Justin Bieber: This Won’t End Well

By Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

article-0-1B3F38C300000578-259_634x801Teen idol and Canadian citizen Justin Bieber just entered the consciousness of serious adults but it wasn’t for his singing or making their teenage daughters swoon. No, Justin set the world ablaze due to a pot smoke-filled airline cabin and a felony arrest for egging a neighbor’s house. And lest you think the American Congress has better things to do than follow the shenanigans of today’s latest pop star, think again. At least one senator has called for his deportation and an on-line petition to jump-start that process has gathered 100,000 signatures.

The story starts out as it often does with talent out-racing maturity and stage parents ever-willing to cash in with little regard for the consequences. Bieber made his splash in Hollywood with an album entitled “My World” after bumping around YouTube. The record went platinum in 2009 and his career was off. What followed was more songs and awards by the dozens along with 40 million followers on Twitter. Money followed fame and Bieber moved to LA taking full advantage of his O-1 visa but eschewing American citizenship.

After money came the seemingly inevitable skirmishes with  the law. Charged with vandalism in Brazil, the 19-year-old added to his blotter with missteps in Australia and Columbia for his graffiti filled nights. There were of course the drug busts and reckless driving and DUI arrest, and then of course assaulting a limo driver who had the temerity to suggest that maybe the kid has imbibed a little too much. LA neighbors got involved after Bieber egged a house and a felony arrest followed.

The recent fiasco involves a little charter trip for Justin and his dad. According to the pilots, marijuana fumes from the passenger compartment were so intense that the pair had to don breathing masks to avoid becoming intoxicated and hence subject to FAA sanction. Like a bad Cheech & Chong movie, the father-son pair in the rear were partying it up. Maybe they were yucking it up talking about Bieber’s on-again, off-again romance with actress Selena Gomez whom Bieber reported bragged about taking her virginity. Gomez has since gone into alcohol rehab and the anti-abortion Christian Bieber is sticking to his line that  “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.” The couple has broken up according to many sources.

Which all leads to the hallowed halls of the United States Congress. Virginia Senator Mark Warner is no Bieleber, as Justin’s fans call themselves. The father of three daughters, Warner said he’d step right up to sign the deportation petition circulating on-line and now with over 100,000 signatures.  “As a dad with three daughters, is there some place I can sign?,” he asked radio station WNOR recently. Most Americans have about the same opinion of Bieber. A recent poll showed Bieber being viewed unfavorably by 54% of those polled.

And in the entertainment business your popularity is your fortune. This can’t possibly end well.

What do you think?  Should Bieber go or stay?

Source: CNN

~Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

47 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: This Won’t End Well”

  1. I can only imagine how much his attorney fees are adding up to. Malicious prosecution is a great way to increase employment. Doesn’t he makes to much money anyway?. By the time they get done with this kid, he be broke like so many before him. Don’t you just love malum prohibitum laws. Other than the assault charge, he has not harmed a single soul. Oh that’s right, without malum prohibitum laws, how would the legal system and government, make all it’s money and they surely need the revenue ?

  2. I no longer fly and don’t visit any foreign countries—TSA and Homeland Security are a bunch of ignorant thugs with badges who can’t wait to exercise their power. I drive, take a train or stay home.

  3. Randy,

    A lot of the tighter border security came about because of Bush…. I recall being able to just drive across the bridge and have absolutely no problem with proof of citizenship in Mexico or Canada…. Just show a valid Drivers License…..

  4. randyjet is fantasizing about Elizabeth Warren!! That takes this thread in a unique and interesting tangent. Any women fantasizing about Bernie Sanders?

    1. While I am a fan of Warren, I would not go so far as to say I fantasize about her. I just get a lot of posts from her and others who regard her as an excellent Senator, and politician. I think a Sanders/Warren ticket would be great, or which ever way they want to put on top. I rather like the woman on top position myself.

  5. The felony charge is simply based on a benchmark for the $ amount of the criminal damage to property. The $ amount put it into the felony category. We have plenty of bad actors poisoning our culture. This punk hoser needs to go home.

  6. Randy,

    The Canadian responded to the US with stricter border entry….. The DUI issue is being resolved but not before it’s cost the Canadian merchant millions of US tourist dollars….. I know a hunting trip where the richest person in the group was denied entry…. He said the heck with it and all 15 boarded back on his plane and returned home….. Knowing these folks they probably would have spent more than 50 thousand a day amongst them…. The wives were going shopping….. I know of people in the oil industry that have conditionally been allowed entry into the UAE….. Where drinking is banned…..but barred entry into Canada……

    1. AY Thanks for the update. I was eventually let into Canada so I could get some much needed sleep since I had been up for more than 24 hours. Our SOP now is to avoid staying in Canada at nearly all costs and to get only enough to get to a US port of entry. They charge extortionate prices there, and de-icing this time of year is absurd at the price. It once cost us $3000 to de-ice the Metro III after they lied to me about being able to have a hangar place to allow the ice to melt off. Some advice to other pilots, STAY OUT of Canada until they decide to become more civilized in their treatment of us. I have found that they are getting worse over the years since I have been flying there.

      When I was working for the airlines, I was almost denied entry back into the US at Montreal when clearing US Customs there. That was a stupid and officious US Customs agent stationed there.

  7. Correction as to Sen. Mark Warner of VA, not Sen Warren. They are both pretty good, and I have Sen. Warren on my mind more than Warner since I have been a big fan of hers for quite awhile.

  8. Since I was almost denied entry into Canada while flying cargo because I had ONE DUI 35 years ago, I think we should return the favor to Bieber. What was good for me, is certainly good enough for him, and that was the extent of my criminal record, unlike him. I wonder how or why the Canadians let in W Bush and Cheney, BOTH of whom had TWO DUIs and in Bush’s case, were fairly recent vintage, along with an arrest for drunk and disorderly while a cheerleader at Yale. Moore asked just WHAT could Bush have done that would make him stand out in a full stadium of similarly drunk fans and students? It had to have been pretty spectacular. But then if they can let in a war criminal, and PROVEN drunken crook, maybe we should cut Bieber some slack.

    I rather lean towards Sen Warren’s position because of the effect on our kids, Letting Bieber stay would send the wrong message and precedent that if you are rich and famous, you can get away with anything. I do have to agree that egging is NOT a felony, except in LA LA land where legal absurdities abound. So giving due consideration of all factors and arguments, I will volunteer to fly Sen. Warner and ICE to pick up Beiber and fly him over the border, with or without a parachute, depending on his demeanor during the flight.

  9. He can make records in Canada. I hear they have rather good recording studios. John Lennon was very nearly deported from the US, being allowed to stay only after a multi-year legal battle.

    Elvis Presley never made any world tours because his fabled manager “Colonel” Tom Parker was Dutch born (real name was Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk), and in the US illegally. If he left the country, he might not be allowed back in.

  10. Lindsey Lohan all over again. Same kind of money grubbing and limelight seeking parents.

  11. A friend had told me about this…. I have a feeling it’s not going to end well for the private pilots…. Generally, they are iron clad with confidentiality…… Now, for the brat and money grubbing parents….. It’s not going to end well….. Especially with a dad that’s enabling this crazy life….. Do I think he should be deported…… no…. The record industry has too much banked on him…. I don’t care for his music but I don’t care for rap either…. This is not going to end well for the parents or the kid…..

  12. Still better than the President, isn’t it? Can we send him back to Hawaii or maybe Kenya?

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