15 thoughts on “Digging? Who Said I Was Digging?”

  1. LOL i’d give him the benefit of the doubt he might have been digging for a bone he missplaced lol

    1. ShakingMyHead,

      Where are you in all of my cases as a juror or a judge?

  2. Anything I can do, leej, will be done. I believe religion is all about helping people. People in pain have my heart.

    1. Thanks Nick. Maybe take Corbett behind a barn and give him a real speaking to. ((*_*)).
      (and share my video. not sure appropriate to put the address here though)
      I agree with you, it is action not just empty words, which we see way too often.
      And that includes you and in my heart

  3. Nick, lol and thanks. (Unfortunately my implant failed about a year ago and don’t know what I will do. We ‘talked’ about the one option ((*_*)) )

  4. It’s good to see you around these parts. I always like to think that means you’re doing a bit better.

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