Texas Officer Shoots Family Dog In Responding To The Family’s Report of a Burglary . . . Then Allegedly Refuses to Finish Off Suffering Dog

10246316_1415396162058836_8394800075273499741_nWe have another case of a family dog shot by police. The latest such incident occurred in Rains County, Texas where Cole Middleton says that an officer responded to his call about a burglary at his home and shot his dog upon exiting the police car. To make matters worse, Middleton alleges that the officer refused to finish off his cow dog Candy despite his pleas that she was suffering. They have identified the officer as Rains County Officer Jerred Dooley.

Middleton, a dairy farmer, says that he came home to find his house burglarized and his guns, iPad, and wife’s jewelry gone. While they waited for police, he joined his father in harvesting in the field. He said that he saw the police car arrive and was walking toward it. As the car pulled into the front of the house, the dog began to bark. Middleton says that they beeped the tractor’s horn repeatedly to show that they were coming. Candy was lying on the bed of a truck parked next to the house. After the officer shot the dog, they say that he opened the door of the house and said “I shot your dog. Sorry.” They also said that he retreated to his car and told them over the loudspeaker not to approach him.

Middleton said that he ran over to his dog and found it writhing in pain and dying. He told reporters that “she was still alive and I begged and pleaded with him to please shoot her again because I don’t have any firearms. They got stolen. He went and got in his vehicle and backed out of my driveway.” He said that he had to kill Candy with his bare hands to put her out of her suffering. The family said that the dog was actually shot behind the ear.

Middleton says that more officers arrived and began to question him about the blood on his shirt, which he explained was from the dog that he was holding.

The family has created a “Justice for Candy” website which states “Candy was brutally murdered in her own yard by Rains County Officer Jerred Dooley after her owners had been robbed. Her only crime was barking.”

We have seen a series of these cases (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). The concern is that police routinely shot dogs without taking minimal efforts of avoidance or alternative measures in terms of force. Since pets remain classified as merely chattel in the United States, family dogs are not treated like humans in the use of lethal force.

The website includes a video of the officers at the scene. The police department is making no comment at this time but say that it will be investigated.


Source: IBT

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  1. In Rains county, the cops are too busy guarding the local meth labs to do any real law enforcement. On top of that, I would add that it’s probably a good place to avoid if you’re not white.

  2. My wife, age 80, has a form of osteogenesis imperfecta, a bone collagen condition which makes her bones brittle and subjects her to having needed prosthetic knee and hip joints, and, in November, 2012, a left hip reconstruction at Froedtert Lutheran Memorial Hospital, in Milwaukee, that required the use of a metal cage and cadaver bone, and which renders her subject to plausibly irreparable (permanently needing a wheelchair or such) harm should some police officer command her to get down on the ground for any reason.

    To my mind, as a bioengineer and state licensed Wisconsin Professional Engineer, respect for the law has witlessly sashayed into utter disrespect for life.

    Given a choice between pure contempt for the law and pure contempt for life, it immensely saddens me to discover that I have no morally ethical recourse to infinity-transcending, absolutely-anomic, contempt for the law.

    Of my own will and conscience, I seek to be only law abiding. That the law, in its present incarceration, totally prohibits my being law-abiding is, for me a form of ultimate tragedy.

  3. Disgusting story. This officer should be looking for a new profession and the city/county should be digging into its pockets. I wonder where those stolen guns went??

    1. In small town Texas those guns are probably in the mayor or chief of police’s house. Their kids or their relatives probably stole them.

  4. Wonder if Jerred Dooley has a dog and how he will react when it is shot mostly dead for no particular reason.

  5. Let a cop into your house and your dog’s life expectancy drops.

    Moral of the story – have as little to do with cops as possible.

    Stories like this emphasize the us/them divide between citizens and cops.

  6. I think cops shoot dogs WAY too quickly and when it is not necessary. And, while this seems to be another in that long line of incidents, I’m not sure I agree with your condemnation of the officer for not mercy killing the dog. Lots of dogs survive being shot. Some dogs have been finished off by the cop that shot him, and it’s seemed very questionable whether that was necessary. Just not sure that it’s the officer’s place to either make or carry out that decision when the owner is around.

  7. A barking dog is doing his job in alerting the family that someone has arrived. A working farm isn’t a place where people sit around for hours, three in this case, waiting for a cop to arrive. Scaredy-cat cop should have stayed in his car until the family came to rescue him.

  8. It is good that your passion for your friend persuades you to get involved in this manner. Some of U.S. only have our pets. Putting this officers name out and the account should make those officers think twice; before doing such again.

  9. Well it is no wonder, I mean that is a vicious looking dog with the responding officer clearly in fear of his life. What would one expect this officer to do, use reason and common sense when instead he could pull out is service pistol and start shooting?

  10. It looks like a Sheriff is there or his deputy, and next election he needs to be GONE! Only when the elected fools who endorse this kind of thing start losing their jobs will this stop. At least the DPS fool should be sued along with his department.

  11. Another of many examples of an ever increasing Gestapo, shoot happy, According to their thinking we are their servants to do with what they want.

  12. Makes you wonder if you should EVER bother to call the police for anything nowadays – they will come with their guns and who knows what the result will be !! It is obvious this one was trigger-happy – why was his response to shoot the dog ? Disgusted !!

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