God Did It: Indiana Woman Insists That God Told Her To Let Him Drive And Then Ran Over Motorcyclist

180px-Creation_of_the_Sun_and_Moon_face_detailarticle-2700967-1FDCEF1900000578-380_306x418Sometimes saying “God is my co-pilot” is more than an aspirational bumper sticker. Prionda Hill, 25, insists that she took it seriously when she said that God told her that he would drive her 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. Either God is another elderly driver past his prime or he wanted to do in Anthony Oliveri, 47, because he immediately ran the car off the road and slammed into Oliveri on his 2001 Harley-Davidson.

Hill ended up in the median next to a Rally’s burger restaurant after the accident around 9:45 pm on July 11. Police found her in the restaurant where she recounted the divine intervention. She said that she was just driving along when “out of nowhere God told her that He would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let Him take it.”

article-2700967-1FDCEF1D00000578-277_634x414She almost killed Oliveri but at the last minute the car swerved away from his head and across his midsection. leaving him with broken ribs, a lacerated spleen and bleeding kidney. Hill passed an alcohol test but she was taking a prescription for the pain medication Vicodin.

She has been charged with failing to stop an accident, criminal recklessness and two counts of criminal mischief.

There is obviously a torts case to be made. I teach a case, Breunig v. American Family Insurance Co., 173 N.W.2d 619 (Wis. 1970), where the defendant was driving when she believed God took control of the car and when she saw a truck coming, “stepped on the gas to become airborne because she knew she could fly because Batman does it.” (This is by the way a clear indication of insanity since everyone knows Batman cannot fly). She was still found guilty of negligence because she had knowledge or forewarning of her mental delusions or disability. Courts will allow an insanity defense in such cases when they do not have notice or forewarning and the condition denies the person’s ability to exercise reasonable care or to act in an “ordinarily prudent manner.” In addition, the person must not have notice or forewarning that he may suddenly subject to such a type of insanity.

Of course, if he were to prevail on such a claim, it would likely be difficult to retain her license without a demonstration of medication or treatment to the satisfaction of the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Faith-based driving is still unrecognized around the country.

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  2. …. continued from above.

    Where on earth in the galaxy do people come up with the beyond moronic idea that people can simply walk away from an accident they cause (“whistling” even) simply by virtue of not having insurance or documentation?

    I call bllsht. No one – especially those making these claims – believes that. Understand, I’m not just saying you’re wrong; I’m saying you know you’re wrong.

    But maybe I’m mistaken. To see if I am, let’s try a little challenge: ditch your documentation, ditch your insurance, and go cause an accident (preferably with an unoccupied vehicle). Then walk away whistling.

    Go ahead.

    I dare you.

    I double dare you.

    Do you take Bitcoin? Because if so, I’ll even bet you. As much as you want.

    But I know you won’t do it. Because we all know that you’ll be charged with whatever vehicle code violations you committed and driving without a license, driving without insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident. Despite your whistling and insisting that you can simply walk away because you don’t have documentation, you’re also likely to get a tasing or a baton to side of your head (thus interrupting your joyous whistle). You can also end up with charges like fleeing and eluding, resisting arrest, and whatever else the officer cares to add for your contempt of cop.

    You’re also going jail (at the very least until you’re identified).

    So go ahead. Try it.

    I bet you won’t.


  3. Just came back to this thread for a laugh and something light….

    …. but the rant I held back yesterday simply had to come out.

    It is said that ignorance fuels bigotry, but there is a difference between even profound ignorance and deliberate falsehood. Let’s try a Google. How about “unregistered driver insurance”. Don’t forget the quotes. Guess what comes up. Hmmm?

    Nothing comes up. Per Google: “No results found for “unregistered drivers insurance”. Why? Because not only does “unregistered drivers insurance” not exist in California, “unregistered driver insurance” does not exist anywhere the omnipresent Google is able to search. Undocumented immigrants are not something we insure against. Anywhere. Ever.

    What does exist (almost universally – not just in “border states”), is Uninsured Motorist/Under-insured Motorist coverage (UM/UIM). And it has absolutely nothing to do with an immigrant’s documentation. It simply provides coverage if the driver of an uninsured vehicle is at fault in a collision that causes you injury. It also provides umbrella-type coverage if an insured vehicle’s driver causes injury in excess of the other driver’s policy limits but within yours. (e.g. An insured driver with $15,000 in coverage negligently causes you $35,000 worth of damage; you have a $50,000 policy. You are entitled to collect $15,000 on the other driver’s policy and another $20,000 under your UIM).

    UM/UIM is good coverage, and relatively cheap. Don’t opt out.

    Before I jump to another comment to continue this rant, could I please have a link to the source of your “fact” that 90% of the vehicles driven by undocumented immigrants are uninsured. And by link, I mean a link to the internet (not to your proctologist’s office).

    Next up “How to get out of a car accident simply by being undocumented.”

    Continued …..

  4. randyjet – in border states like CA, we have to get “unregistered driver insurance” because it’s so common for illegals not to have insurance or ID. The last figure I recall is something like 90% of them have no insurance, and just walk away whistling when they cause an accident.

    Unless it’s one of the shakedown scams I’ve mentioned, where they purposely cause accidents to sue the driver. We’ve had a series of articles about the problems over the years.

  5. The author of the article assumes that God is a “he”. Why would God have gender? God would not have a mom and dad and God would not be human. To assume that God is a “he” or a “He”, is a stretch. The lady in question here might be dyslectic. Dog made her do it. Or told her to do it. But if she has no dog then that excuse is off the table.
    When God created Dog on the 8th Day, the purpose was for Dog to provide guidance over humans. After the 8th Day, God got out of the picture. God went on to other tasks for other planets. Do not look to God for guidance, whether you think God is a He or a She.
    Those who do not have a Dog, or at least a neighborhood Dog, are wandering around in life. Think about that when you next are called upon to elect a President of the United States. How is he/she with his/her dog? If the candidate has no dog then don’t even consider him/her. Obama has a good Dog. We are in good hands. The President of Allstate Insurance has a good Dog. You would be in good hands with Allstate. Check on the Governor of your State. No puns intended.

  6. Paul,

    There’s a beauty in service by any of these methods.

    To challenge corporate service, any of God’s corporate representatives would have to admit, despite their multitude of claims to the contrary, that they do not represent God on earth 🙂 Heck, you could even proceed in rem against funds they’ve raised using His name. The more funds; the better.

    Regarding service by publication/novena, God would still have to enter a special appearance in order to challenge the service. He could, of course, claim he simply doesn’t bother listening to prayers, but an ad in a local weekly newspaper should provide enough cover.

    Unless, of course, God reads as poorly as he drives . . . .

  7. randyjet:

    And you’re correct, since they are undocumented, which is a euphemism for illegal aliens, they have no identifying information and so just walk away. They get special treatment because they broke the law to get here. In fact, there has been a movement to issue drivers license to illegal aliens to prove their identity. And there is constant pressure for the police not to report illegal aliens to ICE.

    Someone who breaks the law to come here is a non-violent criminal, in that they engage in identity theft, welfare fraud, social security fraud. And when they take cash jobs, they engage in income tax fraud. All because it is too much to ask for them to immigrate here legally and follow our rules, even though people around the world, poor people, do it every day.

  8. Paul,

    Regarding the deposition: any reasonably experienced medical malpractice attorney should be able to handle the dep.

    Once you’ve deposed enough doctors who think they’re God, the real thing would probably be a piece of cake.

  9. randyjet:

    In addition to faith driving in CA, we have this lovely scam where illegal immigrants cut in front of you and slam on the breaks. If they cause an accident, you are automatically at fault for rear-ending them. And then they sue for fake injuries. There have been multiple articles about this. I’ve had people try this with me several times and I always slam on the brakes when they cut in front of me. At one point they completely stopped in front of me on the freeway, with no obstruction in front of them. I had my baby in the car with me.


    1. Karen S I also had that happen with me in Houston. I also had an illegal hit my car and run. I got his license plate, but it was not registered in the persons name. So I got nothing at all.

  10. This is either mental illness, she was high on Vicodin, or she’s just homicidal and lied about it to get off on an insanity plea.

    Blaming God or religion for the actions of the mentally ill or inebriated is absurd. I don’t blame Jodi Foster for an assassination attempt for the same reason.

  11. Paul,

    There’s a few options for service, I think.

    You could have an entire abbey of monks appointed as special process servers. They would then perform a daily novena for 4-6 weeks singing the relevant documents in Latin. Overkill? Probably. But it should survive a motion to quash.

    You could also serve Him in his corporate form through a designated agent with the state (it shouldn’t matter which state as He is omnipresent). The difficulty here is deciding which of the thousands of corporations claiming to be His official representative is the right one.

    My choice would be to simply hand Him the Summons and Complaint myself. He drinks at a local tavern I frequent (and is one hell, er, one heck of a pool player).

    1. fiver – I am not sure that God has an appointed agent in any state to receive process. You might try serving all religions, so none feel left out, but the cost would be high. I don’t think service by novena would withstand a legal challenge.

  12. I tried an experiment with this style of driving…..It didn’t work. Glory be!

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