Welcome Wayne Joseph Owens

imageIt is my honor to introduce the newest member of our blogging community: Wayne Joseph Owens. Wayne is the son of Claire Duggan and Dewayne Owens. Claire is not only a regular on our blog but the moving force behind our annual Three Little Pigs Murder Trial for elementary school children (Claire not only organizes the event but actually has played various roles at the trial). Wayne entered the world at 4:32 am on 2/2/14 (nice numerology). He weighed in at 6 lbs. 1oz.

Claire likes to say that Wayne is the best of north and south. She is a Jersey girl and he is from Georgia. That makes D.C. a natural midpoint. I am told that he is “the sweetest baby who rarely cries, just seems happy even at one week old, and he is doing great keeping his weight up, we call him the piglet and he will fit in perfectly with your three little pigs program.” At first I assumed that was a highly biased account from the mother, but then I saw the picture.

Claire is doing great and enjoying her little man at home. I could not think of a person better suited to be a mother than Claire Duggan. She has a wide circle of fans, including myself, who view her as a cross of Mother Teresa and Superwoman. When there is a crisis, Claire is famous for just showing up and setting things right. I am so excited for both Claire and Dewayne. Being a parent is the most exciting, scary, and endlessly entertaining job you will have in this life. For someone who has spent her life giving to others, Claire is a natural.

Welcome to this world (and this blog) Wayne. (We have already put in a request of a weekend blog on the inside track on the nursery ward). And congratulations to our new parents Claire and Dewayne.

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  1. Hello, happy young man!! Some kids are just born happy — what a gift! And congrats to the parents!

  2. I love kids but I am honest and say what many won’t, I don’t find newborns particularly cute. I realize some people do, but I and others do not. I like them when they start looking more like kids. All that said, this baby is the exception to the rule. Beautiful!

  3. Welcome to the new bairn.

    Now the parents are about to learn just how long the human body can go without sleep. 🙂

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