23 thoughts on “With Spring, Rover’s Hidden Treasure Trove Was Revealed”

  1. He’s just following instructions from the guy’s mom. Didn’t your mom ever threaten to throw all clothes she found on the floor out on on the lawn?

  2. …So, this is how April Fool’s day began! In the words of the dear Paul Harvey, “…..and NOW you know the rest of the story…..Good Day!”

  3. The melted snow has revealed treasures of a different sort in my yard, that’s for sure.

  4. But for the breed of dog and the steps leading out toward the left, this looks just like my son’s house. I’d bet the bedroom floors are both sock littered!

  5. “Well some ‘body’ needed to be picking up all your dirty socks! Don’t get mad at me.”

  6. Most of what I read here saddens and disturbs me, thank the gods for pets and little children. I look forward to these… thanks!

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