Russian Cat Sticks The Landing At Sochi

I am not sure what is more of a concern: that there are cats living in the ceilings of the Adler Arena in Sochi Russia or that the work of the new building is so flimsy that the weight of a cat can cause a collapse. No doubt the Russian government will insist that plenty of buildings have cat walks and this was a particularly heavy kitty.

I had the same thought when one of our Olympians had to break through a door to get out of a bathroom. The story itself was one of the examples of problems at the Olympics from contaminated water to no flush toilets. However, what struck me most about the Twitter image of Johnny Quinn was not the hole but the material of the door (which appeared to be made of cardboard that you could throw a cat through).


10 thoughts on “Russian Cat Sticks The Landing At Sochi”

  1. Most interior, non fire-rated doors are hollow core and full of less cardboard than that.

  2. Good thing it wasn’t a lion that fell through the ceiling, the entire building might have collapsed.

  3. Typical Tbar cieling should not have trouble supporting a kitty. Clearly shody workmanship involved. Cats in the cieling?
    Thats what happens when you start drinking vodka at age two.
    Just kidding, thats what you get when you use slave labor (I assume).

  4. Yes and then the Olympian got stuck in an elevator…. The cat….. Smarter than go near a Russian elevator……

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