The Edible Weiner: Too Much To Swallow?

By Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

Disgraced Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner is giving back  in a big way — or so he claims.  Fresh off a recent loss in New York City’s municipal elections, Weiner held the lead among Democratic mayoral  hopefuls until  disturbing texts with a decidedly lewd overtone were released by a 22-year-old woman he met online. Other women came forward to sink the Weiner warship but Weiner vowed to remain in politics and be active in the community despite another public humiliation for him and his wife, Huma Abedin, a former Hillary Clinton aide.

And alas, now he’s got an idea to rehabilitate his reputation and Rockaway, Queens, a neighborhood that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Beset by rebuilding delays and high unemployment, Weiner proposes a new restaurant with a social conscience in the still reeling community. The Rockaway Restoration Kitchen is months away from it’s first fryer drop but Weiner plans to open the business and employ persons with substance abuse and criminal issues. He also wants to help the diet of the neighborhood, he claims. Rockaway, says Weiner,  is a “food desert” dominated by fast food chains and pizzerias.  “We want to do something sustainable for the community, while also providing healthy, local food options for the Rockaway population.”

Weiner plans a thirteen week training period that will provide life skills as well as restaurant skills. He’s hoping to make The Rockaway Restoration Kitchen  a launch pad for at-risk folks who can obtain other similar jobs once they complete the training program. One mistake shouldn’t be cause for unmitigated disaster Weiner reasons, and he should know.

Pipe dream? Maybe. A PR tour de force with another run at political  office being Objective No. 1? Almost surely. A recipe for success? A true quest for forgiveness from the women in his life?

Well, as any restaurant owner can tell you, the proof is in the pudding.

What do you think:

Source: CNN

~Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

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199 thoughts on “The Edible Weiner: Too Much To Swallow?”

  1. Who’s smearing Hillary? Facts are not “smears”, and wondering about her sexual orientation is not a “smear.” How many times have we wondered “is he gay or straight” about a new acquaintance? I ride, and there are many gay/lesbian riders and trainers, so it was a common question. I find the outrage to be disingenuous, because obviously the same people primly objecting have wondered the exact same thing about other people. Especially when the mistress of the lying, cheating husband starts the rumor. Is it true, because it originated from a husband with another well-documented history of lying? That a fact alone would only increase conjecture.

    My problem with Hillary is that she has a well-documented history of lying. I’m so tired of dishonesty and back-door deals in politics in general. Who wants more of the same?

    I love Squeeky’s poems, and we agree about other issues, but in regards to Hillary we disagree.

    But I doubt there is anyone on this Earth with whom I agree on all things. 🙂

  2. Squeekers,
    Good! I’m glad to hear it! I bet even your friends will get a bit peeved with your support of Hillary. Your thick skin will be needed in the furture as the Presidential race heats up, I’m sure.

  3. @annie

    I don ‘t need everyone to agree with me. My ego is not that fragile. I can pretty much get along with everybody, although some people can ‘t stand me. It used to be worse here, though, and I got called a lot of names. But I dished it right back!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Well THANK YOU Squeekers for your honesty and bravery, I didn’t think that when push came to shove, you wouldn’t come to Hillary’s defense. You will no doubt be called upon to do so many more times before 2016, because of this is a preview of what we can expect from he likes of Spinelli, Paul and Karen, well…..unless you’ve changed your mind about Hillary for President.

  5. Some love to stir the pot, start the trouble, when they get in over their head, and have lost the battle of human decency they plead for a truce. Kind of pathetic.

  6. LOL. Thanks for your wit, humor and poetic skills, Squeeky. Hopefully that is the end of this faux outrage. You’re a real woman, never seen you whine or play victim.

  7. Oh, and Nick wanted a poem!

    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a lady named Flowers
    With whom Governor Clinton spent hours.
    What they did, I don’t know?
    But I hear, “Thar she blows!”
    Was frequently heard through the towers.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Let’s end this tit for tat, no pun intended. Your righteous indignation is duly noted. Basta.

  9. Paul,

    You–like Nick–like to stir the pot. You know perfectly well the comment that Nick made that I called “crude and disgusting” upthread. I’m not going to engage in a “tit for tat” with either of you. I have much better things to do with my time.

  10. Who said lesbians are sexually disgusting? Some of my friends are same sex couples….including family…

  11. Paul, obfuscation should be your middle name. Everyone here knows what you are doing.

  12. So then Squeeky you agree with your friends that Hillary is a lesbian? Huma her lover?

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