Ukraine Police Stop Bus Full Of Demonstrators and Beat Them . . . Only To Find Out That They Were Going To A Pro-Government Demonstration

220px-Euromaidan_Kyiv_1-12-13_by_Gnatoush_005Ukrainian riot police appear to be having trouble deciding who to beat up. BBC is reporting that police stopped a bus heading to Kiev and assumed that they were more protesters. So, they did what has become standard operating procedure for Ukrainian police: they proceeded to savagely beat the occupants. It turns out that they were government supporters being bused to support the government in its effort to break away from the West and sign a trade deal that will place the country under the domination of Russia. What is amazing is that, after being beaten by the government, they reportedly proceeded to the rally in favor of the government and all the good things it brings to the people of the Ukraine. Now those are the types of supporters that would have made Stalin proud. In the meantime, the police succeeded in capturing a real protester and reportedly tortured him and left him to die in the cold. He has survived to tell the tale.

People believe that the bus was stopped because it had plates from Western Ukraine where anti-government sentiments run high. However, the occupants immediately saw what was about to happen and insisted to the police that they were on the same side. Apparently, the police concluded that everyone says that an proceeded with the beating. It is not clear how they finally realized that they were beating the people who were being brought to Kiev to praise the government. The occupants bandaged themselves and were allowed to continue to their pro-government demonstration.

It could be worse, if you recall Muslim fanatics in Syria recently tortured and murdered a government soldier only to learn that he was one of their own wounded soldiers. They found out after they beheaded him and pranced around with his head as others laughed and rejoiced.

Source: BBC

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  1. Interesting. There could indeed be a parallel between Syria & Ukraine. I’m not convinced the West’s insistance of regime change in Syria is better than what they had & I think Ukraine might be better off with more Russian & less European ties, but the bloody murder & torture of men, women & children to defend this is insane.

    1. We should not dismiss Stalin’s Great Famine, making him responsible for the starvation of far more people than were lost in the Nazi Holocaust. Also, Ukraine did not join the USSR voluntarily. There’s no mystery why the majority of Ukrainians want to join the EU, held back by a minority old guard, in charge, that has never abandoned Russia. If Ukraine goes from Russia to the EU, it’s like going from the frying pan into the fire. Ukraine would be better off remaining independent, because both Russia and the EU are only in it to exploit Ukraine and its people. There’s another overlooked fact. When the Soviet empire fell, Moscow lost the Crimea to Ukraine, and Putin wants it back.

  2. My ancestors came from the Ukraine and Crimea, so we have quite a little anecdotal history in our family, very little of which actual history has ever found its way into Western history books, much less popular culture. There are two major camps in Ukraine, those from the old, Soviet guard, and then the young and disadvantaged who’ve appeared on the scene since the USSR folded some 20 years ago, the latter their parents never having been members of the Communist Party. The old guard believes it can regain the perks it once had by throwing in with Putin, the others believing their future lies with the EU and Western culture. There are Ukrainians who are very conversational with Wetern music, much banned during the Soviet era, their parents having been raised on, for example, bootleg Beatles music. I’m conflicted over which way Ukraine should go. Either with Russia or the inflationary requirements for EU membership, I don’t see much future. I do believe, however, that Ukraine would be better off completely independent, free of Russia and the EU, both of which are only in it to make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. If money had never been invented, the gene pool would never have selected for greed and its cousin, violence. And today, if more people understood the forces of exploitation, the gap between rich and poor would eventually evaporate.

  3. My grandparents immigrated to the U.S. in 1913 from Ukraine —which is neither here nor there, however, the fact is that the U.S. is trying to pry Ukraine from its close and important relationship with Russia. Like it’s doing to Assad/Syria — but you won’t hear about these on NPR or PBS, FOX, or any of the other corporate media.

  4. Ignorance is bliss and there are some who skip to work ( if they happen to be employed). Remember the story of the Texans who walked out on Bill Nye the Science Guy because his stance that the moon does not create it’s own light goes against the Bible??? Enough said .

  5. I’ve had my share of adventure with police in the Ukraine and FSU. They hadn’t ever subjected me to violence, but that was only because I was able to pay bribes. In places like this, money subdues the police like a good T-bone subdues a guard dog. Once, while enjoying some wine on the beach in Yalta, we paid a bribe to stay out of jail. We were able to keep and finish our wine, only because we doubled the bribe. A few dollars lost was not the end of my world, but a huge beginning for someone in a land where the average person had earned about 78 dollars per month. Of course, the cost of living was about 10 cents on the dollar, too. But still, it wasn’t enough.

  6. For the potential visitor I would suggest that you consider that area of land to be Pirate Territory. If you have notion that Somalia is bad then lump the two Pirate Territories together. Fly over if you must, but flush when you do.

  7. Darren, I grew up w/ Ukrainians and they are good, hardworking people. I’ve lost touch w/ them but I know they’re in pain over all this.

  8. One has to wonder when the average person in the Ukraine is going to be permitted to have an ordinary life with circumstance and government comiseries seeming to never end.

  9. Charlton Stanley

    If you guys recall, we have had commenters on this blog recently who thought it was better for them and their families to be uninsured.
    Which illustrates how bad it is when they are not the scary ones:

    The really scary characters are our soberest politicians, scholars, journalists, professionals, and managers, men and women (though mostly men) who imagine themselves as morally serious, and then enable the wars, devastate the planet, and rationalize the atrocities.

    I speak of Senator Mansfield precisely because he is not a breast-beating superpatriot who wants America to rule the world, but is rather an American intellectual in the best sense, a scholarly and reasonable man — the kind of man who is the terror of our age.

    What I find terrifying is the detachment and equanimity with which we view and discuss an unbearable tragedy.

    (Epigovernment: The New Model – 9).

  10. If you guys recall, we have had commenters on this blog recently who thought it was better for them and their families to be uninsured.

  11. I have had exchanges with people like that ones you describe randyjet. Loyal as loyal can be to the GOP, as they’ve had their earned income credits slashed and were kicked off of Badgercare here in WI. Would vote against their own best interests even if it killed ’em.

  12. AY That is FAR more typical of the GOP supporters who still vote GOP when they cut their food stamps, unemployment benefits, cut day care for their kids, cut education for kids, etc.. As I have pointed out before, Obama is the best President we have ever had in terms of how he has affected my life personally. The other President who affected me directly and immediately was LBJ, and Vietnam. That influence was not quite so benign. So I would remind folks that thanks to Obama and the Dems, with cash for clunkers, I got my job back, bought a new vehicle, and up until recently have been doing well. I also made sure to tell all the folks on the ground where I off loaded, that they can thank Obama for their jobs too. Then thanks to Obama care, my wife finally can have health insurance again since our company has no benefits. So all in all, he has done quite well for me and millions of other Americans. I even interviewed one young guy for a job who responded that though we did not have any benefits, he was covered for health care by his fathers plan until he reached 26. Once again, Obama at work, and this was a white guy from a GOP household who I am sure will vote against the Democrats and probably voted for Romney. These white rednecks are pretty stupid here, probably dumber than those demonstrators who were beaten.

  13. I just saw film of the true beaten-and-left-to-die Ukrainian protester on BBC in Thailand here. Its not pretty.There might have been a case for allying with Russia rather than Europe but wanton cowardly violence like that takes away any good argument the government might have had. Voting is going on here in Thailand after all the protesting here. I’m hoping the big day,Sunday will be peaceful, but I’m glad I’m not in Bangkok just in case.

  14. What is amazing is that, after being beaten by the government, they reportedly proceeded to the rally in favor of the government and all the good things it brings to the people …” – JT

    Doncha just love it when other nations flatter us by imitating us (Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids? – 2)? The Stockholm Syndrome is not just for Stockholm anymore.

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