Tooth “Time Warp”: British Researchers Discover Method To Reverse Tooth Decay

220px-Lower_wisdom_toothThere is an exciting discovery by British scientists that could significantly decrease tooth surgeries and extractions. The technique is known as Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization and it has been found to repair tooth decay by using electrical current to boost the tooth’s natural repair process. It is being called a “time warp” for teeth.

The two part process involves pushing minerals into the tooth to repair the damages area. It was developed at King’s College, London, and may be available for use within three years. No drills, no injections and no filling materials. The process allows teeth to “remineralize.”

These brilliant researchers decided to tackle the problem of tooth decay straight on. The problem is that minerals continually move out of the tooth and the enamel is undermined — creating lesions (which can later become a physical cavity). This process reverses the process. Pretty cool.

Source: India Times as found on Reddit.

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  1. Saucy, The crucial variable regarding vaccinations is children depend upon their parents to protect them. But, when parents get their “science” from the likes of Jenny McCarthy and PETA, it is parental malpractice. Liberal child abuse.

  2. nick, mugwump, you do not have to consume sugar to ruin your teeth. An acidic diet will do just fine, including destruction of bone density. Arctic natives developed osteoporosis by the time they reached 40, after a diet of nothing but animal protein and fat. The damage from daily protein overload has its equivalency in the damage from a ration of battery acid. As for lies, by your own admission, you’ve been buying the lies of Madison Avenue during your entire lifetime, obviously. I have to facetiously add: You are so stubbornly attached, your death certificate will read: battery acid overload.

  3. Nick wrote “PETA is spreading their newest lie, that we should not vaccinate our children”

    I am equally incensed at ignorant people who claim that vaccinations are harmful. They believe that vaccination is a personal choice which only affects them, but the truth is that there are people with compromised immune systems who cannot accept immunizations; herd immunity protects this minority. And these clowns really need to research the history of polio and look at the many photos of people in iron lungs during the first half of the 20th Century.

    The British doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who started the whole vaccines-cause-autism nonsense had his license to practice medicine revoked in the UK. That should tell you something.

    Nick, you can’t be a true libertarian if you think vaccines are useful. 😉

  4. samantha wrote “the tooth’s natural ability to remineralize itself is dramatically hinderef by the Western diet”

    Fluoride is the only proven method of remineralizing teeth. And given that fruits and many vegetables have sugar, it would be difficult to maintain a diet of tooth-friendly foods, not that I disagree that the American diet is tooth-hostile.

    P.S. George Washington had false teeth, long before soft drinks and gummy bears.

  5. Samantha, PETA is spreading their newest lie, that we should not vaccinate our children. Whooping cough and measles are surging back. Of all the despicable acts of PETA, telling parents not to vaccinate their children is the worst. EVERYHTHING in moderation, Samantha.

  6. Paul C. Schulte wrote “since your crown is neither a food nor a drug, why would the FDA be interested in it?”

    Why do you assume that the FDA has no jurisdiction over dental matters?

  7. You know you’re grasping when you use Mike Tyson and Bill Clinton as a role model for ANTHING. And, I would bet big bucks both those sociopaths lie and cheat on that diet OFTEN.

  8. My reverence of truth started from the earliest age and developed into a career.

  9. RTC, Actually it’s something my old man would say to us when he heard complaints from his kids that someone was spreading lies.

  10. Actually, the tooth’s natural ability to remineralize itself is dramatically hinderef by the Western diet, consisting mostly of animal protein, dairy, eggs, sugar, alcohol and other acidic forming foods. By adopting an alkaline diet, you not only improve dental health but also the overall health of the entire body. The benefits of an alkaline diet are equal to the benefits of fasting. An alkaline diet is like fasting every single day — without missing a meal. Human carnivores are not unlike alcoholics, both are in denial of their addictions that maintain a vice grip on their impaired health. Most people must hit bottom first before they will ever change their behavior. But a majority die first or simply accept impairment as a natural process of growing old, bankrupting the nation with immense health care costs. Bill Clinton’s bottom was bypass surgery. But few will ever benefit from his story because he suffers from another addiction: beholden to the greed behind Western diet. Many others, such as Mike Tyson, for example, have used reason to head off bypass surgery and overcome their addiction to Western diet. The same drive and willpower that had made him a star athlete, also helped him overcome his addictions, easily.

    1. samantha – are you saying that Bill Clinton and Mike Tyson have bad teeth?

  11. “effectively reverses decay by using electrical currents to boost the tooth’s natural repair process”

    I’ll believe that when I see it. Did you know that if a root fractures, it never heals? Teeth are different than bones. Ask your dentist.

    And don’t you think it rather strange that this technique was invented in Britain, the land of rotten teeth, instead of the U.S., the land of pearly whites? Do you know that British newspapers, e.g. the Telegraph, often disparage Americans for their desire for white, healthy teeth? Don’t you wonder if the reason the U.S. has not embraced it is that it results in mottled, deformed, ugly teeth?

    Speaking of India (look at the origin of JT’s article), I wonder how many of you know that dentists have started outsourcing their lab work there. My dentist is one of the better, more honest, and more expensive ones in the area. She told me that dental conventions offer — and dentists use — a service where crown impressions are made by your local dentist and digitized in a 3-D scanner and emailed to a lab in India, with the crown being manufactured there and mailed back to the dentist. The FDA, the bane of many of you, does not inspect them to ensure that cadmium or other nasty metals are not used. Isn’t globalization wonderful?

    1. scaucy – since your crown is neither a food nor a drug, why would the FDA be interested in it?

  12. LOVE It! Especially since it uses your own body to repair itself.

    The irony of this being discovered in Britain, which is not known for dental excellence . . .

  13. Leave it to those industrial beavers of Great Britain, what’s next?

    Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced DECRIMINALIZATION of privateers, Banksters and politicians; …I’m sure it will work with enough current !

  14. Now there is something new to target for cell phone uses…tooth replay

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