33 thoughts on “United States of Surveillance: A Political Cartoon Video”

  1. It’s been 35 years since I have trusted anything the government says. They violate their own laws in order to rape the folks they supposedly serve (we all know who they really service – corporate masters who are making a fortune off government spying AND we get stuck paying the bill for our own demise). Cheers from what used to be the land of the free.

  2. Hello Jamie,

    I certainly agree that Bush should be held accountable in a court of law. Guess who needs to do that? Holder and Obama! They’ve been in office quite some time now and done nothing about that? Hmmm…could they be on the same side?

    Guess who needs to hold all of these powerful people, whatever their color to account? The people of the United States.

    I think you make the most important point in saying we should stop fearing “terrists” more than USGinc. When we understand that there is no dividing line between the Bush and Obama administrations on destroying the rule of law, we will be able to take action as citizens, Republicans, Democrats and others alike to restore the rule of law.

  3. While Obama is a tool of the NSA and the security state, this began under the watchful eyes of George W(MD) Bush and continues due to eternal 9/11 fears. It’s disturbing that so many blame (and racially disparage) Obama, but fail to implicate George W Bush (who I believe is a white person). http://rt.com/usa/bush-nsa-spying-clapper-632/
    And many in the GOP supported this overreaching security process under GWB without reservation, but some have second thoughts under Obama (surprise!)

    For over a decade, the GOP dismissed civil-libertarian complaints about the War on Terror. The RNC stood behind Team Bush through the war crime of torture and a secret, illegal program of warrantless surveillance on U.S. citizens. Circa 2009, the Tea Party began vying for control of the Republican Party. But even then, mass surveillance on innocents wasn’t among its complaints.http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/01/nsa-surveillance-divides-the-republican-party/283351/:

    As long as most are more afraid of ‘terrists’ than government, warrantless spying on all Americans will continue….

  4. I tend to think that Professor Turley isn’t exactly calling for insurrection, LEEPERMAX.

  5. There’s the 15th annual white privilege conference in Madison in March. Going to Madison is like a haj for all PC and white privilege folks. You can use my house if you wish, I’ll still be out here in San Diego.

  6. Leepermax….”You past two appearances with Megyn Kelly show me you are a force
    that is required at this critical juncture in American History‚Ķtime to act”. I remember watching the professor on Keith Olberman and becoming interested in the blog. I don’t watch Fox News or Megyn Kelly.

  7. Elaine: You take education and communication to the next level. You are #1 in my book.

    For the sake of America and all Americans (Republican & Democrats)
    I urge you to continue your condemnation of practices that are tearing
    this great country apart….please ENGAGE VIA MEDIA to wake us up!

    You past two appearances with Megyn Kelly show me you are a force
    that is required at this critical juncture in American History…time to act

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