10 thoughts on “Kill For Me”

  1. “That’s Dr. Evil Puppy to you. I didn’t go to Evil Veterinary School for 4 years to be called mister, thank you very much.”

  2. Ah, Bill H, I am really sorry about your calico cat with lymphoma. I have two calico cats who are sisters and they are a blessing. As for that evil puppy, my sister would be a sucker for him and any other 40 adorable puppies.

  3. On Saturday, I had a sleep-over with my grand dog, Gizmo, while his daddy went to a wedding. Gizmo wasn’t here even 24 hours and I missed him like crazy when he went home! Already bought him some treats (and a toy for his kitty sister, Springs) for when I see them on Wednesday. Oh, yeah, and my son, too!

  4. No, cannot hold a candle to the ability of a cat to train its owner. Especially a calico cat. Especially a calico cat with lymphoma. Sigh.

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