Pennsylvania Man Allegedly Beat and Tortures Dog . . . Judge Refuses Demand That He Be Barred From Pet Ownership For Two Years

bildethThis horrendous abuse is the work of Russell Seese, 27, in Pennsylvania. Seese was reportedly planning to kill the dog, Lexi, when his abuse was discovered. Now he has served his relatively brief sentence and Pike County Judge Joseph Kameen had confirmed that he cannot own another dog.

The Pennsylvania Humane Society was called to Seese’s house in March where they found the female labrador-pit bull mix with duct rape binding her front and back legs. She was in a fitly chicken coop with no food or water and had suffered traumatic injuries at the hands of Seese.

judgekameenFor these abuses, he was sentenced to a rather bizarre minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 12 months. He was also ordered to pay a $500 fine. By the way, the intention to kill the dog was not a problem. In Pennsylvania, you are allowed to kill your pet. However, the abuse was extreme. Yet, the sentence did not prohibit Seese from owning another pet or at least exclude future dog ownership for a while. Judge Kameen not only cut the maximum fine in half but rejected the prosecutor’s request to prohibit Seese from ownership, possession, control and custody of any animal and any employment involving the care of any animal for two years. Just two years and the court refused.

Seese’s lawyer made it sound that he really needs a pet right now because, after a letter campaign, he was fired from his position as a resource conservationist at the Pike County Conservation District. He lawyer argued “He has been hounded out of employment. I don’t know if he will be hounded out of his volunteer firefighting position.” (I am not sure that I would use the verb “hound” to despite my client’s plight after torturing a dog).

Lexi is now at an animal rescue group near Pittsburgh and working almost ready for adoption.

Her name new name is Jaynah, or a gift from God, strong and valiant.

Source: Pocono Record

15 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Man Allegedly Beat and Tortures Dog . . . Judge Refuses Demand That He Be Barred From Pet Ownership For Two Years”

  1. That judge in an ignorant human being. I hope that sick man don’t abuse again any other animal or children. he is sick of the head.

  2. Judge Joseph Kameen, what were you thinking? This poor judgement passed at a time when NYC creates a city wide animal abuse registry!!

    I’m quite worried for Pennsylvania Pike County that they have a Judge such as Joseph Kameen. Mr. Seese (the accused) is a horrific abuser and a predator. Bleeding heart Judges for abusers are a fearsome concern for that community. Not only should Mr. Seese not be allowed to continue his work as ‘volunteer’ firefighter because his judgement is clearly skewed and inhumane but he should not be allowed anywhere NEAR another animal again until the county can rehabilitate this man from his mental illness. The Judge did the community no favors and puts many at risk including future animals, what’s next?

  3. How is even possible that animal owners are “allowed” to kill their animals? These are defenceless creatures whos only crime is being placed with sickos. There is a special place in hell for this douchebag dog beater and douchebag judge. There MUST be reform in the government to fix this.

    “We can judge the morality of a nation by how it treats it’s animals.”

  4. Another guy in trouble when his time comes at the Pearly Gates is that Romney guy for locking his dog in a crate box on top of his car and driving thousands of miles.

  5. When the perp dies and goes to the Pearly Gates to meet his maker he had better know some good things to say about himself besides this episode. I hope he croaks on Wednesday. That is Saint Peters golf day and he has a stand-in. Sometimes it is a Labrador. I know, I have been there, done the speech for not going to Hell and convinced them to let me come back as a dog. This guy will go to Hell. Whether it is golf day or not, Saint Peter owns that Labrador that stands in for him, and Saint Peter has no tolerance for dog abusers. Been there, seen it, while I was waiting in line.

  6. IndyRes – Yes, for starters, and ditto for the Judgement-less loose cannon in the black dress and the Criminal Lawyer

  7. The judge should have ordered his hands, legs and mouth duct taped and not fed or watered him for a few days. At the very least he needs to be
    psychologically evaluated.

  8. I propose a whole new category of post. We could run it as a separate column and call it something like, “Judges Run Amok.” I have several good candidates from first hand experience, and have heard of a lot more.

    My best friend is both a psychiatrist and lawyer. He once made the observation that, “When an ordinary lawyer puts on those black robes, he takes on aspects of the Deity, and if you don’t believe it, just ask him.” He thinks neurosurgeons have nothing on judges in the ego department.

  9. Dredd…. It all starts with puppy porn….

    Does the conservation district deal with water, land or wildlife…. That would make a difference in my mind if he was wrongfully discharged….

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