Sudanese Woman Formerly Sentenced To Death For Apostasy Has Taken Refuge In U.S. Embassy

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

meriam-yehya-ibrahim-apostasy-sharia-law-sudanWe have discussed the plight of Meriam Ibrahim who endured a trial and subsequent death sentence imposed in a Sudan sharia court alleging apostasy and adultery. A Christian woman, she was considered formerly to be Muslim by virtue of her father’s religion though raised by her mother in an Orthodox faith. Having married her husband, a Christian man with American citizenship, triggered the charges. Previous discussion can be read HERE and HERE.

After an international outrage over her arrest and conviction, an appeals court struck down the convictions and released her, and a child born to her while in prison.

As she was preparing to leave Sudan, Meriam again faced the authorities at an airport alleging she had false documentation allowing her departure from Sudan. Once again arrested, she has since been released and has taken refuge in the American Embassy in Khartoum. Yet it seems her ordeal will not be over.

Merriam was arrested on June 24th for alleged forgery relating to an emergency travel document issued by the government of South Sudan along with accusations of providing false information. South Sudan’s embassy in Khartoum confirmed the documents were genuine yet Sudanese authorities claim she should have provided a Sudanese passport. Sudan’s foreign ministry summoned the U.S. and South Sudan charges d’affaires over the matter. The ministry condemned South Sudan for issuing travel documents for Meriam knowing she is a Sudanese national and the U.S. for allowing her to leave Sudan under false travel documents.

Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Authority is reported to have lodged the complaint against Mrs. Ibrahim.

BBC correspondents say that now Sudan’s intelligence agency is involved, Mrs Ibrahim’s case is likely to be more difficult and complicated to resolve.

The power play between the intelligence agency and other institutions of Sudan’s government have cast Meriam into an unwilling role as a pawn and instrumentality of several contentious factions within the government and society. She might at least have some protection within the American embassy, but how long this situation will remain is less certain.

By Darren Smith


BBC News

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31 thoughts on “Sudanese Woman Formerly Sentenced To Death For Apostasy Has Taken Refuge In U.S. Embassy”

  1. I said when she was in prison the first time that if she got free that the first thing she should do was run to a embassy of USA/France etc etc. Instead she ran for the airport. Mistake. Should have run to the embassy first because they WILL get you out

  2. The story is entitled: “How is aid to Sudan actually spent?” … (it is the second video on the left column).

  3. Thanks for the info Saucy.

    If the US is going to withdraw its imprint from the world stage, then why is it still handing out money? = bad parenting.

  4. I agree with Justice Holmes. Declare the Sudan a Pirate Territory. They have proven that they are fascist. Cut off aid, trade, visas, and think about closing the embassy. Bring the woman out now to America or some place safe. Muslims beware: the world is losing patience. If you move to America leave the turbans and hoodies at home.

  5. Until this young woman is allowed to leave we should cut off all funds to the Sudan and freeze all the assets of its leaders. We need to start playing hard ball with these theocratic dictators and that includes the Saudis.

  6. Where is Barry? , someone asked. Barry Goldwater is deceased.
    My concern is that we need to close all of the embassies in these Pirate Territories. East of Corfu the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply. Remember that. Forget Barry.

  7. Darren, Thanks for staying on top of this important story. Almost all of us truly appreciate it.

  8. Richard, Yesterday Barry was in Minnesota trying to convince loyal Dems that all this stuff swirling around him are “phony scandals.” He has turned up the swagger and snark. The crowds response was tepid. Only the cultists are left.

    1. Nick,
      The saddest thing is that Keith Ellison was my state rep and now is my Congressional rep, and that Paul Wellstone was a friend of mine–we worked together on anti-standardized testing legislation–and his son Mark, was a student teacher out of my office–by the way, NCLB closed our school. Thank you, Nick. Over and out.

  9. Marines defend embassies. I would bet 5k they are honored to protect this woman. God bless this woman and the Marines protecting her and her children. This is a woman, under threat of execution, who REFUSED to denounce her faith. You do all you can to help someone of this faith and courage.

  10. Usually the best sources for U.S. data are the Census Department and the CIA World Factbook (links below). The latest official (albeit a little stale), pre-split data is from 2010 and shows foreign aid to Sudan to be $521 million:

    www DOT census DOT gov
    www DOT cia DOT gov [then from the top menu, select Library->Publications and then click on World Factbook]

  11. So NOW it’s appropriate to send in the Marines. Not when she was locked up in one of their jails or buildings. Her presence probably puts the embassy staff at greater risk from the possibility of an attack. Time to beef up security in a big way.

  12. Breaker, breaker 10-4, Kerry to Richard,

    Alfa, Bravo, Tango, Charlie. Waiting $500 million cash drop for Syrian Rebels, 10-16.

    That’s a big 10-17. Goodbye 10-19.

    10-4 Ok, Message Received
    10-16 Make Pickup at……
    10-17 Urgent Business
    10-19 Nothing for you, return to base

  13. Time to send in Special Operators and pluck her and her family from the US Embassy and return her to USA!

  14. Where’s Barry? Let’s see, five Taliban leaders exchanged for one soldier in Afghanistan. What’s the calculus for this trade? Who needs a trade? Isn’t Kerry still in the Middle East? Send him on a quick detour to Khartoum to pick up Mrs. Ibrahim and bring her to the USA, or wherever. Is the Sudanese regime going to stop Kerry? Methinks not. C’mon Barry. If you want to be thought of as a man of action, act like one. This would improve your approval ratings by ten points and might even salvage the midterms for the Democratic Senate. Over and out.

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