Kenyan Legislature Considers New Law To Allow Foreign Homosexuals To Be Stoned In Public

609px-Coat_of_arms_of_Kenya.svgThe anti-homosexual movement in Kenya continues this week with an infamous bill that would reportedly allow foreign homosexual people stoned to death in public. The law would allow such executions for foreigners who commit one homosexual act while imposing a life sentence on Kenyan nationals.

The draft bill has proposed that a foreigner who commits a homosexual act be stoned in public, while Kenyan nationals found guilty will be jailed for life.

The draft bill is the work of the Republican Liberty Party and prohibits all forms of sexual relations between people of the same sex. The party’s legal secretary, Edward Onwong’a Nyakeriga, is quoted as saying that “There is need to protect children and youth who are vulnerable to sexual abuse and deviation as a result of cultural changes, uncensored information technology, parentless-child developmental settings and increasing attempts by homosexuals to raise children in homosexual relationships through adoption, foster care or otherwise.”

Only last week, a Ugandan court rejected such a law but did so on the grounds that the Parliament had not met the quorum requirement when passing the law — not as a ruling on individual rights.

The law in Kenya is being supported by an array of religious leaders.

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  1. this law should never come to pass…it is a violation of basic human right to life. and those supporting this law should ask themselves whether they would be willing to stone their own children if it so happened that their children were homosexuals.

    1. mestizakatcey, it is generally understood that criminals give up many fundamental rights by committing a crime. The real question is not about the basic human right to life, but about whether a nation might rightly consider homosexual behavior to be a capital crime.

  2. The approval of homosexual behavior sends a false message to younger generations that marriage is about happiness created when two people sexually love each other and sexually commit to each other. As a result, more young people today have children out of wedlock. All of society suffers with greater poverty, children being raised without a mother and father, greater crime, etc.

  3. DavidM: “When I see how homosexual advocates are destroying our society for future generations….”

    Back with your usual overstatements, I see. You assume that society was healthier when sexual behavior was kept hidden and/or suppressed, and you seem to overlook the fact that there was a time when homosexuality was criminalized. For the record, things did not work out so well…for anyone.

    You’re on the losing side of this issue. Society has come to realize the folly of punishing homosexuality as a simple matter of social justice. Contending that society can’t handle criminalizing sexual behavior is similar to asserting that it can’t handle legalized marijuana. Your comments on this subject betray some very deep-seated issues (no pun intended) and it’s doubtful that this forum is going to help you work through them. But I’m sure we all wish you luck.

    1. RTC wrote: “You assume that society was healthier when sexual behavior was kept hidden and/or suppressed, and you seem to overlook the fact that there was a time when homosexuality was criminalized. For the record, things did not work out so well…for anyone.”

      I think it is a lie that the psychological problems that homosexuals suffer from is because of a society that does not accept their sexual behavior. I think their problems are related to internal conflict with their natural biological drive and internal sense that sexual relations is about a complementary unity between opposite genders and the creating of a family. If my view is correct, then endorsing homosexuality as acceptable behavior leads to a harm upon homosexuals, bisexuals, and those who are sexually curious. My prediction is that as society fully endorses homosexuality, homosexuals will continue to have the same problems with depression, suicide, drug abuse, identity conflict, etc. We also can expect to have more individuals deviating from the order of male-female units and the LGBTQ community expanding and assuming greater authority and power over society to help meet their sexual needs and goals.

  4. David M
    Incorrect. The history of oppression did.
    Had he meet the woman he married in a time where openness and freedom was accepted, she wouldn’t have to play straight to pleaser her oppressors.

    Get it straight and stop the b.s. K?

  5. American Bar Association Resolution:
    LGBT Rights Are Basic Human Rights

    1 RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association recognizes that lesbian, gay, bisexual
    2 and transgender (LGBT) people have a human right to be free from discrimination,
    3 threats and violence based on their LGBT status and condemns all laws, regulations and
    4 rules or practices that discriminate on the basis that an individual is a LGBT person;
    6 FURTHER RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges the governments of
    7 countries where such discriminatory laws, regulations, and practices exist to repeal them
    8 with all deliberate speed and ensure the safety and equal protection under the law of all
    9 LGBT people;
    11 FURTHER RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges other bar
    12 associations and attorneys in jurisdictions where there are such discriminatory laws or
    13 incidents of targeting of LGBT people to work to defend victims of anti-LGBT
    14 discrimination or conduct, and to recognize and support their colleagues who take these
    15 cases as human rights advocates; and
    17 FURTHER RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges the United States
    18 Government, through bilateral and multilateral channels, to work to end discrimination
    19 against LGBT people and to ensure that the rights of LGBT people receive equal
    20 protection under the law.

  6. @Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    “Thx! I can just not believe how many people pile on the poor black folks in Africa when they don ‘t act like liberal white folks.”

    This comment seems to suggest only liberal white people are opposed to the proposed law, and the things you say about liberals suggests you aren’t one, so a logical deduction would be that you support this law. Or you are in fact a liberal. Or…I don’t know what.

  7. Who do the homophobes protect their gay children from when they oppress their children and shame them into suicide?

  8. p.s.
    Telling when the anti-gays are caught with their pants down…

    Bag boys… toe taps… coke masseurs…

  9. It’s called a comeuppance…
    EXCLUSIVE: Texas anti-gay leader Jonathan Saenz’s ex-wife left him for a woman

    Mere months before Jonathan Saenz became president of the anti-gay group Texas Values, his wife left him for another woman, according to Hays County district court records obtained by Lone Star Q.

    The revelation could help explain Saenz’s seemingly abrupt transformation from socially conservative lobbyist to homophobic firebrand.

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