Over-sized Box or Under-sized Pizza?

PwqI7OgWe just saw a lawsuit over the selling of the same amount of beer as a small and a large at Steelhead games. This all-too-familiar scene shows that it is not just beer that is misrepresented in terms of quantity at sporting events.

I have long favored the German approach to packaging that seeks to force the internalization of costs from packaging on manufacturers to give them an incentive to minimize the use of resources. The costs of such packaging is passed on to consumers and society in the form of garbage collections and waste dumps. It seems to be getting worse. We constantly buy food in large bags or packages only to find that they are only quarter or half full.

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  1. I think most folks that vote Republican, vote against themselves and are the least educated. The 1% can afford to vote for these policies, but can you Bruce?

  2. Paul:

    I agree with you on college textbooks being the biggest ripoff of all.

    When I was in school in the 80’s the books cost about 75-80% of what tuition was. In my second year there was a backlash of sorts because the college bookstore, which was ran by some third party company, was giving bottom basement prices for used books and charging 90% when it resold them to students. There was a collective that formed between students to buy and sell books between them. In fact the backlash even went to some of the professors. One of mine published a textbook in-house using a MacIntosh computer and had the college printing shop bind them.

    What is a real stupidity that from what I gathered still goes on today is the versioning of books, where the publisher will move a few things around each year so that there is no market for the used book. It’s not as if Calculus changes each year.

    1. Darren – it is not just the publishing companies, it is the professors who author the book and then demand their students use it. For awhile ASU forbade professors from using their own books for classes and that dropped the price significantly, but they are back at it. Books at the local comm. college cost more than the tuition and fees.

  3. Oh that’s a sad little piece of pizza, looked so big and delicious from the outside of the box.

  4. Paul, Bingo!! Some folks eat, drink, and sleep politics. Ironically, they are some of the least knowledgeable.

  5. RTC – Why would you insert politics into this decision? You must have spent most of your life excluded from the other kid’s sandboxes.

  6. I have noticed that items that now have lower weight are now being packaged in boxes to hide the fact that there is so little in the box. Bigger box and less content. And chips are another matter. A bag of chips could be a 1/4 the size with the same content, but more air in a bigger bag gives you that false comfort of thinking you are getting more for your money. American business, happily ripping you off one ounce at a time.

  7. What a rip-off !

    Basic human decency demands a man sized pizza slice for a box that large. The owner of this pizzaria (if you could call it that) should be ashamed of himself.


    1. I have found that I do not buy food at the movies, games, etc. since it is overpriced and often bad (it only tastes good if you have several beers down you). I buy food at places that give me a decent portion size. I stopped going to California Pizza because their pizzas appeared to be getting smaller and I was getting less bang for my buck. I now favor Papa Murphy’s which pre-makes the pizza and you take it home to bake (they are very generous with their toppings)

      @Jamie – product size changing is not new. When I was a kid (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth) the price of a Hershey’s chocolate bar was 5 cents. However, depending on the economy you would get 1 oz (max) of chocolate or a portion thereof. You could accurately gauge the economy by the amount of chocolate in a Hershey’s bar, since it changed constantly. Since businesses want to be competitive, when the prices for their ingredients or transportation costs go up, they can raise the price on the same quantity or they can lower the quantity and charge the same price. You are not being ripped off if you are a careful shopper. As the consumer, you decide if the product is worth a particular price to you.
      There is an exception to this and that is college textbooks. I think the price of textbooks is the biggest ripoff in America. When I was teaching college I would either teach without a textbook or find the most inexpensive one I could find for my students.

  8. Pizza is the food of the Gods. I do not care how it comes. But my preference is next-day cold pizza. 🙂

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