Obey me, Human, Obey Me

U7nBvQNWhile small, this puppy clearly can control any human with the slight turn of a head.

You can begin to understand the control of the dog over David Berkowitz. If this dog told you to be a serial killer, a jury might forgive you for grabbing the duct tape and running out of the house.

12 thoughts on “Obey me, Human, Obey Me”

  1. For all Mad Magazine lovers, the great editor, Al Feldstein, died today @ age 88. The Mad Magazine HS Yearbook was one of the funniest pieces of literature ever written.

  2. Our daughter and her husband just got a chocolate lab puppy to keep theur Chihuahua company. This is his look after making the Chihuahua scream. The Chihuahua is a whiny wimp. Bear will toughen her up!

  3. Perhaps this pup could lobby Congress for the humans.

  4. I had a kitten once with the same idea. He plainly thought humans were a kind of robot invented to look after cats. I suppose we all fall for the benign god story when young.

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