9 thoughts on “I Trusted You”

  1. Hey Sara, according to your logic I guess the cops should just immediately shoot every dog they come upon. You’re a fricking idiot.

  2. Dale,

    I saw the report also. The move between an aggressive bark and body language to a bite can be very sudden and unpredictable. The officer should not have to fear his safety to do his job.

  3. 200 species a day are going extinct during this, the Sixth Mass Extinction of life on Earth, the first anthropogenic extinction.

    The pup’s eyes may be saying “what took you so long to …”

    Why destroy such cute, friendly, and good animals?

  4. Jonathan, it is obvious that we both love our dogs. But there is a police officer in Filer Idaho who shot a man’s dog, claiming that the dog attached the officer without provocation. Yet the car mounted video camera records the officer attempting to kick the dog who was barking at this stranger approaching the yard. Thankfully, the humane society is challenging this incident. I will keep you posted.

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