England’s Ford “Open Prison” Loses 90 Prisoners And Waits Four Years To Tell Public Of Murderer On The Loose

_75425013_75425012Most prisoners would be delighted when they are told that they are going to an “open prison” and it appears that the Ford Open Prison in England has lived up to its name. Ninety inmates from the prison in West Sussex, including a murderer Robert Donovan, who reportedly escaped four years ago. Other escapes include inmates like Michael “Skull Cracker” Wheatley, who had 23 previous convictions for robbery, two for attempted robbery and 18 for related firearms offenses.

Open prisons allow prisoners to seek jobs and serve their sentences with minimal supervision and perimeter security. It sounds a lot like the dream of hobos in the song “Big Rock Candy Mountain.”

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains,
The jails are made of tin.
And you can walk right out again,
As soon as you are in.

In this case 90 inmates are missing for a prison that only holds 557. However, the greatest problem is the delay in telling the public that a murderer is on the loose for years.

I am a supporter of alternative prisons, including the integration of inmates in outside employment to facilitate their reintroduction into society. The key is to pick the prisoners carefully and to keep close supervision — neither of which seems to have happened with Donovan or the “Skull Cracker.”

Source: BBC

13 thoughts on “England’s Ford “Open Prison” Loses 90 Prisoners And Waits Four Years To Tell Public Of Murderer On The Loose”

  1. dax @ nick it was the only pomade out at that time if im not mistaken

  2. NICK o brother where are thou is among my top ten classics and your absolutely right about the song.

    the trick of prisons is to pretend to be over crowded though of course the over crowding is due to assissine laws and unfair sentencing due to judges and prosecutors who care more about convictions then they do justice. but thus is exactly where the elites intended it to be chaos and confusion keeps the people from seeing and understanding the truth

  3. The Obama administration is releasing convicts so why shouldn’t the UK? They are just following suit. These people vote, too.

  4. Wait, I just clicked on the link. I’m a day late and a dollar short.

  5. The great song, Big Rock Candy Mountain, was in the soundtrack for one of the underappreciated Cohen Bros. flicks, O’ Brother Where Art Thou. That was about 3 escaped convicts.

  6. Can’t decide which is best, Having the President let thousands out onto the public or have open prisons where if some escapes, no one is told. I prefer having one or two loose rather than thousands. Seems neither is safe for the public

  7. Putting violent prisoners in an “open” prison is reckless. One has to wonder what analysis resulted in a decision to put murders in such a facility.

    Alternative prisons should be for nonviolent prisoners only.

  8. Scandalous to say the least. This certainly indicates a systemic issue in the prison system beyond what is show here.

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