Alito: It’s Fine The Court Is So Unpopular

225px-010_alitoI have long criticized the increasing public appearances of Supreme Court justices who appear to be maintaining a type of popular base of supporters on the left and the right. It is the age of the celebrity justice. Scalia and Sotomayor were in the news this week attracting headlines with commentary on cases or political issues. However, it was the comment of Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. yesterday that was the most striking. Alito dismissed new polls showing that the Court was at a near record low in respect and approval at some 43 percent. Alito said that it did not bother him at all, which (judging from his past conduct) should not come as much of a surprise.

Clearly the Court should not be striving for popularity. Indeed, lifetime tenure is designed to insulate members of the Court from such popular demands or expectations. However, justices (including Alito) are increasingly seen pandering to outside groups from their ideological camps. Indeed, Alito was widely criticized for attending a conservative fundraiser. Moreover Alito was unrepentant in his unprofessional appearance at a State of the Union address. Then there is the open arrogance shown by some of his colleagues in their public events. That type of conduct clearly undetermined the respect for the Court and should not be dismissed by any member.

I have previously criticized Chief Justice Roberts for repeatedly failing to take the difficult step of chastising the conduct of his colleagues. Indeed, Roberts seemed to support Alito in openly disagreeing with President Obama at the State of the Union.

When asked about the near record disrespect for the Court at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches and the Palm Beach County Bar Association, he simply replied

“It’s fine if we are not all that popular. There is a reason why the Constitution gives federal judges life tenure. We are supposed to do our jobs without worrying whether our decisions are pleasing to anybody.”

Yes, but their job also should include judicial ethics. Lower court judges routinely refuse to speak at ideological events or discuss issues that are or will be before their courts (and here). The Justices not only violate this core principle of ethics but they insist that they are above the rule of judicial conduct governing other federal judges. Indeed, when they leave the court and sit on lower courts, former justices seem to have a hard time adhering to ethical rules.

As noted in an earlier column, the increasing high-visibility appearances of justices is in stark contrast to their use of the Ginsburg rule to avoid discussing issues at their confirmation hearings. Indeed, Justice Thomas refuses to speak even in oral arguments but regularly appears before conservative groups to throw red meat to his base just as Justice Ginsburg herself has done with liberal groups.

There is a good reason why the Supreme Court is unpopular and it is not entirely due to their rulings. The justices themselves are undermining the integrity and respect for the Court. It is not surprising to see members dismiss the view of the public given their dismissive attitude toward principles of judicial ethics.

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  1. In my District Court the Judge refers to the Court as his court and does not permit anything that he does not approve of. He also was heard speaking to an accused “as far as you are concerned, I am GOD”. Tell me how this Judge was able to sit the Bench for 20 years and is still sitting Bench in other counties.

  2. Alito’s wife’s crying didn’t fool me, now we all cry at the disgrace this man has brought to the court.

  3. You wonder why they act as legislators in giving interviews, why the nomination proceedings are political ?

    The philosophical forbears on the Court opened Pandora’s Box in the mid-twentieth century by making themselves the great seers on the mountaintop.

    Step by step they incorporated the Bill of Rights, consolidating federal power, and making themselves the final arbiters of what is “equal” instead of the elected representatives of the people. What is appropriately on a “rational basis”? They decide. You cheer when a Windsor is handed down and moan when it is a Bush v Gore or a McDonald V Chicago but they all have the same root and those of you who know the law know the root.

    Yet you continue to support the decisions based on “purpose” and “consequences” (Breyer the current leader of the troop) and then pretend to wonder why they act as legislators.

    They have made themselves the proverbial Solomon (with your continued help) and at some point they will succeed not in sparing the baby but in finally cutting the republic in half.

  4. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I read a while back that the justices don’t want TV cameras in the court because it might impair the public’s respect for the court?

  5. What Justice Holmes said awhile back. The idea that facts don’t even matter to the Supreme Court is what concerns me. When Justice Scalia is repeating conservative talking points in open court, something is wrong.

  6. It figures that Alito would come down here to yak to Palm Beach rich guys. This town is full of Yorkies. That is the problem with the Supreme Court. Six of Nine are from Jersey or New York and all speak “turdy turd and a turd” (their pronunciation of 33rd street and 3rd avenue), all but one are from Harvard or Yale. None have ever once represented a criminal defendant in a jury trial. Few have ever tried any jury trial. The method to this lame madness is go to Harvard and/or Yale, speak turdy turd and a turd, clerk for some judge, become an assistant attorney general and then get appointed to the DC Court of Appeals. No others need apply.

  7. Actual popularity isn’t some high-school drama. It’s the basis of the faith we put into our public institutions, all of which have failed to one degree or another.

    Including the SCOTUS.

  8. The United States Supreme Court

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  9. bettykath – Your SO bahhddd (but spot on)

    RobinH45 – Can’t say I disagree (in a 5th Element Baptist sort of way)

    Dredd – Concur (in the sense that “They” simply don’t give a rat – f—-)

    frank – concur, Concur and Concur; but I’m not afraid – Just PIssed!

  10. I submit this “trend” of some Supreme Court Justices appearing at political gathering and/or allowing their expenses to be paid to speak at a function is a violation of most, if not all, state and federal judicial ethics and canons.

    I agree with an old saying:
    “I love my country, it’s the government I’m afraid of.”

    And I am afraid of this branch of government!

  11. What he means is that it is fine that he is doing his part to make the court so unpopular.

    He is a sacrifice.

    Or as psychologists might say, he gives voice and ink to suicidal impulses from time to time.

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