We’re Stealing Your Beer. We? You Got A Mouse In Your Pocket? Yep.

By Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

Mouseketeer John Jacobson
Mouseketeer John Jacobson

A Portland, Oregon, man had a clever accomplice along for the ride on his latest alleged beer heist.  20-year-old John Jacobson was cruising the local Plaid Pantry Store when an on-duty manager asked him what he as doing with a  freshly unloaded case of brewskies under  his arm. John threw the beer striking the manager in the face and fled the vicinity. He then headed into the nearby Nike campus where he was sure to blend in with the other heels stacked therein.

Police with K-9 units gave chase and cornered the thirsty bandits in some bushes but not before noticing his diminutive henchman. Harkening those cartoon characters Pinky and The Brain, Jacobson  was sporting his pet mouse in his pocket. Police transported the pair to the Washington County Jail where his dad picked up the pet who apparently made bond.

No word on whether  John’s dad made his son’s bond. Jacobson was charged with  robbery of the beer.

Source:  KTVB.com

~ Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

7 thoughts on “We’re Stealing Your Beer. We? You Got A Mouse In Your Pocket? Yep.”

  1. Raff,

    I hope he does not blame it on a weed moment…. Most stoners I know wouldn’t head for the beer but the Twinkie and chip isle….

  2. Amazing how these guys are so good at converting a petty theft into a robbery.

  3. We had the monkey and the selfie problem, do pets actually get bail? And what is the usual amount set for bail?

  4. He did not take the beer while he was in the store, he took it from a truck that was unloading beer to be sold in the store.

    Seems like assault would be a crisp charge, since he threw the beer at a pursuer and the target was injured.

  5. Stupid is as stupid does. I hope he can at least blame his actions on drugs or alcohol!! 🙂

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