Meet Mr. Poo, The United Nations’ Latest Public Health Mascot

mrpooThe United Nation’s appears to be addressing a few matters other than Crimea. The Children’s Fund of UNICEF has launched its campaign Poo-to-Loo featuring Mr. Poo, a singing pile of human feces for reviewing in India. The video is below if you have finished your breakfast.

The video begins with a man sleeping and bed. He wakes and complains “First thing in the morning, what do I see? A pile of shit staring at me.” He is shown being chased by piles of poo before the town organizes to flush the little villains away.

The reason for the campaign is rather staggering. An estimated 620 million people in India (roughly half of the population) defecate in public with another 44 percent of mothers disposing of child waste in the open. The result is a high incidence of illness from human feces.

Now however Mr. Poo is on the scene with a catchy Bollywood-style tune.

Some in India have opposed the campaign as degrading or embarrassing while others question the use of English (those people who speak English are the most likely to be using toilets).

I am not sure how India’s new action figure will fare, but the again he does sort of look like a fecal version of the hulk.

God’s speed, Mr. Poo.

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  1. Every visitor to a national park, monument, etc. (there are more than 500 now. I think), is advised how to dispose of human waste. But you would not know a problem exists unless you spend time in the wilderness. But you do not have to go to a national park to see filth. On any national or state highway, wherever you find a pull-out, you also find human excrement only feet from the pavement, tp clinging to shrubs and bushes, carried by the wind. It is well known now that GMO foods are responsible for an epidemic of gastrointestinal disease, including gluten intolerance, IBS, ulcerative colitis, etc., not even mentioning a host of autoimmune issues, such as arthritis, that has led to a growth industry of replacing bone joints. Before the introduction of GMO foods, you didn’t have a nation of 75 million weak-bowled, toilet dependents (it’s estimated between one in four and one in five Americans suffer from bowl issues), much less Imodium AD revenues that exceed the budget of many small countries. Unless every state goes the way of Vermont and mandates GMO labeling, car manufacturers will be forced to install porta-potties under the passenger seats of every car.

  2. @samantha “…let’s talk about the US, specifically Yosemite, for example, where millions every summer, the educated and affluent, defecate alongside trails and streams while hiking and camping in the wilderness.”

    You would think that no adult would have to be taught not to leave their shit out in the open, but unfortunately they do. I grew up camping with my family. And I mean real camping in the middle of nowhere, not pulling an RV into a campground and plugging in. At six I was fully capable of walking several yards into the woods by myself, digging a hole, pooping in the hole, then covering it up with dirt.

    For a lot of these people it’s probably the first time they have been out in the wilderness and don’t know any better. I’ve never been to Yosemite. When people arrive at the park do they get any information on proper waste disposal while camping? Are there any fines if someone is caught?

  3. Who travels without packing tp? And while we’re talking about India, let’s talk about the US, specifically Yosemite, for example, where millions every summer, the educated and affluent, defecate alongside trails and streams while hiking and camping in the wilderness. But the worst places of all are favorites like El Capitan, a world class rock climbing face, where half mile high vertical routes are littered with human feces. Enthusiast already know this but the lure to belong and conform displaces common sense in the same way it does for those who body pierce and wear tattoos. Acculturation is a powerful force, enough to validate any behavior, even cannibalism and a death culture that makes room for psychopaths.

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