  3. Scorpion Sting’s comment may not be the MOST sexist statement entered on the internet today, but it is certainly seeded in the Top Ten. Whether there was a woman involved in the decision to repaint or not does not make this stunt any less foolhardy. We have no idea from the information provided whether the house or apartment belongs to one of these men…….or both as a couple…..or neither because they’re doing it for a friend. Don’t know about the women SS hangs around with, if there was a woman involved, she almost certainly wouldn’t be happy when the bozo on the ladder is in traction after falling down a flight of stairs.

  4. I agree with Isaac. The ladder looks stable. I don’t see any paint so wth is he thinking?

  5. Interesting picture. Shows the men are the smarter species because they know if the woman is happy then everyone is happy. I bet if we were to look into the origins of this project we would find a woman with a handful of color patches. This man knows that “yes dear” goes further than any complaining or common sense, he just wants to get it done for her.

  6. A little known statement of the great Greek mathematician and physicist, Archimedes:

    “Give me a incline and a place to stand and I will … fall down a flight of stairs.”

  7. Of course finding a $4.00 extension pole for the roller brush was out of the question.

    Playing games with life. fools

  8. I think it is safe to say he is not an aviator. Most pilots I know have a phobia about ladders and heights.

  9. why not just get a long handled roller?


    I dont know, that seems pretty stupid to me.

  10. Structurally, if the bottom of the ladder is solidly fixed and the ladder is strong enough to hold the person, and the other person keeps a firm hold on it, it is not that dangerous if all. There are much better examples of stupidity out there.

  11. The odds of beating mean ole mr. gravity (Mr. G) depends on the color the wall is being painted by mr. risktaker (Mr. R).

    If white is the color Mr. R is applying, big odds are with Mr. G, or if the color M.R. is applying is tan or beige, smaller odds are with Mr. G.

  12. A beautiful illustration of why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration needs to be eliminated because it severely interferes with individual personal freedom?

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