The Stars Are Not With You: The Perils of Being A Taurus With A Speech Today

astrologyI just finished speaking at the Seventh Circuit Conference in Chicago on a panel with former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, attorney Kenneth Feinberg, and Wall Street Journal reporter John Emshwiller on the federalization of crime. I had to share one humorous and ominous incident. I stayed with my Mom rather than use the room at the Blu Aqua Hotel and as I was heading to the taxi, my mother gave me my Chicago Tribune horoscope for today. It read: “Watch your words… you could talk too much.” Not exactly what you want to read heading into a public speech. (No I do not believe in horoscopes but I thought it was pretty funny nonetheless).

The good news is, while I risked the ire of the stars, I did survive. Of course, I expect many would agree that I certainly do “talk too much” — proving the accuracy of horoscopes. Then again, this may be a case where the controversy over where some of us belong under Taurus or Aries.

My favorite such ominous prediction was when my family was having dinner with a family friend who was about to invest in China as one of the first such investments following the removal of barriers by the government in the 1970s. We went to a Chinese restaurant and Joe’s fortune cookie came back with the only negative prediction any of us could remember: “avoid long trips or any new business deals.”

As for my own shortcomings in the speech, it appears that as stated by Julius Caesar “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

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  1. Thats the great thing about all the astrology! It really does not matter what sign you are the predictions are just as true and accurate for each of us as they are for any individual.

  2. I ran into the same issue with with the Chinese Zodiac. I thought I was one, but it turned out due to their calendar as opposed to western calendar I was actually another.

  3. What does the NSA say about your speech? Don’t they have a tape? I have every confidence your words pissed off at least a few people.

  4. Jonathan Turley (born May 6, 1961) is an American lawyer, legal scholar, writer, commentator, and legal analyst in broadcast and print journalism. He is currently a professor of law at The George Washington University Law School.

    Professor Turley stated before the House Judiciary Committee, “We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis with sweeping implications for our system of government.”

    Professor Turley just spoke at the Seventh Circuit Conference.

    And he hasn’t uttered a word about the Congress of the United States finding Lois Lerner in contempt or establishing a select committee on Benghazi.

    One of you who know him well, please ask him for guidance.

  5. Oh we are “that” stubborn and oh-so-down-to-earth. How do people manage without a Bull in their lives?

  6. Taurus’s can be stubborn; but they don’t think they are King of the Forest like some folks born in late July and early August think.

  7. I have a little Taurus grandson who refuses to leave his mommy’s tummy, 4 days overdue now. Are Tauruses stubborn?

  8. The Seventh Circuit court of appeals will be entertaining Frank v Gov. Scott Walker, an appeal from the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Judge Lynn Adelman.

    After a two week trial the judge held that the Republican Voter Id laws are rich in imagination, but poor on facts and reality.

    Also, the state law they passed was unconstitutional and a violation of the Voting Rights Act (psychologists and sociologists call it xenophobic and/or a case of symbolic racism, judges called it illegal).

  9. Good sons stay w/ their elderly mothers, even if they keep the thermostat @ 92 degrees.

  10. Those Italian mothers can be VERY superstitious! My grandmother believed in curses. I know a couple barristers who are attending the conference. I’ll ask them how you did when I see them. They’ll be straight. The new Western District of Wi. judge is speaking there.

  11. Then again, this may be a case where the controversy over where some of us belong under Taurus or Aries. – JT

    It depends on which solar system one is viewing the heavens from.

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