Farewell, Cape Cod

IMG_0907We are leaving Cape Cod today (a bit early due to the arrival of thunderstorms) and we had a wonderful time in this extraordinarily beautiful spot. (As usual, I used my iPhone for pictures with varying success but the lighthouse taken from the boat turned out pretty good).

We had a great time. We arrived and were able to go to the beach for an amazing walk at low tide. The breach receded about a mile where our friends took us. It was glorious to walk out with the kids and see jelly fish, see anemones, oysters, crabs, and other creatures. The huge red moon was out in all its glory and we were mesmerized.

Yesterday, we spent the morning on one of the “ponds” and had a ball swimming.

We then went on a four-hour whale watching trip and it was perfect. We had numerous sightings of mother and calf Humpback whales, one large Humpback male, one Minke whale, and two endangered Fin whales. It was awesome!

We are sad to go home early but the weather promised diminishing returns and we decided to leave on a high note. So we are off to the Old Dominion to pick up Luna at our dog sitter and return home.





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  1. Don’t be blinded by the physical beauty of Cape Cod, Mr. Turley! Fascism festers hereabouts! I live in Barnstable on Cape Cod. My civil rights have been removed since I can no longer attend any cultural or political events held at Sturgis Library, my very neighborhood library, without risking arrest and incarceration. My crime? I had the audacity to criticize library hypocrisy regarding its own statement that “libraries should provide materials and information presenting ALL POINTS OF VIEW.” Director Lucy Loomis permanently banned me without warning or possibility of due process one week after I’d posted that criticism on my website. The local newspapers, the Cape Cod Times and Barnstable Patriot, will not publish anything regarding the banning. Not one town councilor expressed an iota of interest, nor did one Barnstable County human rights commissioner or Cape Cod Community College instructor or Clams Library System of Cape Cod librarian, etc., etc.! The motto on Cape Cod should be: Dare Criticize Us… We Will Ostracize You! Yes, while Sturgis Library celebrates Banned Books Week next month, it simultaneously bans any books and writing published by The American Dissident Press. Imagine that last year I stood silently in the community college library with a sign: Celebrate the Anniversary of the Bill of Rights. The dean librarian called campus police, who then interrogated me and ordered me not to record them. Thus, is Cape Cod
    Ayuda! Au secours!
    G. Tod Slone, PhD (universite de Nantes, FR) aka P. Maudit,
    Founding Editor (1998)
    The American Dissident, a 501c3 Nonprofit Journal of Literature, Democracy, and Dissidence
    217 Commerce Rd.
    Barnstable, MA 02630

  2. I love Cape Cod, from Woods Hole to Provincetown. Were I a rich lawyer like rafflaw or mespo, I would buy a summer place in Chatham or Nantucket.

  3. What a wonderful experience for the entire family. Great pictures of the whales!

  4. The lighthouse picture is nice, but you need to work on the “horizon thing” a bit. Unless it actually does tilt like that.

    I’m with Nick, at age 71 now, vacations are what I remember about my parents.

  5. Vacations are what your children will remember. It’s when they have their parents all to themselves. Both my parents were factory workers. They worked different shifts over the years. Being all together for 2 weeks on the Cape are my, and my siblings, fondest memories.

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