Legal Pot Sales Soar Nationally As Colorado Reports Continuing Increase In Sales And A Decrease In Crime

220px-Cannabis_sativa_leaf_Dorsal_aspect_2012_01_23_0830There is a statistic that I ran across today that I found quite remarkable. Legal cannabis sales in the United States are expected to reach as high as $2.57 billion this year. That is only the sales for medical marijuana in the 21 states allowing its sale. At the same time, Colorado is reporting a continuing increase in legal marijuana sales with $19 million in recreational pot sale for March — up from $14 million from February. The figures reveal the greatest challenge for opponents. As revenues and experimentation increases, there will be greater pressure for legalization. Businesses are likely to take note of a 2.5 billion dollar industry that has taken hold even with the limitations of medical marijuana and less than half of the states participating. Both the money and the public response appear to be moving in favor of the legalization movement.

220px-KillerdrugColorado is reporting $7.3 million in taxes for sales, not including medical marijuana sales taxes and licenses. When medical marijuana is included, the amount rises to $12.6 million. The trend is a steady increase: $1.4 million in January, $1.43 million in February and now $1.898 million in March. At the same time, Denver is reporting a slight decrease in crime. That may have no relation to the law but advocates point out that opponents predicted a sharp increase in crime. Notably, since recreational marijuana is taxed more heavily than medical marijuana, the tax revenues for recreational marijuana are expected to bring in the greatest amount of revenue for the state. In total, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper projected in February that total Colorado marijuana sales could approach $1 billion. That does not include tourism dollars from those who come to the state to experience legal marijuana.

The figure that bowled me over however was the revenue nationally from medical marijuana. As we have seen with the immigration reform movement, the addition of businesses in pushing for legal reform can be a game changer politically.

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  1. In many towns I visit there are nothing but restaurants–no other businesses, just eateries. The ones that cater to the tokers will be ahead in the game, such as scenic spots, sun room dining, better waitstaff, better food, and so forth. Right now, alcoholic cretins rule the landscape, so the quality in most places is kept to a minimum……and customers come last as drunkards will eat anywhere and anything.

  2. iconoclast, Cannabis users are more frequently vaporizing. With a vaporizer there are NO carcinogens. Also, there are edibles and drinkables. The carcinogen problem is new age Reefer Madness propaganda. Even if you smoke, the cannabis today, 2-3 puffs is all you can handle.

  3. Iconoclast:

    Many people agree with former NYC Mayor Bloomberg that drinking sugary soda is harmful. Are you also skeptical about THAT?

    Two questions: how do you monitor and prevent that harmful conduct?

  4. Recent articles in WaPo indicate, as more legal marijuana is sold here, the Mexicans are pulling up their pot plants in favor of poppies. Heroin is flooding the US…and it’s cheap. Two other questions remain: how do monitor and prevent driving under the influence… and I have seen no data indicating marijuana is less carcinogenic than tobacco. In fact, a long time ago the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article stating marijuana is MORE carcinogenic than tobacco. So, there’s that. I feel as though we should be cautious. Not for or against legalization. Just skeptical at this point.

  5. I’m personally all for a doped up nation. Easier for me to keep my job. The only issue will be when the burn outs come back looking for their handout, I’m sure the govt. will say it wasn’t their fault and my wallet will get thinner. Keep the population dumbed down!

  6. Time to legalize marijuana in the US. Thank goodness for some states leading the way and showing that the doomsdayers were wrong, as usual.

    Marijuana is less harmful to you than lots of other legal and illegal drugs that people use. Legalizing it leads people who otherwise would have used/abused alcohol and pain pills to smoking marijuana instead, which is a good thing for them and us.

  7. A Huffington Post piece dated 6/21/13 showed cannabis accounted for 99.5% of all drug seizures pound wise @ the US Mexican Border. Yes, it is much more bulky than the other drugs, but 99.5%!! It is insane our Justice Dept. keeps up this insane war. I thought our pot smoking President would be more cool.

  8. The Center For Investigative Reporting found, based on Border Patrol reports, from 2003-11, that the amount of cannabis seized exceeded the total weight of heroin, meth, and cocaine COMBINED.

  9. Just last week Stupak said very little cannabis came from the cartels, “it’s too bulky” and that they almost exclusively do heroin and cocaine. He missed meth which has become a major product. I let that incorrect assertion go @ the time. I knew it was incorrect, but you have to pick and choose your battles w/ this guy. You see, living in San Diego I actually see the “floating marshmallow” bales of cannabis floating along Mission and Pacific Beach. We beach walkers point them out along w/ sea creatures and thongs! And, there are daily reports of WAREHOUSES filled w/ cannabis found on either side of the border, transported through sophisticated tunnels. Tractor trailers full of cannabis are routinely stopped @ the border. A Border Patrol agent was just convicted last year for being bribed to let tractor trailers through @ the rate of several a week. I was going to let this all go until our know-it-all just said, a lot of weed did come through Mexico. Well, it did and still does. Seizures verify that. Look for a long and tedious reply.

  10. Outlaw tobacco. It kills. It kills millions. When the death certificates of the dead guys are written and the guy died of lung cancer, they write down cause of death as heart failure. Not tobacco. The judges who sign those Orders sentencing men and women to prison for possession of pot or crack are often smoking cigarette, coughing, leaving soon to see the doctor and all the while saying that cigarettes are legal. Its ok.

  11. ” w/ jobs and tax revenues”

    Not all weed came from large criminal operations outside the US. But a lot of it did. This is money that was drained out of our economy and taken away to do horrible things.

    Now that money stays here, creates jobs, gets taxed, and then circulates back into the economy. It’s a no-brainer.

    It’s certainly less damaging to society than alcohol.

  12. This is no surprise. There is a huge market out there w/ jobs and tax revenues. There are less DUI’s where cannabis is legal. So, there is a social benefit as well.

  13. Quick, mandatory showings of Refer Madness in all our schools, that should set the facts straight. I guess telling a lie for 70+ years may not be the answer.

  14. People need to take the edge off, enhance their imagination, drift along unfettered for a portion of the day, and generally take a vacation without going anywhere. Pot is cheap, flexible, and not that dangerous.

    However, before the French Revolution those in power made sure that tobacco and table wine were cheap and in good supply. People needed to take the edge off, enhance their imagination……..

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