Do Monkeys Reject Unequal Pay?

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

capuchin-monkey-in-leavesA vital question of social equality was tested recently before the scientific community. Do monkeys accept the social justice issue of equal pay?

We have uncovered an experiment that shows quite conclusively the answer to this question.

Video below the fold…

By Darren Smith

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219 thoughts on “Do Monkeys Reject Unequal Pay?”

  1. DavidM:

    “If both parties agree to the wage, it does not matter what others are paid.”

    Exactly, I once took a job for 20k less than what others were making. I was young and foolish for not looking into the prevailing wage for that position at that company.

    It seems to me as if women want all the benefits without having to extend themselves out of their comfort zone. They seem to expect men to pay them what they think they are worth without having to ask for the money.

    If a man asks me for $20/hour, I am not going to pay him $30 unless he has some special skills I know are more valuable than $20 and I want to keep him happy and content working for my company.

    An employer having to be responsible for making sure all salaries are at parity is BS. What ever happened to being responsible for yourself?

    Next woman who asks me for a job, I am going to ask her what she wants to make, take 30% off the top and see if she has the stones to say no, I am worth what I asked for. If she doesnt, then I will have her sign an employment contract stating that she understands she is making less than the males with equal qualifications and that she agreed to do so.

  2. Annie

    Dredd, excellent Ted Talk, the pillars of humanity empathy and fairness. What happens to a society when those pillars crumble?
    We rely on Venus.

  3. Dredd, excellent Ted Talk, the pillars of humanity empathy and fairness. What happens to a society when those pillars crumble?

  4. They only reject it in the Sudan. There, a female monkey must wear a head scarf and a male monkey a turban. Never equal pay.

  5. Paul Schulte

    Dredd – as more an more stuff comes out on the problems with fraud in science I am losing faith in science and scientist. I get a ScienceDaily and almost every day there is some new study that overturns a study from last week. I am horrified that Michael Mann is allowed to hide the climate data so that no one can duplicate his supposed conclusions. We are supposed to take it on faith.
    You and Nick and I criticize errors in science, as we should.

    But it would be a mistake for us to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    One of my criticisms is that scientists are too quiet at the wrong times, so propagandists of Oil-Qaeda deceive people.

    My criticisms have been published widely (A Peek At The Peak Oil Catastrophe).

  6. Mr Keebler,
    I was not attacking you. I was very serious.
    After reading your 5/17@1822 comment (following) I was sure it was applicable.

    “You know what I find most amusing, is this that are incapable if comprehension of the issues attack the messenger than figure out the message, right Paul”

  7. Skid,

    I’ll have what she’s having.

    Wow, this article sure had a happy ending.

    1. “Some girls are more fun to take flying than others.”

      Looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

    1. skid – the visual on that is horrible. 🙂 And I love the new name.

    1. Nick – thanks,.learned I new word I hope I don’t have to use.

  8. Keebler, You’re as sincere as a used car salesman. You’re an easy read dude.

    1. Keebler – that kind of remark is why some of us are worried about you. It just doesn’t make sense.

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