Perils of the Press: Tech Tries To Evade The Camera . . . Unsuccessfully

As part of our series of the perils of the press, I had to post this golden example of how sometimes it is just better to walk off camera than to try an escape.

The scene reminded me of when I worked for CBS News and had to climb under the anchor table next to Dan Rather to pop up on the other side for a live hit. I found myself in a maze of wire and cords as I worked my way around Dan’s legs. It was an intimate beginning for my contract with CBS and work with Rather.

12 thoughts on “Perils of the Press: Tech Tries To Evade The Camera . . . Unsuccessfully”

  1. The great thing about live TV is you sometimes get humorous moments that bring a hardy chuckle.

  2. Darren, When I was a kid I was a diamond rat. I was playing ball all day. A guy who umpired men’s softball saw me playing, saw I knew the game, and asked me if I wanted to ump. I was 12. This guy was a great mentor. When a-hole players would get into my face on a call he had my back. But, more importantly, he taught me how to handle these idiots. I also caddied and so I got to know adults REAL well. Fast forward and I end up being a baseball coach for 30 years. I NEVER went out to argue a call. I would only raise my voice when an ump was not hustling and out of position. Not hustling is unacceptable for all on the field. I’m done coaching but will now ump once in awhile. I don’t have rabbit ears.

  3. It is a peril of doing any performance live. I have both funny and horror stories from doing live theatre. I do admire the guy’s persistence in getting to the other side. Once he committed, he was on his way.

  4. That scene reminds me of my long-standing observation to the effect that the strength of sincerity with which a person holds a belief is uncorrelated with the accuracy of the belief, and is so regardless of however sincerely the belief is held.

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