Kim Jong Un Wins Reelection Unanimously With 100% Of North Koreans Voting

260px-The_statues_of_Kim_Il_Sung_and_Kim_Jong_Il_on_Mansu_Hill_in_Pyongyang_(april_2012)While millions are dying of starvation and North Korea remains an isolated, despised power, it appears that supreme leader Kim Jong Un still has that magic of his old man, Kim Jong Il. Kim was reelected unanimously in his first election after taking over the country after his father’s death and then killing off his rivals, including family members. The North Korean press reported 100% of the country voted, though they found a ballot with a single name on it. In other words, you can have any leader as long as it is Kim Jong Il.

Kim won in his district — located on the symbolic Mount Paekdu after his intense campaign against no one. The state-run Korean Central News Agency announced “[t]his is an expression of all the service personnel and people’s absolute support and profound trust in supreme leader Kim Jong Un as they single-mindedly remain loyal to him.” Single candidates for the single minded. A perfect match.
Source: USA Today

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  1. I invite holocaust deniers to travel to Germany and set up shop. The best way to voice their opinions is to set up a table in front of a local courthouse or police station and hand out flyers and give speeches on how the holocaust was a big lie and to present all of their evidence to support this.

    If a person wearing a green uniform with a white hat and a badge approaches you and asks you what you are doing. Hand him / her a flyer and say to them…

    “Sie haben nicht den Mut, mich zu verhaften. Feigling!”

    You will then command a captive audience.

  2. Randy,
    I keep running across people like Billy Mac in the skinheads and neo-Nazis I have to work with sometimes. It boggles the mind that somebody can be so self-delusional to claim the murder of twelve million people didn’t happen, despite tens of thousands of eyewitnesses, photographic evidence, and meticulously kept Nazi records. I have known survivors of the camps, including my friend Kirby Cowan. I wrote about him here.

    The fact that a substantial percentage of the twelve million were not Jews is sometimes used as an excuse. No, not all of them. Gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, mentally retarded, and physically disabled were targeted for the “Final Solution” as well. As we saw in the case of the airmen of Buchenwald, some were POWs. There were other allied airmen held at Buchenwald after Kirby Cowan, Ed Carter-Edwards and the rest were freed. There is no way to know how many other allied airmen and soldiers were not as lucky as the “Lost Airmen of Buchenwald.”

    Holocaust deniers disgust me.

    1. OS You have my sympathy if you have to deal with those kinds. The proportion of non-Jews was about 50% Nobody knows the exact number of Serbs murdered by the Ustashi in Croatia since they did not keep as good records as the Nazis. The best guess is about 800;000. Of course, the US decided to whitewash the crimes committed against the Serbs under Clinton and they ignored the genocide the Kosovars committed against the Serbs and Gypsies in Kosovo. They also chose to ignore the political bent of the current Nazi regime there.

  3. Bill McWilliams, Dredd used a great quote leading off the Pittsburgh attorney thread. It is applicable to your heinous comment.

  4. Since the West has the most clout in the U.N., their recently released report on N. Korea should be viewed as mainly propaganda. I don’t doubt there are some hungry people in NK; after all, there are plenty of hungry people here.

    Just as there’s no credible evidence that the Nazis gassed six million people in so-called death camps, the claims of millions of people starving isn’t proven by a UN report. Now, the Ukrainian holocaust of 1932-33, really did happen, and I know that because my grandparents are from there.

    1. sorry bill, but the FACT is that the Nazis did kill 12 million in the death camps. I know because a friend of mine liberated some of them and Nurenburg provided the proof. I have personally been to a couple of them myself.

      I just read an article by steve Weissman who told the truth about who was behind the coup in the Ukraine. It was the NAZIS and the chief rabbi urged all Jews to get out because of them. The western TV refuses to show the white power and confederate flags they were waving. Hope that all who supported this coup, are having some second thoughts about their stand. By the way, in my travels in eastern Europe, I can testify that anti-Semitism is prevalent as are the fascists.

  5. Darren Smith

    Laughable. Kim Jong Un should write for The Onion

    Kim Jong Union …

    (Happy now AY?) 😉

  6. Anonymously Yours

    At least that cultural enigma does it right…. We might as well only have a single name on a ballot…. All the rest are puppets….

    nick spinelli

    No one spoke more forcefully about the cult of North Korea than Christopher Hitchens. It is not a country, it is cult.
    ural enema.

    You guys rock your roll.

  7. nick:

    I imagine after living under communism/socialism for so long, they would not be voting the democratic ticket.

  8. That was one cheap campaign. All he had to do is eliminate all competitors and kill or imprison any dissenters and he wins! The turnout was quite amazing as well.. Even the sick and dying cast their vote for Un.

  9. Jamie, If executing people because someone anonymously says they are disloyal is “governing” then I’m all for anarchy. You US haters are unbelievable. Want to trade your citizenship w/ a North Korean?

  10. At least Kim Jong Un isn’t spending his days on the telephone calling corporations for money to run another campaign filled with lies, hyperbole and rhetoric. No, he’s spending his time governing. He may be cruel, brutal and insane, but at least you know what you are getting and are never disappointed with the outcome…..

  11. doglover, Great comparison. Do you know ANYTHING about North Korea and this demonic family? Does your knee continually jerk??

  12. So long as his decisions favor the wealthiest most powerful people in N. Korea and China, he can retain his royal status. As with W, competence is irrelevant.

  13. No one spoke more forcefully about the cult of North Korea than Christopher Hitchens. It is not a country, it is cult.

  14. At least that cultural enigma does it right…. We might as well only have a single name on a ballot…. All the rest are puppets….

  15. That is as bad as the US did in many places where the US government supported coups that overthrew elected governments it does not like. There are too many places to list where the US has done that, but I DO have to list the latest where Yakunovych signed an agreement to hold early elections, and then was overthrown by fascist gangsters. There was no question that he was freely elected and was the legitimate President. The coup had no concern for the Constitution of the Ukraine, when the Parliament voted to oust him under the gun of the coup, but NOW the US has concern that the Ukrainian Constitution is being violated by holding a free election in Crimea. I can only GAG at the blatant hypocrisy here.

    Of course, living in Texas we have free elections coming up in which many of the candidates have no opponents either. This is an old Texas and Southern tradition which I guess North Korea liked as well. Too bad when it counted in years past, our critics here were missing in action. At least Yakunovych had opponents who almost beat him unlike many places in the US. Venezuela has the on going attempts by the US to get rid of their elected government by doing things that are wildly illegal here in the US. Not to mention the failed coup the US sponsored. So while Kim Un is an atrocity, let’s look at our own behavior too and swear off overthrowing governments the US rulers don’t like, especially when they ARE elected in free elections.

  16. The dream of American gerrymandering specialists played out on the international scale.

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