May Third Is World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day
By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

In honor of the day first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 at the recommendation of UNESCO, and to garner attention to how press freedom fares twenty years later, Deutsche Welle has compiled a series highlighting the issues journalists and the public generally are facing.

Journalists in Danger

  1. Amnesty International Releases Damning Report on Pakistan’s Media Situation
    The situation for journalists has deteriorated since the restoration of democratic rule.
  2. Helping the pople of Bangladesh
    One of Bangladesh’s pre-eminent bloggers, Asif Mohiuddin, faced death threats and was forced to flee to Germany after denouncing Mosque and State issues, and being imprisoned.
  3. Kremlin Attacks Dissent On the Internet
    The Kremlin is going beyond just censorship and is stifling dissent on social media and the blogosphere.
  4. Journalists killed or missing in Syria
    Dozens of reporters have been killed or are missing after reporting on the Syrian Civil War.
  5. Impunity Index lists nations where journalists’ murders have remained unsolved
    Iraq is the top of the list where murder cases of journalists who cause controversy are the least likely to be properly investigated.

Standing up for Free Speech

  1. Reporters Without Borders hosts Wistleblower Debate
    A recent panel discussion sponsored by Reporters Without Borders showed the tension between journalists and intelligence agencies when it comes to whistleblowing.
  2. Pakistani Broadcaster risks ban for conflict with spy agency.
    A private news channel in Pakistan has come under sharp criticism for accusing the country’s military of attempting to kill one of its journalists. The country’s most popular channel now risks going off the air.
  3. Hong Kong protesters demand media freedom
    Protesters have rallied in Hong Kong to demand that the city government halt a perceived erosion of media freedom. Journalists claim mainland China is increasingly seeking to influence editorial decisions.
  4. Courage Foundation promotes defense of Whistleblowers
    A whisteblower rights group hosted an online interview and offered a method for individuals to contribute to Edward Snowden’s defense fund

Deutsche Welle offers in its article some case studies that are worthwhile reading, HERE

We all have a stake in freedom of the press and should today offer not only some reflection on what reporters and others endure in the struggle for liberty, we also should each take an active effort to promote this in our own countries and abroad since were are, in the end, the ones who can change things for the better.

For Further Reading, UNESCO provides additional perspectives on World Press Freedom Day.

By Darren Smith

Deutsche Welle

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  1. In more encouraging news…

    – Despite a year of economic difficulty, almost 50% of people surveyed are more positive about 2014 than they were for 2013;
    – US, Canada and Australia are the countries where most people would like to live if they could;
    US is considered to be the greatest threat to peace in the world, followed by Pakistan and China;
    – Over a third of those surveyed believe the world would be a better place if there were more female politicians;
    – Now in its 37th year WIN/Gallup International End of Year Survey finds that since 1989 people in general have a more positive outlook on economic prosperity for the coming year.

  2. The attention given to investigative reporters (yes, there are a few left) is to find and punish the whistleblowers. Without sources, the reporters have trouble reporting.

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