Michigan Teacher Suspended For Showing Video On Segregation And The Use of Black Face

JimCrowThere is a troubling case in Michigan where Alan Barron, a public school teacher at Monroe Middle School, has been suspended for teaching an eighth grade class on racial segregation and discrimination that included a video discussing how white entertainers would once use black face paint. The lesson by Barron, 59, also included discussions of Jim Crow. While the notion of academic freedom is different in elementary and middle schools than on the graduate level, it is still troubling to see such a suspension reportedly based on the simple depiction and discussion of such forms of discrimination. There is no indication that Barron was doing anything more than showing the practices, which are still commonly referenced in books and even contemporary politics. Indeed, we continue to see cases involving black face arise and this lesson gave students background understandings of such controversies. (He has now been reinstated).

Barron is set to retire this year after 36 years in the district. Parents and students objected that the lesson was interesting and accurate. However an Administrator who sat in on Barron’s class said that it was offensive.

Barron also is supervisor of Monroe Township.

My concern is that this teacher was suspended on what appears the reaction of this one supervisor. Teachers on every level need to be able feel some flexibility in teaching such subjects. History is a particularly important subject in the shaping of citizens. They need to know our checkered history on race and such videos visually register with the students. Indeed, the students found the class to be extremely valuable. To curtail such history to avoid potentially unpopular or uncomfortable subjects is a myopic and self-defeating act in my view.

What is missing from these stories is any indication that the supervisor’s actions will be reviewed or at least explained.

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  1. Betty Kath,


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    So far, you can celebrate your collectivist victories. Your utopian dreams have led, for example, to a Chicago school district that pays striking teachers $150K+ with comprehensive benefits for 9 months of classes while it produces a 50% failure rate and students look forward to careers as fork lift drivers.


  3. The govt. is the one squeezing its citizens. We are overtaxed and overregulated.

  4. John, Everyone pays through taxes because everyone benefits from a literate and well educated populace. Education shouldn’t be just for the well off. Since everyone benefits, everyone should pay proportionately according to their wealth.

    There are many countries that provide “free” education from pre-school through college, including advanced degrees. But those countries aren’t run by corporations looking to squeeze every cent out of its citizens.

  5. so now let me see teachers are free to tell the lie of george washington! and by lie i mean the fact that a 7-9 yr old depending on the company writing the history took a ax and chopped down a cherry tree and NOT ONE ADULT saw him or intervened. the truth is thats a lie the said cherry tree is the mo’or flag which is to this day is buried in the catholic church vaults boy i cant wait to hear the denials of that statement. from the naysayers while ignoring the above facts of a child chopping down a tree all alone…..

    2nd rosa parks a black woman who sat in the front of a bus refusing to move after being told more then once by a white bus driver along with white passengers to go to the back of the bus not only didnt move but survived during a time and period when blacks were lynched for looking at white people much less ignoring their commands.. heck she was arrested and made it to and back out of jail without so much as a scratch.. yep history sure has told us the truth didnt they!!!!!!!??????

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