Parrot Rats Out Owner At DUI Checkpoint

Submitted by Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Sang Like A Canary
Sang Like A Canary

The DUI offender Code of Silence was violated in Mexico after police allegedly contacted a driver at a checkpoint, suspecting him of drunk driving. As Guillermo Reyes stepped out of the car, his parrot called out “Está borracho, Está borracho!” Spanish for “He’s drunk, He’s drunk !” Police at first believed the parrot’s voice to be that of a passenger.

Reportedly the parrot was correct as Guillermo was later arrested for DUI.

Animal control authorities worried the parrot would die if not allowed to stay with his owner. Corrections officers then permitted the parrot to stay with Guillermo for the two days he served in jail. It must have been a rather difficult situation locked up in a cell together; the betrayal, the embarrassment, glaring eyes and petty insults tell it all.


New York Daily News

By Darren Smith
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  1. “Bieber and Kardasian got 1000% more coverage.” They deliver better ratings. I don’t blame the media, I blame the public. The media is delivering what the public wants, and that’s its job. It might be nice to imagine that “news” is somehow special, but unless and until the public decides that it wants to be informed over being entertained, Bieber and Kardashian will win. Anyone is free to form his or her own broadcast station and tell the public what that person thin ks the public ought to know, at least until the money runs out, but that doesn’t oblige anyone to listen. News has *always* been a product.

  2. You can’t trust a bird over 30 – 30 words in its vocabulary that is. Thanks for the fun story that’s my favorite of the weekend. Squawk!

  3. Hmm. I don’t think the parrot ‘ratted him out’. I think the parrot is actually a whistle blower.

  4. Can a Parrot be a viable witness to a crime? Probably, in Mexico anything goes, but if you pay off the Federales you can get away with anything.

  5. And the deposition continued:
    And later in the video deposition:
    Counsel: “And Polly, if you are working in your bar and someone offers you a cracker and it is after Five OClock in the afternoon, what do you say?”
    Polly: “Screw the cracker, Polly wants a cocktail”.
    Counsel: “And after Seven O’clock when working the bar, have you usually drank a few cocktails?
    Polly: “Yep”.
    Counsel: “And on the day in question you had worked the bar and it was 9 pm when the cops pulled you over?”
    Polly: “Yep”.
    Counsel: “And you was as drunk as a parrot in a parrot bar?”
    Polly: “Yep”.
    Counsel: “And the boss, who was driving, is a tea totaler and had nothing to drink?”
    Polly: “Yep”
    Counsel: “And you were mad at him for cutting you off?”
    Polly: “Yep”.
    Counsel: “And when the cop held up the cracker in one hand and asked you if the boss was drunk, he held up a Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle in the other hand, didn’t he?”
    Polly: “Yep.”
    Counsel: “Did he reward you with the Papst?”
    Polly: “Nope”
    Counsel: “Are you ready to retract your lie?”
    Polly: “Polly wants a cracker.”

  6. Deposition of the parrot “Polly” taken prior to trial. Counsel: “Put your claw on the Holy Bible and repeat after me.” Polly: “I always repeat after you.”
    Later in the video deposition. Counsel: “So Polly, the cop approached the car and had a cracker in his hand and it was after cocktail hour.” Polly: “Correct”.
    Counsel: “And he suggested to you that it was after cocktail hour and asked if JoeBob was drunk?” Polly: “Yep”.

  7. You are right, my dogs wouldn’t rat me out! Of course, they will rat out each other. Our Belgian shepherd Terv loved to escape from our land. Every time she did, our male Lab would come running back to the house, and tell on her.

  8. There’s a guy I’ve gotten to know in San Diego. He walks around the pier in Pacific Beach and has his 61 year old parrot on his shoulder. Everyone loves it, particularly kids. They can be cranky but his bird is even tempered.

  9. This is the same issue which was overlooked by the defense trial lawyer and then the lawyers on appeal in those so called dog alert cases in the Supreme Court. When the cop says he pulled the car over and his dog alerted him to pot in the trunk of he car the trial counsel should have interjected the Hearsay of The Dog objection right before the cop said what the dog said was in the trunk of the car. There is no current exception to the Hearsay Rule for dogs. But the idiots did not make the objection at trial, counsel on appeal were redundant schmucks, and all of those so called Originalists on the Supreme Court did not think of it.

    On another note. There is a bar in the Virgin Islands at Coral Bay called The Parrot Bar. There are about ten parrots tethered in different spots around the interior areas and on the deck. They have no mercy. If a woman comes in one of them starts yelling “Look at the tits, look at the tits!” It goes from there. Some folks will not stay. Others love it. Has anyone on the blog been there?

  10. I wish our media could be like the parrot from Mexico:

    This, to put it mildly, is not the way to do things.

    First, some context: TV news shows almost never cover climate change, which ought to be one of the most aggressively-reported issues around, given that, y’know, it’s a dire threat to the planet and everyone on it. A recent study from Media Matters found that the Sunday shows on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox spent a combined 27 minutes on the topic in the whole of 2013. Meet the Press was singled out as “failing to offer a single substantial mention of climate change” for the entire year.

    (Huffington Post). Where are we when American parrots can’t get life and death points?

    27 min. x 60 = 1620 sec.

    1620 sec. ÷ 365 days = 4.44 sec. per day

    4.44 ÷ 4 (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) = 1.11 seconds (each day for each “news” channel)

    On the most critical survival/security issue civilization faces.

    Bieber and Kardasian got 1000% more coverage.

    This post about a Mexican person’s parrot will get more coverage than the demise of civilization.

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