“Slip-And-Fall” Lawyer Commits Suicide in the Midst of Massive Fraud Investigation

Andrew_gaberPennsylvania lawyer Andrew H. Gaber, 52, has committed suicide shortly before he was due to be tried in an insurance fraud case that now involves dozens of alleged runners and false “slip-and-fall” claimants. Gaber reportedly shot himself on April 15th.

The grand jury investigation revealed what prosecutors alleged was an elaborate system of runners and false claimants who were coached on how to make false claims against 21 insurance companies. One of the more notable allegations was that Gaber had a photo in his office with a ruler measuring the preferred height of a pavement defect as a location to fake a fall. Clearly that was the spin from the prosecutors but the grand jury found evidence of a virtual slip-and-fall factory operation where accidents would be staged and “victims” shepherded to hospitals to create the record for claims. Witnesses have stated that Gaber wanted people to avoid areas with camera coverage and preferred claims against the city.

Some 46 codefendants have been arrested. Runners reportedly would receive $100-$500 case and would sometimes double as witnesses. Some 15 have already pleaded guilty — making Gaber’s defense rather challenging.

Many of Gaber’s clients were reportedly drug abusers and homeless. They are now facing jail time due to these cases.

Source: Philly

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