Flint Michigan Considers Distributing Scientology Book To Save City

seal220px-L._Ron_Hubbard_in_1950For those already uncomfortable with the erosion of the separation of church and state in voucher programs and faith-based programs under Presidents Bush and Obama, a new proposal in Flint Michigan is likely to seen the inevitable result of this trend. The Flint city council is considering using police and other public officers to distribute copies of “The Way To Happiness,” a book by Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard.

1233401_637574412941910_1965015334_nScientologist Monika Biddle reportedly introduced the council to the book during an August 22 meeting as a way to reverse the high rates of crime and poverty in the city. The message appeared to resonate with Councilwoman Monica Galloway (right) who said “We need to sow [values] into these children [because these] are things they are not getting.”

While presented as a nonreligious moral code, the book is obviously associated with Scientology and written by its founder. Putting aside the controversy over Scientology and the view of some countries that it is a cult or criminal organization, there remains the more pressing question of the use of material closely associated with a religious organization. The book contains 20 different principles like “Don’t Be Promiscuous,” “Be Temperate,” and “Do Not Murder.” It has been distributed by The Way to Happiness Foundation which claims a distribution of 100 million copies of the book all over the world. The Foundation and distribution of the book has been the source of long controversy around the country, particularly in schools.

Police Chief James Tolbert did not balk at the notion of police officers passing out the book. He is quoted as saying “From the information I’ve seen, apparently it works. I’m for anything that works.” (You may recall Tolbert from the Detroit scandals)

488px-scientology_symbolsvg220px-The_Way_to_HappinessSecularists have objected to the plan for obvious reasons. First, the use of public employees to distribute such a book is highly troubling, particularly when the book is written by a religious leader. I would feel the same if it is Hubbard or a rabbi or the Pope. It further erases the line of separation that is already under fire in our society. Second, the notion that a book like this will save the city of Flint shows how detached from reality some members of the government have become. The idea that a police officer will hand a copy of this book to a drug dealer and he will suddenly realize that killing and promiscuity is wrong seems less than likely. Finally, the role of politicians in trying to instill morality in a population is a dangerous proposition. Not only are politicians the last group that I would look to for such lessons, they often use such gimmicks to take away from the fact that they are making no serious efforts to address these social problems.

Flint has enormous and growing problems. It will not help its image with investors to be seen as using public employees to pass out a book like this. More importantly, it will not help its citizens. Flint has lost too much in jobs, the environment, schools and other areas. It does not need to add the separation of church and state as another casualty of its long-standing downturn.

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  1. Well, as long we are on the topic of what others may see as “questionable religious dogma”, let me chime in here with a bit about the Eighth Day Dog Adventists. We believe that God Created Dog On The Eighth Day. The purpose is to give guidance to mankind. A dog is not a priest or proselytizer. We merely show mankind The Way. It is similar to Bhuddism. If you observe folks in life and in history who had dogs then you might see that some successful or good moral people were dog people. You all may not believe this but man and dogs can be reincarnated. I was several times a human in a prior life. A good human can come back as a dog if Saint Peter gives the nod. A bad dog is likely to come back as a human. There is no heaven or hell per se. Cloud sitting is for Microsoft. My religion makes a whole lot more sense than Catholicism or Scientology. You do not have to be blind to gain the benefit of a guide dog. All dogs can give guidance. I employ a Dogalogue Machine to convert my oral bark, growls, groans and snarls into print English. I cannot show it to anyone and tell you where mine is located. I should not be barking about that particular topic but I want you to know how it is that I can yak on this blog. Nuff said. Hail Mary, full of Grace, Dog be with you.

  2. These people are the living end. They think they can control other people’s thoughts once they are “Theta Clear”…..So, if you want to get into a cult where you have your mind and wallet controlled because that’s where Flint is going, extorting money from peoples wallets like the Scientologists do.

  3. One should check out the links between Scientology, Dianetics and the brainwashing methods of The Tavistock Institute – alive & well in the USA. Also, Hubbard’s intelligence background. In “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations” by Dr John Coleman, Robert L Schwartz (introduced LSD to American college students) is listed on pg 184 as one of the teachers of “behavior modification” at Esalen Institute and Stanford before moving on to Terrytown House, the Mary BIDDLE Duke property in Westchester. BIDDLE Duke, according to Dr Coleman was an Illuminist member. Coincidence?

  4. Is there a link to some website where we can read this L Ron Hubbard tract? I don’t want to have to go to Flint to get a copy.

  5. Hi Squeeky,

    Thanks for being straight up! I appreciate that!!

    I actually don’t agree with many of the precepts but to me, that isn’t the point.

    The judgment of the book is that it comes from a certain religion and it is used to start people off into becoming a member of the Church of Scientology. The state is proposing to,in effect, adopt that religion by pushing the books. That isn’t ethical nor is it legal. If the state gave you the Koran and said it would help you, even though there are many good ideas in this book, the state would be supporting a religion. It has no right to do this. We all remain freest by supporting the separation of church and state.

    As to abortion and gay marriage, I agree this does not break down by religion alone. There are churches in my city which preach hatred towards both and churches which support a woman’s right to abortion and are supportive of LBGT people. There are also churches who disapprove of both abortion and people being LBGT, but don’t preach hatred against either.

    It does tend to be right wing christian churches who preach hate against abortion and what they consider the sinful nature of people who are LBGT. Now that isn’t always the case but it is mostly the case. These churches associate their beliefs with their church so I don’t think it’s illogical for pro-women and pro LBGT people to conclude that this is a religious belief. It is a religious belief. Further, it is being crammed down onto people who don’t believe the same way. I don’t think that’s being hysterical, I think its the truth. That’s my thinking on the matter. Thanks for sharing yours with me.

  6. Example-

    Romney’s home state is Michigan and one who couldn’t be bought to silence there was Asst. U.S. Attorney (former) Rick Convertino.

    When USAG John Ashcroft wanted to halt Convertino’s investigations (after Rick put away the very 1st conviction of terrorists after 9/11) – Convertino spoke up and Ashcroft engaged corrupt prosecutor Morford.

    Millions of dollars and 2 weeks of trial – resulted in NG for Convertino in 8 hours


    Ashcroft reportedly went after federal court/ US Trustee corruption in our bankruptcy courts. At the same time Debra Yang was running Pres Corp Fraud Task Force; when I gave both of them the heads up on eToys /Kay Bee, Stage Stores and The Learning Co frauds.

    Then, Chris Christie as NJ U.S. Attorney, gave Ashcroft & Yang a $50 million NO Bid “Deferred Prosecution Agreement”; which speciously coincided with the demise of Yang & Ashcroft’s efforts against the crimes.

    Christie was rewarded as Governor of NJ.

    Romney owns Bain Cap – that owns Clear Channel Communications; which was founded by Red McCombs – who runs Blackwater (renamed Academi).

    And Ashcroft works for them!

    You steal big and circle the money around in a bid way;
    then you get to keep your organized crime – pay day.

    Do you remember what they use to call, in more legitimate, straight forward times – money being given to fed prosecutor;

    for deferring a federal prosecution?

  7. bill mcwilliams;

    You are SO “Spot On”….

    Slatkin took the nations best and brightest for vast millions.
    (Just ask Greta Van Susteren & her hubby)..

    Just as there are Ponzi schemes and corruption efforts many;

    we need a anti-corruption league – of those who can’t/won’t be bought!

  8. Wonderful to learn that as we fight abroad to maintain our constitution-based government from numb-skull theocrats, numb-skull local officials here are handing it away to the homegrown theocrats. Are all the mortal blows to societies self-inflicted wounds?

  9. @jill

    You asked, ” I really would like to know what you would feel if you were forced to think and feel only what the Iman told you to think and feel.”

    I would rebel. I don’t think anyone could force me to think or feel anything. They could force me to behave a certain way, to wear a burka or die, for example. But I am not for a theocracy here. As for Iranians, that is their business how they run their society.

    I see the problem here in this country as more where there are a couple of issues that have been characterized as Christian versus non-Christian, which are less that way than supposed. One is abortion and the other is gay marriage/gay behavior.

    From that, the hysterical Left goes apesh!t about Christians cramming their religion down everybody’s throats. On this particular book, if it is presented in a non-religious fashion, I don’t see the problem with it, even if Hubbard is a nut or con-artist. (which I believe). I also choke whenever I read somebody complaining, “Nobody better try to tell me what to do!” when our whole life is constrained by the law. And not just in “thou shalt nots” but in “thou shalts”.

    I think the book should be judged for what it is, not necessarily for who wrote it, unless the author is a Hitler or Stalin or John Wayne Gacy type.I listed the 21 precepts above. Are there any of those you actively disagree with???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. EARTHLINK was founded by Scientologist Reed Slatkiin. It was a massive Ponzi scheme. I personally knew an early investor who, with her husband, were favored Scientologists/investors, and walked away with approximately 12 million dollars. Google Earthlink scam, Stina Hans, Joel Kreine et al.

    Most investors lost their shirts. Kreiner was/is? a high-ranking lawyer for the cult.

  11. When the schools stated they would never touch religion; but would – instead – teach Greek “Mythology” to 6th Graders

    I began to home school my children.

    They all were learned children and one is soon to graduate as a Dr. VM.


    My yanking was due to the fact that the State schools did not comprehend that their classifying “it” as Mythology – was still an effort to indoctrinate a way.

    Any state proffering of a alternate named religion – is an effort to indoctrinate – by proxy of that (purported) better religion. People, like children, will absorb what the masters are teaching

    as Gospel!

    A game, by any other name – is still the same;

    and (should be) verboten!

  12. DBQ: (Sit down and shut up, we will allow you your time to speak when the topic arises and not until then)

    This is exactly why my dad refuses to go to any board meeting, where members feel they have devine right to condescension for every citizen. He prefers reading the agenda or minutes afterwards then, if need be, email each board member with his concerns, which almost always are about some financial impact on him, some new benefit only for them. If they do not at least acknowledge his email, well, they are not so cavalier when his attorney writes them a letter. All he wants is the dialogue that he cannot get at a board meeting.

    DBQ, don’t take my comment as a reflection on you, personally, but your comment is pitch-perfect characterization of so many public officials today — us against them. Even if they are elected officials, it’s nearly impossible to get their attention unless they are on the campaign trail when, surely, they must have to hold their noses while making contact with voters.

  13. I hand out a few thousand of these booklets every year. Most people recognise it for what it is: a common sense guide to lead a happier life for all. You can put your business name and logo on the cover, as I do. I also get a few ‘freebies’ to hand out, but obviously some gracious soul paid for those too, like the extras I have now from the voice actress who plays Bart Simpson. We are Scientologists & take advantage of other useful works by Hubbard, but thousands use it who are not. I hope everyone who reads this blog reads a copy from cover to cover. It would be very silly not to do so. Turley also needs to read a copy from cover to cover in a new unit of time. If he did so, I doubt he would have come up with this blog.

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