9 thoughts on “Perfect Symbiosis in Nature”

  1. please, the dog is thinking “help, this human puppy’s trying to drown me, call the aspca.”

  2. What a wonderful picture. A cute young lady and her obliging pup!

  3. Nick…Goldens and St. Bernards. I’ve had 2 Saints, and every kid in the neighborhood (large and small) gravitates to them. They are patient and loving dogs.

  4. “This is unAmerican … the Earth is our biatch to do with as we please, because she is a female.” – Rich McNugget

  5. Golden retrievers are maybe the best dogs for kids. We got one when our kids were young. He was the neighborhood dog. All the kids came to play w/ him. You could put a stick in his eye and Cosmo would not bite. Lived 15 great years.

  6. Ahhhhh, so sweet. Love this photo. She’ll treasure this photo when she’s older, remembering her first family dog.

  7. While I typically don’t like the idea of people sitting on animals, it feels really good to me to have a grandchild sit on me. The golden looks like he feels the same way.

  8. I don’t think that pool is inflatable, nor do I know about the inner “Buddha,” but they definitely look like they are at peace with themselves. Nice pic.

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