California Professor Faces Possible Assault Charges After Stealing Sign From Pro-Life Protesters On Campus

milleryoungincident2 We have recently discussed a number of incidents of professors acting badly in shouting down student protesters or journalists on campus. (here and here and here). This has include prior attacks on pro-life demonstrators. Now a teenage pro-life demonstrators has accused a University of California (Santa Barbar) professor of taking her sign and assaulting her on campus. Thrin Short, 16, and her sister Joan, 21, have posted a videotape of Feminist Studies Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young walking away with their sign and getting into a confrontation with the teenagers.

thrinshortmilleryoungThe Shorts were handing out pro-life pamphlets when they say Miller-Young confronted them and became irate over their demonstration. They videotaped her after she appeared to organize students in yelling “take down the sign.” They say that she grabbed the sign and walked off–ignoring the protests of the teenagers. Campus police were called and Short says that she was pushed by Miller-Young three times — leaving bruises on her wrists — at an elevator confrontation.

On the video below, Miller-Young is seen taking the sign with graphic images and saying “I may be a thief but you are a terrorist.” At the elevator, she can be seen shoving the teenagers and blocking them. The fact (as noted by her students) that the teenagers do not go to the school is no excuse for this type of conduct. If there was some real violation in the protests (which seems dubious), Miller-Young has no authority to quash the speech. This appears a clear content-based act by Miller-Young. It is even more disturbing to see her encouraging her students to silence opposing views by stealing a sign. It is the very antithesis of the academic mission which is based first and foremost on free speech and association — and civility.

Miller-Young lists her areas as “Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History.” Her bio states that she focuses on pornography and African-American women.

According to reports, Miller-Young has retained an attorney. Catherine Swysen of law firm Sanger Swysen & Dunkle (Notably, Swysen draws not only from her considerable legal experience but experience as a former teacher in the University of California system). She is making no comment but a student her Women of Color class, insisted that she was write to do what she did because “She’s pregnant, so she’s very sensitive to horrifying images like that.” It is very distressful to see a student supporting anti-free speech conduct, a concern expressed recently with regard to French students in suing Twitter.

She could face assault charges based on the videotape. My greatest concern is with her conduct as a faculty member. There are few violations as serious by an academic than attacking free speech or violently trying to stop the expression of viewpoints. Her actions are clearly incompatible with the position of a faculty member. The question is whether the university will act to remove her from the faculty based on this videotape. Putting aside the criminal allegations (that should be left to the criminal justice system), there is the separate question of her judgment and conduct as an academic. The delay in issuing an apology is only going to reaffirm concerns in the minds of some faculty. I fail to see a viable defense for this conduct. Once again, regardless of the status of these teenagers or the disturbing images of the protests, this was an act of free speech. If there is a prohibition on such displays (which would itself raise free speech issues), this was not how academics address controversial speech. If Miller-Young had a legal concern, she can call the police — not lead students in stealing signs and trying to silence their speech.

The faculty code states that faculty “accept the obligation to exercise critical self-discipline and judgment in using, extending, and transmitting knowledge.” This includes a prohibition on “any exploitation, harassment, or discriminatory treatment of students.” Misconduct includes:

1. Intentional disruption of functions or activities sponsored or authorized by the University.
2. Incitement of others to disobey University rules when such incitement constitutes a clear and present danger that violence or abuse against persons or property will occur or that the University’s central functions will be significantly impaired.

The admission on the tape that she has stolen the sign will not help in any university investigation. Regardless of any claim of provocation by Miller-Young, the means chosen by the professor is clearly unacceptable and inimical to the academic mission. To call people with opposing views “terrorists” is a shocking view for an intellectual. To enlist students in an act of censorship only magnifies that violation.

What do you think should be the proper discipline (if any) for Miller-Young?

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  1. Nick,
    I am going to break the rule I made for myself some time back and respond to you directly. Not one of the weekend writers is reeling about anything. No one was asked to leave, directly or indirectly. You give yourself too much credit for having more influence than you have. Sniping at people with snide passive-aggressive comments is going to get you nowhere.

    Bless your heart.

  2. That song, “Games People Play,” was based on a book by a psychiatrist, Dr. Eric Berne. He created a form of psychotherapy he called Transactional Analysis. It is based on his observations that people play games. One of the most commonly seen games is, “Let’s you and him fight.” I have observed that game being played in this very thread.

    Transactional Analysis is one of the techniques I taught in the advanced theory of psychotherapy class.

  3. Dagda, When they want to show you who’s in charge, they play these middle school games. Just let it go, it is so played. Sadly, they don’t realize it. I never responded to that horseshit and it ended pretty quickly. Some folks are still reeling from a shakeup that occurred a few months ago and their buddies left, or were told to leave. So, some are looking to put notches on their holsters. That’s the history behind my caution to you.

  4. Darren, thanks for exposing the under-belly of this blogging site. I often thought that some people were working in concert but there did not seem to be a way to email each other. Now I know that you and rafflaw are emailing back and forth. That means that Elaine and annie are probably doing the same and Carlton is in there somewhere. Thanks. This explains so much.

  5. Larry,

    I got your e-mail just a couple minutes ago but I can’t reply yet because my outbound mail server is having issues.

    Thank you, and I agree on the last two very much

    1. The music of the ’70s is pretty much a blur for me. I vaguely recall this tune, but there was little better stuff out at the time. It was pretty much you heard one you heard them all. However, if you remember it, then it helps date you. I have already dated myself.

      Darren, there is nothing in that painting that shows those women are strong, intelligent or liberal. I appears they are into S&M.

  6. dagda, There are folks who would LOVE to get you banned. I urge you to not allow that to happen. Lord, I know you have to bite your tongue ’till it bleeds. But, tonight my suggestion is to get some shut eye. Things are usually more sane during the day.

    1. annie,
      strong intelligent and liberal women do not need to run to daddy to protect them. 😉

      You can be in denial if you want. That is your privilege.

    1. Charlton, you are using the I am only as old as I feel like and I feel 15? canard. The comment is ageist and you and I both know it. It is also sexist.

      annie, never underestimate a revolution, most start small. BTW, that last comment is not the sign of strong intelligent woman.

  7. Els DL, please comment more often. We women have been under assault by certain trolling types, that is certainly true, but the only way to fight it is not to give up and keep talking.

  8. I agree with you about some of the comments admittedly.

    I would though say that for those who feel they are somehow above strong, intellectual women I offer this work by Sigmar Polke, “Three Girls”

    1. Darren Smith wrote: “… I offer this work by Sigmar Polke, “Three Girls””

      LOL. What a great depiction of the feminist movement! It really captures how the feminist movement is not about gender equality but about female supremacy. I can’t wait to show it to my daughters.

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