Christian Radio Host Arrested For Raping 11-Year-Old Boy

article-2670885-1F276DD100000578-976_634x648In Michigan, religious radio host John Balyo has been arrested for allegedly raping a child and paying a third party to arrange sexual encounters with children. Police say that a bondage kit was found in a storage locker maintained by Balyo.

article-2670885-1F17367C00000578-395_306x423Balyo, 35, of Caledonia, was arrested at the Big Ticket Christian music festival in Gaylord, Michigan on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was a Christian radio host on WCSG, which is operated by Cornerstone University. He is accused of paying another defendant to arrange sexual encounters with children. Police say that he has admitted to raping one 11 year old boy. Police found a ‘bondage kit’ of handcuffs, chains and duct tape in the storage unit. He reportedly also had piles of articles about missing children and children’s obituaries along with an erotic photography magazine.

These cases often raise a question in my mind as to whether it is appropriate, if found guilty, for a court to increase the sentence due to the defendant’s work as a religious host or organizer. This is not the type of position of authority that is often used to enhance sentences for judges or police officers or principals or teachers. I would think that it would not be appropriate to give him a more harsh sentence for hypocrisy. In the end, it will hardly matter if these charges are proven. Balyo, who recently married and acquired a stepson, is unlikely to see freedom for decades if convicted.

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  1. Random thoughts.

    You don’t have to be a _Catholic_ priest to be both a Christian “minister” and a homosexual or bisexual pedophile.

    Misprision of authority Is common in sexual predators. They gravitate toward situations with contact with their target age. Priests, ministers, scout leaders, coaches, child care workers, teachers, and more. Teenage babysitters and nannies, child photographers and beauty pageant managers, janitors in schools, and family members.

    Should and act involving misprision of authority be punished more severely than the same act performed by someone (say, a neighbor) who is not in any position of authority? The act is just as evil in either case.

    A 35-year-old uncle groped his 16-year-old niece. A man offered his 9-incher to his sister-in-law. Both are immoral acts. Is the former more immoral than the latter?

  2. Pedophiles are pretty evil and horrible people, but, on the other hand, they DO drive slowly in school zones! Nothing further, judge.

  3. Everything in moderation. Including moderation. Castration is a good cure. Moderate that.

  4. Slenderman is not a religion. It’s a viral video. Some guy entered his Slenderman art in a sic fi contest, and it became wildly popular, complete with his own “urban legends” and website created by crazed fans.

    Those girls belong to the same club as that guy who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan for Jody Foster.

  5. indio007 wrote “Christian music is the devil!!!!!!”

    Except that no Christian runs around beheading people for listening to unapproved music, in stark contrast to Muslims, many of whom have declared music to be “haram” (sinful and/or forbidden).

    Another religion, that of Slenderman, has had its first court ruling. One of the two girls who stabbed a third girl 19 times has been declared incompetent. We will have to wait and see what that entails, but I sure hope she is not merely grounded.

  6. Am I the only one to notice this same-sex Christian pedophile was busted in a place called “Gaylord” – or would that be politically incorrect and insensitive to gay people to mention?

    At least Balyo, from Caledonia (what makes your big head so hard), Michigan, provided the objects of his desire with a wholesome atmosphere of Christian fellowship, much like a Catholic Priest might. So, at least he wasn’t corrupting them with some kind of crazy Satanic ritual – unless he was only pretending to be a Christian…..

  7. Darren – thanks! I will refrain from spelling out naughty words in the future.

    Saucy – Maybe the people who defend child porn should trigger a covert investigation by the police. I know their child porn and special victims units are so swamped by the sheer numbers of online crimes against children that they use volunteers to help.

    I meant that people of all political affiliations unite against the abuse of children, except for the abusers themselves, which can belong to any party.

  8. It seems to me that the most appropriate punishment is one from the Bible: an eye for an eye. Put him in a cell with Bubba and allow him to discover retribution firsthand.

    By the way, disgust at this behavior is not universal. If you ever feel the need to be nauseous, peruse the Krebs on Security blog. Every now and then Brian Krebs writes an post on the subject of child porn. You’d be amazed — well, maybe you wouldn’t — at the number of people who defend child porn in the name of freedom. Many people there consider themselves to be libertarians.

    One comment on “Firefox Zero-Day Used in Child Porn Hunt?” from Johan pretty much says it all: “Child porn should not be illegal to view to start with, this is a witch hunt. They should use these exploits against real criminals hurting kids, like those selling drugs.”

  9. I don’t know what roles a suspect can have as far as what is considered Position of Authority in Michigan. But, nevertheless if it did not apply here I suppose a judge may simply rule that sentences will be served consecutively and obtain the same end result.

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