Chicken Boxing? Louisiana State Senator Wants Poultry Pugilists Protected

Guillory2013200px-Rooster_portrait2Sen. Elbert Guillory (R., Opelousas) appears to like poultry pugilism. Chicken boxing, that is. Guillory left a number of his colleagues scratching their heads when he raised the distinction between cockfighting and “chicken boxing,” the latter involving chickens wearing little gloves as opposed to razors to fight.

Guillory wanted to make sure that a proposal to tighten cock fighting rules did not also ban good ole chicken boxing. Guillory was worried about a felony for possession paraphernalia, such as razors, spurs and leather spur cover. After all, “Leather spur covers and plastic spur covers, um, that are used in the legitimate sport of chicken boxing might be considered paraphernalia.”

Democratic state Sen. J.P. Morrell seemed sucker punched: “Wait, wait, wait … chicken boxing?” “Yes, chicken boxing,” Guillory confirmed.

Guillory appeared to human experience: “Just as dueling is a blood sport, two men fighting each other with swords is a blood sport that is illegal . . . two men with boxing gloves on can box each other as a sport that is legal. This is the same distinction between chicken boxing and cockfighting.”

Guillory is now running for Lt. Governor of Louisiana.

Of course, with breeds like “Jersey Giants” and “Plymouth Rocks”, professional wrestling may not be far behind for the chicken weight class.

Source: Advocate

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  1. You are naturally free to raise any kind of animal or plant you choose on your own property (land you control and which others don’t try to take away from you for whatever reason they may decide is valid). If you don’t contain the sounds, smells, flies, germs, or anything else those animals or plants produce or attract within your property (and often even if you do), you will likely find someone else taking offense to it and attempting to use the tools of laws and government to prohibit and stop you from doing so. If you cause harm or injury to the animals, or use them in some way that someone else objects to, you may find people trying to stop you. If you have the wrong skin color, ancestry, moral values, or political or religious beliefs, people might try to stop you. If you wear the wrong color of hat on certain days of the week, somebody probably will use that as an excuse to try to make you do what they think you should do. “Rights” are what people claim either when trying to prevent someone else from doing something or when trying to do something someone else objects to. “Right” and “Wrong” are both concepts that humans invented, and will vary from individual to individual. The ability to impose your values on others, or to prevent others from imposing their values on you, depends upon your wealth, your political influence, your social skills, and sometimes even your physical abilities. It’s not WHAT is right that matters, but WHO is considered to be right, who has power and control. That’s what really determines what happens in life. It’s just part of the “insanity of humanity.”

  2. Jason, real freedom means doing whatever you wish to do. A proper legal system is SUPPOSED to protect everyone’s freedom while preventing anyone from hurting others by their actions. Voting only leads to making something legal or illegal. It doesn’t make something “right” when it is basically “wrong” in a moral or ethical sense. There are many laws that prohibit activities that are essentially harmless, and many activities that are specifically allowed (though often taxed and/or regulated in some way) which some or even a lot of people believe should be prohibited. But governments don’t grant freedom. Freedom is a natural human condition that exists before governments try to take it away by making laws against certain (presumably harmful) activities, according to the beliefs of those currently in control of the governments. Nothing about any government or its laws guarantees that everyone will be totally happy with it, since people have too many conflicting beliefs of what is right or wrong. And voting is only a tool that gives the illusion of having some control over certain types of governments and the laws they create. The mega-rich are the ones who actually control the governments, at least in respect to anything that really matters. Unless there is money in it for them, it won’t matter. Because there IS money involved in cock fighting, you are likely to see it allowed or legalized in some form or another, no matter how you choose to vote.

    1. Just what you said in your first sentence, that’s what freedom is so what gives someone else the right to tell everyone else what they can and can’tdo in there own back yard, I pay taxes just like every other home owners do here in the United state. I raise roosters and and my dad did and so did my grandfather and his dad, I have 4 generation of roosters that stand in my back yard, and I see no harm in that, they DON’T go to fights, My kids tell me they are the prettiest birds they have ever seen and I agree with them, so what does it hurt to make a sport called chicken boxing. I understand that people think it’s a funny thing to talk about when you say chicken boxing, and you are right about one thing money makes everything more powerful.

  3. Yep , I would think so. Have you ever looked out your door and seen two birds fighting? Do you think they are in there sound or have been informed of what comes naturally to them. Have you ever seen any kind of chicken before , because even the chickens you eat will fight each other. And sometimes even kill each other. And you don’t have to put anything on there legs ,they have spurs that grow over 2 inches on back of there legs. What do people think there’s a chicken whisper out there that trains chickens how to fight. Come on people us your head for something other than a hat rack.

    1. And yes they do wear gloves! Look it up (sparing muffs for roosters) it’s real. For all the big named people that set behind a desktop all day that is a sport, and it’s not a blood sport. It’s a spectator sport the same as the MMMA,boxing, and kick boxing, and most people like watching them on tv. But I would rather watch two roosters boxing any day. I thought that’s the reason we live in the United state for the freedom. What is freedom if we don’t have the right to vote on what we do and can’t do.

      1. ” I thought that’s the reason we live in the United state for the freedom. What is freedom if we don’t have the right to vote on what we do and can’t do.”

        Yes, but are the chickens of sound mind, fully informed and freely choose to box?

  4. Have any of you people ever seen a game rooster? I think it’s a very good idea to stop a blood sport in it’s tracks. If you use the boxing gloves there is no blood, and if you really want to do good with a law make it a felony when you get pulled over drunk for the frist offense, then go to prison on the second one then we can see how many drunk drivers we have killing people on the roads. That’s what needs happen.

  5. Are the chickens of sound mind, fully informed, make the decision of their own volition and fairly compensated for their efforts?

  6. Yes, Max, because if they don’t wear gloves, they are accused of being chicken. Or, is it if they do wear gloves, they are chicken? Either way, they have nothing to crow about. They have to fight, or be henpecked.

  7. max, Yes they do, and “If the glove don’t fit you must acquit.”

  8. Sorry, I guess I’m bias, but I would rather see a thousand chickens fight than have one human tortured. We slaughter thousands of chickens a day. To equate a chicken to a human is well…PETA! They are idiots, verified by their stupid stunts.

  9. Just like torture, it is illegal. No matter what face you put on it. Louisiana deserves this guy!

  10. We need a new political system that attracts competent humane people to serve in public office. Rampant bribery and intimidation does the opposite.

  11. My Uncle Nick was a very good pro boxer who needed that competition after retiring. He married later in life, marrying my Aunt Julia, when they were in their 40’s. Julia tells the hilarious story of going to Cleveland for their honeymoon to pick up some chicks that were bred to fight. She said they spent 2 nights in Cleveland w/ “those damn chicks constantly chirping.” They remained married until death.

    I don’t abide cockfighting but it is part of cultures, particularly Hispanic. When I went to Colombia to adopt our son, Uncle Nick told me, “They got great cockfighting down there.” If you’ve ever been to Key West you have experienced the cocks roaming the streets, I’m talking birds, now! Key West was mostly Cubans. When the US outlawed cockfighting the birds were just set free. Now they are a protected species in Key West.

  12. I know I risk insulting some of the more sensitive souls here, but I have to say: from the chicken’s perspective, it’s still just out of the frying pan and into the fryer!

  13. It’s not just you, Justice Holmes. It’s one of those things one would rather be wrong about, but, sadly, it seems you’re not.

  14. Is it me or are elected officials just uninterested in the real problems their constituents face?

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