Milwaukee Man Charged With Felony In Spitting Incident

MJS Milwaukee_officer_spit.jpgWe often look at police controversies in cases of abuse or other violations by officers. We occasionally have opportunities however to witness what officers face in their daily jobs as well as officers who saw admirable restraint. This is one such case. Most of us would respond more aggressively to Mr. Larry A. Green Jr., 28, spitting in our mouths. Police officers often have to show restraint that exceeds the personal discipline of most people. The video is below.

The officers do not taser Green or throw him to the ground. They calmly cuff and arrest him.

Green reportedly went to complain about a family problem but when the officer asks if he can help him, he inexplicably spits in his face and mouth.

He is now charge with a felon of throwing or discharging a bodily fluid at a public safety worker. Whatever family problem he came to report will have to wait. The offense can come with a 3 1/2 years prison stint.

Since the videotape is available and he has admitted to the act, what do you think is the appropriate sentence (assuming he is found competent)?

Source: Journal Sentinel

54 thoughts on “Milwaukee Man Charged With Felony In Spitting Incident”

  1. I’m so proud of my son, who never really did any crazy things like spitting at a cop, or getting himself in numerous financial pickles, he was raised near Milwaukee and turned out better than some raised in smaller cottage like cities.

  2. Dredd, So you’re employing the Forrest Gump philosophy. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a son; but if you did, many do CRAZY things on a daily basis up until their mid 20’s or so.

  3. If I’d done that my mother would have given me a “clip round the ear”.
    I’d go for public humiliation, how about a week stood outside the police station with a sign saying “I spit like a camel”?
    It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge of anything.

  4. nick spinelli

    Dredd, You think spitting on someone means you’re crazy?

    I think you are moving the goal posts.

    You asked: “Why do so many think anger and hatred means crazy?”

    I queried: “Cause it makes one spit on people for no reason?”

    Yes, spitting on people for no reason is crazy (and criminal in the context of JT’s post).

    You moved the goal post to “means you’re crazy?”

    There is difference, you know, the English thingy.

    My point was a crazy act, you changed it to a crazy person.

    A crazy act is sometimes done by people who are not crazy.

    I can’t know if the defendant is crazy by the one act, nevertheless it is a crazy act (and criminal in these premises).

  5. When did JT blog begin censoring anonymous posts that do not contain vulgarities or any other violations of the civility rules?

  6. nick:

    I agree that the South is often unfairly maligned. The problem is that the South has lagged behind the rest of the country in virtually every measure of systemic health for decades. And the policies of southern politicians have guaranteed that the disparity will continue for decades more.

  7. Mike, I’ve lived in many states and time zones. I agree w/ you. However, many folks here, the south is ridiculed insufferably. The truth is, black folk are returning to the south. There was a great migration north after WW2, and now it’s back south. Hell, I worked 2 college summers working @ the Jersey Shore and loved it. I’ve never lived in Milwaukee but have worked there a lot. It really does remind me a lot of Detroit, the worst city I’ve ever been to. Even worse than Gary, Newark, and Camden.

  8. I have lived in eleven states in the course of my life. I have lived in large cities, small towns and rural villages. And it is a simple fact that I have met many wonderful people (and a few others) in every single place I have ever called home. As critical as I may be from time to time on legal and political matters, I remain convinced that no section of the country maintains a monopoly on either wisdom or stupidity. Neither has any metropolitan area cornered the market on corruption, whether petty or gross.

  9. Bron, 9 of the 10 largest US cities are run by Dems. The one that is not is San Diego. San Diego was run well by Rep for decades. They elected a Dem in 2012, BOB FILNER, the one man “War on women”! A special election just put in a new Rep. San Diego is a great city, but maybe not as great as the “most exciting city,” beautiful Milwaukee.

  10. Bron, It’s a large northern city, who do you think owns this “most exciting city” politically. The mayor got beat TWICE by the current governor. Jason just called Milwaukee an embarrassment. That about sums it up.

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