Report: Obama Administration Used USAID and HIV Prevention Workshop As Cover For Spying In Cuba

1369987959_USAIDWe previously discussed how the CIA used a doctor in an international vaccination program to help locate Osama Bin Laden. The use of such a cover violated international agreement and led to other doctors being attacked or barred from areas as suspected CIA operatives. Under huge international pressure, the Obama Administration finally agreed not to use such programs as covers for the CIA this year. However, a new story alleges that the CIA used young, undertrained Latin Americans for spying in Cuba while working as part of a program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in dealing with HIV prevention and other subjects.

The report states that USAID hired Creative Associates International, a Washington-based company, as part of a program targeting Cuba’s communist government. These kids from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Peru were paid as little as $5.41 an hour and given little training despite the risks. I am pretty sure that the contractors made a far greater profit.

What is striking is this program was launched after Obama personally heralded a “new beginning” with Cuba in allowing more exchanges and relations. We then used a USAID program to spy on Cuba.

USAID insists that the program “enabled support for Cuban civil society while providing a secondary benefit of addressing the desire Cubans expressed for information and training about HIV prevention.” However, the Associated Press reports that the young workers were meant to “identify potential social-change actors” and came close to blowing their covers and being arrested. The AP quotes the instructions as saying that “[a]lthough there is never total certainty, trust that the authorities will not try to harm you physically, only frighten you. Remember that the Cuban government prefers to avoid negative media reports abroad, so a beaten foreigner is not convenient for them.”

Once again, the alleged deception will hurt not just our efforts in areas like HIV prevention but those of other countries. Since we used foreign students, all such programs will become targets for suspicion and possible attacks. This is precisely what radicals want in countries where they seek to avoid Western influence and medicine.

Source: Politico

43 thoughts on “Report: Obama Administration Used USAID and HIV Prevention Workshop As Cover For Spying In Cuba

  1. You would think that Obama would pay his spies minimum wage. This is outrageous. Obama, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing, should be forced to give it back. This is what happens when you send a boy to do a man’s work.

  2. Moon of Alabama, makes another point; this was just plain stupid:

    Using an fake HIV project in Cuba also shows the utter stupidity of the wannabe spies at USAID. Cuba is the state with the lowest HIV infection rate in the Caribbean. Its rate is even lower than the rate in Canada and Switzerland and only a third of the HIV rate in the United States. Anyone who starts a HIV prevention service in Cuba rather than in a hundred other countries sticks out like a large red pole in the blue Caribbean sea.

  3. HA HA! – “Reagan the best”

    Bias is as bias does; but the facts (through time) speak for themselves.

    Spying is a snake business, with dirty tricks being the norm;
    to expect the CIA to go by “any” rules overseas – is inane!

    That being said – G HW Bush, GWB, torture and the quashing of pure investigations into 9/11 – certainly mean the CIA/agents are an issue that must be mitigated


  4. Obama is our “millennium bug.” He’s the Y2K American’s were so concerned about at the turn of the century.

  5. My goodness, if a person can be President without any training or experience, why can ‘t a person be a spy without any training or experience? Of course, they could have always watched Burn Notice for some tips!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. “It is because of the war on whites according to Lem Luddite” Dredd Yep, some repug congressman from Alabama has declared the democrats have declared a war on whites.

  7. Well, what can we say here. More fringe insanity from the leading of the free world. The only good news is that the mountain of debt at some point may take care of itself. I am sure the creeps who think of these programs won’t do it anymore if they don’t get a paycheck. OK, I’ll kick Obama again while we have him down, too–but this ain’t all Obama (we know he didn’t sit down and think this up), it is a bi-partisan scourge in the whole of government.

  8. This is typical of the contractors hired for everything by their private govt.! Really, they can get experienced killers and torturers from the third world whom they pay $30.00 a day.

    To take any kind of medical issue and use it for spying is simply evil. The US uses fake reporters, fake aid workers, fake medical personal and real torturers! We are number 1! USA, USA, USA!

    I wouldn’t say the Dems have declared war on whites but I would say this govt. has definitely declared war on brown and black people, along with poor people of any and all colors. That didn’t start with Obama but continuing it, accelerating it, is one more of his many achievements!

  9. I guess the CIA was too busy spying on our allies and Congress, they had to outsource their spying on Cuba to USAID.

    If I were Cuba, I’d be most offended that my country no longer ranks high enough to get the “A” or even “B” team in spying.

  10. I’m on board with SWM and Jill regarding contractors. When my daughter was in Afghanistan, she said she saw rows of big SUVs for use by the contractors, plus they housed them in far superior digs than the troops. We need to get away from using contractors for what our own military used to do. It’s not cheaper.

  11. annie, Yes we need to use our own military and our own unionized government employees as there is more accountability. Why should the taxpayers be paying Booz Allen and Blackwater employees’ salaries?

  12. Annie and SMM, I’d gone a lot further and say that the USG needs to quit engaging in war all over the world. It also needs to quit spying on everyone in the world.

    We need a full stop. As contract companies appear to own most of the govt. they are an immediate problem but our elected officials are playing ball with the whole idea of battlefield earth.

    As a people, we need to stop believing the idea that the US is in need of constant war/spying and other misdeeds. We need to stop justifying it for any reason and start building a world that meets people’s needs.

  13. Jill – it is in our own best interest to spy on everyone, friend and foe. They do it to us. We need to do it to them. It has been reported that the Israelis spied on Kerry’s meetings with Hamas.

  14. There is an agreement amongst the English speaking countries of the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand called the Five Eyes. We do not spy on each other. It has been reported that after the incompetence of our spying on Germany, as a way to smooth things over, Obama offered Merkel an opportunity to become the 6th eye. She reportedly told Obama to go shit in his hat.

  15. Yes indeed Jill, we should keep our troops here on American soil unless we are attacked. No more wars of choice, wars for oil that never worked did it? Unfunded wars that that helped put our country into deeper debt. Yep no more wars.

  16. @annie

    Can you imagine the military-industrial complex deprived of overseas adventures and confined to the U.S.??? You think we are spied on now, you ain’t seen nothing like what would happen. I am not sure all that money and energy could all be diverted into infrastructure improvements, etc.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  17. There will be plenty of more wars, I’m afraid. The new mercenary cartel has creeps everywhere, from Ukraine to Africa. There’s a new surprise waiting for us any day. Oh yes, but remember we are the entitled. We are the good guys.

  18. “The new mercenary cartel has creeps everywhere, from Ukraine to Africa.”-slohrss29

    And in the U.S., as well. Most just don’t know it, yet.

  19. We’ll probably see a lot more of this stuff:

    Forty Land Rover SUVs have been taken away from owners around the country by armed federal agents descending on private property with overwhelming force. Agents for Homeland Security Investigations last month wrapped up the seizure of forty vehicles pursuant to a sealed warrant issued in May. The agency insists that there were discrepancies with the VIN numbers for cars imported by Aaron Richardet at Patterson Auto Sales in Wilmington, North Carolina, and that the Land Rovers violated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

    These regulations do not apply to cars that are at least 25 years old, but owners of the grabbed vehicles had no chance to present a defense before their SUVs were taken. The owners were only given until June 23 to file a formal contest to the seizures, which they could not have done because the court did not unseal the case until July 16. US District Judge James C. Fox denied a request to give owners more time to contest the seizure of their property.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  20. The whole notion of working in Cuba to better the Cubans is dumb as Bush. Do not go into that Pirate Territory. Fly over and flush. Twice on Sunday.

  21. While Americans dither and fret, the “BRICS” are establishing a new global economy. The dollar is in extreme jeopardy. Detroit will be the “new normal” economic condition if compulsive, focused leadership is not ensconced soon. The “Illiberal Democracy” is on the rise.


    “”Francis Fukuyama, a renowned U.S. economist and philosopher, has also read Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech made a week ago, but said it was “hard to believe” what he said. The international press was not exactly fond of what Orbán said, either.

    PM Orbán’s speech delivered about a week ago near Baile Tusnad, part of neighboring Romania with large numbers of ethnic Hungarians, in which he has practically announced that Hungary is was done with liberal democracy, flicked a switch in quite a few people’s mind. Renowned opinion shapers and global press have just started to address the speech and its controversial content.

    Orbán also cited Russia, Turkey and China as “successful” examples of the kind of “illiberal new state based on national foundations” that he wants Hungary to be.

    “Hard to believe that a European leader would openly call for illiberal democracy as Viktor Orban has done,” internationally renowned political economist Francis Fukuyama has commented on his Twitter page on 1 August.””

  22. Why anyone is surprised that we may be spying on Cuba when we know we have spied on close allies and they have spied on us, is beyond me. I would prefer that we do not spy on Cuba or our allies, but until the intelligence community is brought under control, that will not happen.

  23. Squeaky, It’s the new way that Blackwater gets its SUV’s. I agree, no troops, just use a no exceptions or other priorities draft. that would take care of a lot.

    Annie, Squeaky is right to point out what can happen if we leave a standing army in the US. We already see the military busy at work, spying on people, infiltrating environmental and peace groups, etc.

  24. What bothers me is the repeated word “alleged”. So this has not been proven? In a court of law “alleged” would not be sufficient to stand as proof. It is enough to indict but then you have to prove what you allege the person did.

  25. Annie, do you really think the US is a sitting duck? We have weaponized space and have really bad shi* trained on the earth (rods from god for one). We have drones filling the skies, armed with hell fire missiles.

    A standing army has to have a mission, aka, mission creep. That ‘s why the DOD has payment for blog posters to make up to 10 fake personalities who put out the govt. line to propagandize our citizens.

    If you have a no exceptions or other priorities draft, leaders have to think twice before they commit the poor to fight their wars for them. Of course, there’s always the hidden contractors! They are taking up the slack in ripping off the US (oops, I mean protecting the homeland) while hiding under the state dept. CIA, JSOC, and private companies we have all come to know and love! I don’t think that’s a healthy state of affairs for this nation or the world.

  26. Jill,
    No I don’t think the US is a sitting duck, because we do have an army. Without one yes we would be a sitting duck. I agree it’s the poor that make up the volunteer army, and yes there should be a draft so as to level the playing field and to discourage wars of choice. I agree ha contractors are ripping off the US, why would you think was in favor of contractors? I’m a liberal, not a conservative who wants to privatize everything. It’s not just the DOD that pays Internet blog posters.

  27. Here’s the sitting duck at work on a vital project! “Nearly half of the people on the U.S. government’s widely shared database of terrorist suspects are not connected to any known terrorist group, according to classified government documents obtained by The Intercept.

    Of the 680,000 people caught up in the government’s Terrorist Screening Database—a watchlist of “known or suspected terrorists” that is shared with local law enforcement agencies, private contractors, and foreign governments—more than 40 percent are described by the government as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” That category—280,000 people—dwarfs the number of watchlisted people suspected of ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined.

    The documents, obtained from a source in the intelligence community, also reveal that the Obama Administration has presided over an unprecedented expansion of the terrorist screening system. Since taking office, Obama has boosted the number of people on the no fly list more than ten-fold, to an all-time high of 47,000—surpassing the number of people barred from flying under George W. Bush.

    “If everything is terrorism, then nothing is terrorism,” says David Gomez, a former senior FBI special agent. The watchlisting system, he adds, is “revving out of control.”

  28. Boy oh boy the Dulles Bros would be mightily proud if Obama…. Shortly after the Bay of Pigs fiasco…. Didn’t the last pig Dulles hand JFK his resignation?

  29. Hmmmmmm Maybe thats why the Russians shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that were heading to Melbourne maybe this is where they planned to exchange all the intelligence they gathered. Things that make you go hmmmmm

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