Hindu Temple Burned Down After Rumor Of Man Desecrating Koran

220px-DancingFlamesWe have yet another atrocity by religious protesters responding to a rumor that a Hindu had desecrated the Koran. These Muslim protesters than had no qualms over burning down a sacred Hindu temple in protesting a possible act of blasphemy. Last December, we saw a similar riot following a rumor involving a Koran.

Local Muslims expressed their outrage in the Larkana district after a rumor speed that Sangeet Kumar, 42, had torn out pages of Islam’s holy book and tossed them down on the street from the roof of his home. They responded to an act of alleged blasphemy with an even greater act of religious violence and desecration. The arsonists came from a local Islamic seminary.

Police had to grab Kumar before he was killed by the mob. However, while it took almost a half of an hour to even break down the temple door and the arsonists acted openly, no one was arrested for the atrocity. Yet, Deputy Inspector General of Larkana Khadim Rind announced that “Sanjeet Kumar has been accused of desecrating the holy book by the locals. The accused is in our custody.”

So the alleged tearing out of the pages of the Koran is enough for an arrest but the burning down of a Hindu temple is not?

Source: Yahoo

12 thoughts on “Hindu Temple Burned Down After Rumor Of Man Desecrating Koran”

  1. “The writers against religion, while they oppose every system, are wisely careful never to set up any of their own”
    — Edmund Burke

  2. The religious right in this country is just as bad. There, I’ve said it. No maybe we won’t have to read it from someone whacky enough to actually believe it. A preemptive comment.

  3. Sounds to me that if you don’t want a non-muslim living near you, all you have to do is accuse him of tearing up the Koran. That’ll get him moving real quick. Ahhhh ignorance is bliss, just ask any fundamental religious nut !!!

  4. Larkana is located about 165 miles north north east of Karachi and about 3 miles west of the Indus River. So desecrating a Koran in this neighborhood is similar to running around Vatican Square with a nude picture of the Pope!

  5. Whoops typos abound! I meant to say: just remember it is a religion of peace, love and tolerance.

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