From Pageant To Prison: California Woman Arrested For Alleged Worker’s Comp Fraud After Competing In Beauty Contest

fb2fb1Shawna Lynn Palmer, 22, dreamed of being a beauty queen may have ended in jail after she was arrested for alleged worker’s compensation fraud following the posting of video showing her competing in high heels despite her claim of an debilitating foot injury as a grocery clerk at Stater Bros. She appeared in the 2014 Miss Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix pageant. Toyota’s new slogan is “Let’s Go Places” but I think that is not exactly what Palmer had in mind.

Byron Tucker, the state’s deputy insurance commissioner, is basically quoted as saying that Palmer had beauty, bravado but a notably lack of brains in appearing in the show.

She had claimed that she was unable to work in the Riverside store due to a broken toe that prevented her from putting any weight on the foot. She said that she was required to use crutches after her injury. Shortly after filing that claim, she was seen competing in high heels in the contest.

Palmer’s new set of judges gave her a perfect three felony counts of defrauding an insurance company. How well she does will likely depend on her personal statement in court. She might want to skip the usual pageant allocution on “wanting to make the world a more beautiful place” in favor of “why I really should not go to jail.”

She could receive up to one ear in jail, three years probation and restitution of $24,000. Worse yet, I hear that stripes make you look fat.

Source: Press Enterprise

21 thoughts on “From Pageant To Prison: California Woman Arrested For Alleged Worker’s Comp Fraud After Competing In Beauty Contest”

  1. I wonder what the words on her midriff say. . .probably something about her not being too bright. . .

  2. doglover, Greed can make people stupid. But, some are just stupid to begin w/.

    Palmer’s new set of judges gave her a perfect three felony counts of defrauding an insurance company.

    Well played Mr. Turley.

  4. Sometimes it seems crooks just want to be caught.

    Maybe she could get the phone number of an attorney tattooed to her side also.

  5. Public scrutiny of the fraud will deter others from stealing in that manner. However, they can make this public without showing the tattoo.

  6. My daughter, the attorney, has a good friend she took the WI bar with that works at the SSA fraud unit in DC. They do catch many, many more to catch. The biggest fraudsters are doctors.

  7. @paulc

    LOL! Of course her lawyer will have to show she was doped up on hydros at the pageant which will probably be easy by going to the question answer part :

    Q. And now, Ms. Palmer, if you were President what is the first thing you would do.

    A. Oh, I would pass a law that World Peace needs free food for children everywhere and little puppies and kitties would no longer have to worry about spaying and declawing because Diversity is a really good thing, Can I get a drink now??? Because vodka is just as clear as ohhh I am sooo sleepy. . .

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. What is sad about this case is how many people who are guilty of fraud and corruption are still free.

  9. I think she was ‘playing through the pain.’ God only knows the number of women who have worn shoes too small to be fashion conscious. Women are known for making physical sacrifices for fashion and beauty. I think she has the disability, but was will to withstand the pain for the beauty pageant.

  10. Well this kind of stuff is pretty common. Still, it deserves an Irish Poem!

    The Heels Have P.I.s???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Oh, was Shawna Lynn Palmer a jerk,
    Caught abusing her worker ‘s comp perk?
    Or, can Truth be footloose?
    ‘Cause she had an excuse
    That “It only hurts when I work!”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. She lack good judgement, but the insurance company deny more claims than they grant them. Where are the bunch of losers call Occupy to help people out? Most companies could care less about employee safety and preventing it!!

  12. Isn’t anyone who would fake physical disability, actually mentally disabled?

  13. I see potential for Shawna here. A career path change into politics. And maybe a VP nominee for Hillary in 2016.
    You need someone young, in case Hillary has a another slip and fall accident.

  14. I guarantee a coworker snitched on her. Or, a former boyfriend. People get righteously indignant about this horseshit.

  15. LOL!! This is what I did for a living. California has been a black hole for insurance fraud. What they are doing is making some big busts like this and publicizing it. They also busted a contestant w/ a “severe” shoulder injury waving her arms wildly as a contestant on The Price id Right. I have video of people “permanently and totaled disabled” doing everything from playing basketball, tennis, softball, to lifting weights, chain sawing trees, to black belt karate competitions. It is a multi billion dollar business and docs and attorneys are complicit.

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