Jeb Bush Declares Illegal Immigration “An Act Of Love” While Others Suggest Deported Individuals Be Brought Back To U.S.

200px-thumbnailThe politics over illegal immigration has radically changed as both parties see the issue as key to attracting the hispanic vote in the next election. A measure of that change was evident on Sunday when Former Florida governor Jeb Bush said Sunday that many who illegally come to the United States do so out of an “act of love” for their families while Democrats are pushing to stopping deportations all together.

Bush is positioning himself for a possible presidential run. In a speech closed to the press, Bush insisted that illegal immigration should not be viewed as a true criminal act:

“I’m going to say this, and it’ll be on tape and so be it. The way I look at this is someone who comes to our country because they couldn’t come legally, they come to our country because their families — the dad who loved their children — was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table. And they wanted to make sure their family was intact, and they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime that there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.”

The political pitch for hispanic votes has triggered a race between the parties to outdo each other. With each proposal, the other party appears intent to go further. The Democrats now are calling, in the words of Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL), “to heal families that have been caught up in the almost two million deportations we have seen in recent years.” This has been taken to mean the actual return of previously deported individuals to reunite families.

And the election is still two years away.

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  1. Western medicine is elitist and myopic. My GP is Harvard trained. But, she understands the energy, holistic approach that our western med profession, from researchers to surgeons to LPN’s too often scoff at. Like western medicine has all the answers, right!! The best pain relief I have discovered are not western medically accepted. My GP helped me in that regard.

  2. Alternative medicine is fine in some instances, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Evidence based medicine has a much better track record, years of study,trails and errors with the end result based on just that, evidence that it works. Rejected if it fails.

    1. Annie wrote: “Evidence based medicine has a much better track record, years of study,trails and errors with the end result based on just that, evidence that it works. Rejected if it fails.”

      The science based medical community focuses upon measurable results for aggregates of data. Their mathematical tests usually use confidence intervals of 95% to 99%. There are always outliers to the data populations based upon individual variation. Put in layman’s terms, science can say that a treatment is effective 99 out of 100 times for the general population, and this causes the medical doctor to put confidence in the treatment. Does that really give you the right to force everyone to use that treatment? What if you are that 1 out of 100 for which the treatment would actually kill you or cause a debilitation like autism? Should not the individual have the liberty to choose whether to have that treatment or not?

      And what about side effects? Almost all drugs have side effects. The doctor might be willing for the side effects to happen in order to declare success with his treatment, but what if in your opinion the side effects are worse than the illness being treated? People should be free to choose, even if that choice is one of rejecting medical science as the authority for their health care.

  3. By the way, government hiring private enterprise is not at all the same as producers and consumers operating in a free market. Such a system is rife with corruption. The problem is that government is not spending their hard earned money. They are spending someone else’s hard earned money.

    The best system is one where producers and consumers are able to interact in a free society. The profit motive in that system creates efficiency and innovation.

  4. No one is against families wanting to come to America for a better life. NO one!
    But we need to put on our sensible hats and take off our emotional hats when it comes to immigration.

    Today, we have an enormous amount of illegal immigrants crossing borders–not a few, but a large number, who get lost in the system, and strain our economic system. In spite of border control, they come–more so from the south than from anywhere else.

    How many of those are potential terrorists or escaped convicts–we don’t know, but I suspect that some of those illegals are coming with non-benevolent motives; not to make a better life for their family.

    If any of you ever lived on the south west coast or in the southwest, you would see that illegal immigration has been a huge problem for decades. The cost to the American public has been astronomical, the hospitals have been financially drained, and the schools have been financially pulled to the limit.

    Take away the borders and you’ll have people from all over the world coming to America without papers, bringing their criminal actions and contagious diseases with them. That’s why we have an immigration process.

    Nearly half of our nation received some kind of aid from the government. What kind of strain is that causing the taxpayers. At some point we won’t be able to continue to print our phony money and take care of whose here let alone others wanting to come to this country.

    I agree that our immigration process needs a complete reform. I also realize that illegal immigration will continue to be a problem, but we must begin to think with logical reasoning to curtail this dilemma. It’s been ignored for too long.

    As for those that are here as of now, let them stay together for a period of time until they can prove their intent to raise their families to be good American citizens, to get a good education, and to work and be productive in our society. They need to pay taxes and work to stay off of welfare. They need to pay the same price our forefathers paid when they came to this country.

  5. Mexico needs a 2 child only policy. In 40 years or so you could then combine the two countries and open up the borders. The problem is the 5 children per family concept, a vicious cycle seen as needed for economic as well as social and religious reasons, but actually counterproductive regarding economics and food on the table. Same here in the Philippines, which I’ll be leaving today for Tokyo. LAX and back in the States on Wednesday. (I get 2 Wednesdays, traveling against the sun)

  6. They banned Cantore in North Carolina where they also passed a bill making it illegal for anyone to say sea level will rise more than 8″ … so as not to scare the wimmenfolk and so the real men would not have to cast out Cantore’s demons.

  7. Jim Cantore scares me. If that weather stud shows up in your town head for the basement or the hills!!

  8. Oh Dredd, quit scarin’ the wimmenfolk. If ya got yerself an inner tube or dingy thingy, you jest sit tight. Praying won’t hurt ya neither. Look at Noah, a real man’s man. 🙄

  9. Nick Spinelli

    Jill, Fear sells. Just watch the news, Weather Channel, and horror flicks.
    Weather disasters don’t scare real men!

    They stay home and fight tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, fires, and floods!

    Where are the real men now?

    As of July 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau has estimated New Orleans’ population at 76 percent of its 2000 population.

    Don’t let the weather channel scare you off like they did the NO folks!

    Stand up to tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, and other fake disasters real men!

  10. The 1% PROFIT HANDSOMELY from overpopulation. Jeb’s just signaling
    that all those people & businesses that profit from illegal immigration will be pleased if he’s elected.

    As always, it’s the little people and middle classes that bear the high costs of allowing millions of illegals into our country year in and year out.

  11. I subscribe to the position of the head of the commission on immigration, the liberal black great Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan. As she stated, the goal of immigration is to further our national interests, NOT to help one group or another. As a liberal of her kind, I find it absurd that any politician would advocate more illegal immigration. If that is their goal, there is a simple means of doing so, CHANGE the law, NOT to spit on the law and our democratic rules. I quite agree with Prof Turley in his criticism of Obama unilaterally ignoring the laws. I do have a difference on the ACA rule bending since that is designed to further the goal of the law that was actually passed. The amnesty granted AGAINST the laws is the opposite to the intent of what the real law that was passed has as its goal. There is a big difference is making revisions in the law to further its intent, and simply refusing to enforce the law which the President does not like. In my life I try and operate under the rule I will bend the strict letter of the law in order to fulfill the spirit and intent of it.

    I am struck by the absurdity that arises from the proposal for amnesty and against deportations. That means as Bush pointed out that we will just politely ask visa overstayers to leave and do nothing if they don’t. So any tourist visa automatically becomes an immigration one. At least those folks did not commit a crime as the illegals have done to get here. WE know who they are, how long they have been here, have checked their background for criminal records and health concerns. That is not true of illegals in any respect and we cannot know even WHO they really are. It is an open invitation to all the crooks of the world to come here and get a new ID and avoid prosecution for any of their crimes.

    I would also like to have the lawyers here apply this reasoning to their own profession first. A person holding them selves out as lawyers with no law license or degree should never be jailed or punished since they are acting out of love too. They simply want a better life for themselves and their families since it is too hard to make a living at the minimum wage. Then I love the lack of compassion for Americans who are hurt by illegals driving down their wages. The prime example is meatpacking where the employers using illegal labor have driven down wages from $19/hr ten years ago to $9/hr. I can understand why David is all for free immigration, since it is to his advantage to have a nice supply of cheap labor. His compassion is even more suspect when he has NO compassion at all for my wifes medical needs in trying to get rid of the Obama care. She was only able to get her medical needs met because of ACA. She never could have gotten the back operation she desperately needed and she could not get any insurance because she is a cancer survivor. When she got cancer before I met her, the US medical system would have let her DIE. The only thing that saved her was the doctor was willing to commit fraud and perjury to enable her to be treated. I have to laugh at people who have “compassion” for those who commit actual crimes and NONE for their fellow Americans.

    1. randyjet, I do not view it as compassion to force others to pay for your choices in health care. Every person should be free to choose their own health care and should not complain that they have to pay for it themselves. If you want to be upset about the poor medical care (by the way, medical care is not the same as health care) your wife has received, blame the insurance companies and the medical practitioners in cahoots with them. Stop the government regulations that prohibit insurance companies from competing across state lines. And swallow pride and try the local government clinics if the system has failed you. Obamacare is not the answer.

      The bottom line is that I view health care as an optional choice, like buying a Rolls Royce. If you don’t like that or can’t afford it, buy a Mercedes, or maybe a Lexus, or maybe a Toyota. Or you know what? Maybe you can get along fine without a car, so don’t buy one. I do not view health care as something everyone must follow or as something everyone deserves. It is a commodity like any other commodity and nobody is being hurt if they don’t have it. I raised five children without Obamacare or any health insurance at all. I do not want any of the proposed changes in my health care plan which is basically eat well and exercise and avoid medical doctors as much as possible because for the most part they complicate the processes of the body and experiment on people. What kind of compassion do you have for not recognizing this as a valid life choice?

      For what its worth, I do not hire cheap labor. My sentiments about immigration come from helping homeless people, many of them illegal immigrants who cannot work for anything but cash under the table. That’s not right. My sentiments do not come from hiring cheap labor as you falsely accuse.

      1. While I agree with david that our health care system Is designed primarily to generate profits, not health care, the best solution is a single payer system like Canada’s. That would take the insurance companies out of the equation and make the medical business about getting people well and healthy. I have no idea of where david thinks everybody can be treated even if they have no money. That is simply a lie.

        My wife had no money when she got ill with cancer, no insurance, and she could not be treated at the ER since cancer is NOT an emergency condition. They would only be forced to treat her in the terminal stage and then only give her palliative care with enough narcotics so that her screaming in pain would not wake or disturb other patients. The doctor who operated lied and falsely stated she was an emergency and committed other fraud as well to get her operation done. Then when it came time to get chemo, she went to the county, and they told her that they wouldn’t authorize that for her, and to come back next year when they would possibly have the money for her. She told them she would be dead by then. They then said tough! She could not get ANY health insurance at all because of her previous medical history. I am glad you do something out of charity, but it does not impress me that you might take in a homeless person, but TAKE AWAY my wifes health insurance and are perfectly willing to let her DIE or live in pain for the rest of her life because we cannot afford a back operation. Thanks for nothing.

        You state that you help out illegals and resent that you either hire them illegally or that they have to work under the table. and do not hire cheap labor. You are not clear about your practices. There is a good reason for not allowing illegals to live and work in the US which is that we have no idea of who they are, have no idea of their background or criminal record, and that we do NOT need more unskilled labor. We have plenty of that already. You also show nothing but contempt for our democratic rights to say who may or may not enter the USA. Given your contempt for our labor laws and immigration laws, I would think the government needs to check on your practices. Your position profits you and your company, and your class, not the rest of us ordinary average citizens.

        1. randyjet, you skip the step of finding agreement among society that the medical community is the best provider of health care. Not everybody agrees with that. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

          You also fail to realize that government is very inefficient at running programs like health care. They waste money worse than insurance companies do. Replacing private insurance companies with a government taxpayer fund is no different than just switching insurance companies. You still have a fund paid for by others that is distributed to service providers. Such a system is doomed to fail. Let people pay for what they want directly to the person or company that is providing the service. That’s what works best from an economic perspective.

          I’m sorry that you wife faced cancer, but there are plenty of health care providers outside the medical community that do not charge outrageous prices to help her deal with cancer. You assume that the medical community is the only source of help, and you assume that they actually have an answer. In most cases with cancer, they don’t have an answer.

          My father was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and the medical doctors gave him only 4 to 6 weeks to live. He was heavily insured and went to another state (Texas – M.D. Anderson) so specialists could begin chemotherapy treatments. When he returned, he had beat the odds and seemed to be in remission. However, the local doctors were not finished with him. Months later they asked where he had been and said that they wanted to do another chemo session to make sure that the cancer doesn’t return. I urged him to forget the doctors and not to do it. He decided to trust the doctors and 10 days after the chemo treatment, he died from the chemo. I don’t know what kind of cancer your wife has, but chemotherapy is not always the answer. Her situation may be more of doctors not having a real solution to the problem. I have seen many cases where insurance was the cause of a person dying because the doctors milk the insurance companies in order to provide questionable care solutions. It is a business decision by the doctors, not a health care decision. I don’t know the particulars of your wife’s situation so I won’t speculate directly about her, but I do know many who were without insurance and did better health wise than those with insurance. The ones with insurance were experimented upon by the doctors because they were paid to do it. The ones without were not and healed better than the ones who went for doctor care.

          I know someone who was given a death sentence with cancer by the doctors. They wanted her to start chemotherapy. They did not expect her to live another year. Well, she rejected chemotherapy and sought out natural methods of cancer care. She changed her diet and took steps that did not cost a lot of money and did not involve insurance companies. Today, more than fifteen years later, she is alive and doing well. I have little doubt that if she had pursued the chemotherapy from the doctors using her insurance money, she would be dead right now. There are so many stories of other people that I could related like this one.

          1. david, I am not a Christian Scientist like my fathers family was, and though medical errors are the biggest cause of death from what I have read, I will take my chances with them because there is no other viable alternative for most diseases and they DO cure most of them. My wife is alive today because of them. Unfortunately, chemo does have bad side effects which she found out and she suffers from them which made getting any insurance impossible. Doctors are not GOD, but they are the best means for curing diseases today. As for Christian Science, back when Ms. Eddy started it, medical science was in its infancy, and you probably had an equal chance of getting better if you did not go to the hospital.

            As for government waste, I have worked most of my life in the private sector, and I experienced government when I was in the USAF. From my lifetime of experience, I found that the USAF circa 1965 was actually FAR better run than private industry. Back then the USAF could construct a fully functioning air base within a week with its own construction workers. Now they use contractors who are more concerned with maximizing profit than doing the job. Then they end up electrocuting the GIs and are exempt from suits, and keep getting MORE contracts. This has been the fact since the Civil War with private contractors providing faulty goods, bad meat, defective munitions, etc. Lincoln was so upset that he called capitalists crooks and thieves. I also recall that the GIs accomplished miracles such as constructing the ALCAN highway of almost 2000 miles through the worst terrain on Earth in about 9 MONTHS.

            In my experience with Air Weather Service which no longer exists, we FAR outdid the National Weather Service with our own equipment, observers, and forecasters. One of the reasons is that we had on site forecasters, and people who were held to high standards. That is not the case with NWS since most forecasts are computer generated, and no person will suffer for not doing their jobs. If a USAF forecaster busted too many forecasts, they were facing court martial or disciplinary actions. It is a wonder how such accountability makes people take more care. THAT is the solution to government waste and it is true in private industry too.

            If you establish a medical system that has as its main goal generating maximum profit, it is ludicrous to think that medical decisions will be made in only the best interests of the patient. Socializing medicine will take that motive out of the equation and establish a real IG system to correct flaws and accountability. There is nothing magic about private enterprise that makes it superior to government delivering goods and services. In FACT, in San Antonio, the power system is municipally owned and run and provides cheaper and BETTER service than private utilities. It also makes a good profit which is used to pay for 25% of the city budget.

            Health care is NOT just another commodity which you can pick and choose like a car. You do not have the luxury of delaying or shopping around, and if you cannot pay for the treatment you are SOL in many places in the US. As for not using medical treatment or relying on non-medical services, if you do that to a child or dependent, you WILL go to prison as has been discussed here in many cases. I think that most people and our laws and government DO recognize that most medical treatments are efficacious and you WILL be held to account for not using them for your dependents.

            1. randyjet wrote: “As for not using medical treatment or relying on non-medical services, if you do that to a child or dependent, you WILL go to prison as has been discussed here in many cases. I think that most people and our laws and government DO recognize that most medical treatments are efficacious and you WILL be held to account for not using them for your dependents.”

              And this is the biggest threat that Obamacare poses for individual liberty. People are no longer free to choose how to help their family. If a person does not choose what is in their opinion the best option for their own child, the government will step in and force their option, and when the child dies, nobody gets blamed because it had the imprimatur of government.

              We are not far from not only this being the case for health care, but virtually all commerce. Nobody will be able to buy or sell anything without government sanction. That is not right. That is not liberty and justice for all.

  12. Rafflaw so right, no moderate Republican will get the amount of support needed from the right to get the nomination. I do agree with Bush’s statement about immigration, legal or not, being done out of love of family. My family came here from Europe in 1955, legally after waiting for 10 years to get permission to emigrate. Having said that, I don’t hold it against those coming illegally considering the life and poverty they leave behind.

  13. Reblogged this on SiriusCoffee and commented:
    The U.S. electorate is alike a bunch of drunks, staggering between two parties hoping one or the other will finally make them feel good, safe, and secure. Ever disappointed, these addicts will still hope that a fix of Clinton, or a fix of Bush, or “Hope and Change”, will bring their blurry vision of some perfect society into focus. Instead they are left bloody in the gutter, wallets emtpy, but too drunk on Statest coolaid to acknowledge the truth of their situation. Like dogs, they return to their vomit, and hope for more of the same.

  14. “it’s (illegal immigration) not a felony. It’s an act of love”

    What is not an act of love, and should be a felony, is advocating for the public good in campaign speeches, and once elected, voting against the public good because of the need to address the interests of one’s largest campaign donors.

  15. Jill, Fear sells. Just watch the news, Weather Channel, and horror flicks.

  16. They’re all whores. They use our money to buy votes and now they are pandering to lawbreakers for votes.

    Every single problem with government is caused by government corruption. The House “passed” the “doc fix” a couple of weeks ago because they don’t have the courage to actually follow the law which may cost them an election. And if you watch the video, by “passed” I mean it was a total and complete sham vote. They can’t fix the tax code because they’ve given so many favors to special interests in exchange for votes that reforming the incompressible tax code may anger someone and cost them an election. They can’t fix entitlements because they’d have to raise taxes or cut benefits and that would anger people and probably cause someone to lose an election. They refused to enforce immigration laws because business and wealthy elites wanted cheap labor, and now making people who violated the immigration laws to face legal liability may cost someone an election.

    I think both parties understand they’ve corrupted the system beyond repair and now they’re vying for the chance to be in charge when it finally collapses.

  17. Fear is an effective weapon. It physiologically can make our ability to think, using the higher cortex, difficult to impossible. So let’s step back for a moment and look at reality. When the WH, Senate and House were all Democratic, there was still an excuse not to do anything of real value for this nation. That should tell us something, but fear will stop us from understanding what that means.

    Fear of the right wing by the left and fear of the left wing by the right has, in 12 years not helped our situation in the US. It helps elect politicians, that is correct, but it does not help the people of the US or the rest of the world.

    Suppose instead we have a real goal–not the election of one corrupt politician or another, but a real goal. What if we focus on the return of the rule of law? What is we focus on environmental cleanup, on jobs, on social justice. If we focus on these and the real problems which lie before us, we have a chance at a good nation. To continue down the road of fear, having no goal except the election of one corrupt politician/party-how sad is that.

    We have brains. Let’s use them! Let’s look at the real problems which need solving. These are problems we can solve if we quit being afraid, quit worrying about our party/religion of choice and get moving together.

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