10 thoughts on “The Neighbor Complained Of A Constant Feeling Of Being Watched . . .”

  1. Sounds like the complaining neighbor may have something to hide if he feels like he is being watched. Jjust a thought……..

  2. Thank goodness for the posts in “Animals” – at least it makes me smile – everything else just makes my head explode.

  3. Loyal dogs do act as watchdogs. Cats peer out the window and I sometimes suspect them as being lookouts.

  4. I had one time driving on a two lane highway behind a pick-up truck with a dog in the bed. I followed the truck for about 8-10 miles.

    Every time a car would pass the dog would run over to the side and bark once at it. He would then run to the opposite side and stand looking around the cab. A car would come by and again one bark. If there was a line of cars he would stay at the side and bark once at each one in the line just as it passed.

    He was so dilligent about it he realized he missed one and ran to the tailgate for his bark. But, just to safe, he barked at it twice.

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