8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Hair In The Drain Problem”

  1. When I was a teenager, my sister had a cat. When my family returned home from dinner or somewhere I waited at the porch for my dad to unlock the door and very often there would be this black streak swoop down out of the corner of my eye. The cat would jump down from the roof onto the grass, and dart inside when the door opened. This went on for years even in the deep snow. The cat would then leap off and bury itself. Then, thinking it might miss out on the door being open, it would plow itself out and bound over to the door.

    The cat was quite something. He lived to be 23 years old.

  2. Every cat I have ever owned has had the same game – the “Let’s prevent her from making the bed” game. As soon as I go to the linen closet to get fresh sheets, there they are. They spread their paws out to prevent me from pulling up the sheets. Put them off the bed and rush to get the fitted sheet down. Get them off the bed and rush to get the flat sheet down. And so on. It’s like juggling cats. Get the bed all made and they lose interest and wander off.

    I wonder if the dog is thinking, “I will save you from drowning since you don’t know any better than to jump into a pool of water.”

  3. My Siamese cats don’t jump in the bathtub, but they do sit snack in the middle of the newspaper I want to read, get up on my desk beside the computer, occupy the chair I’m about to sit in, etc. It may be assertion of territory . . . Or just wanting to be wherever I am.

  4. It is worse when they decide to walk on the keyboard when you are trying to type. Consider yourself lucky. BTW, the tub is nice and cool which is why they like it.

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