Second American Dies Fighting For The Islamic State After Abandoning His Nine Children

xjidhadi-pic-isis-pagespeed-ic-8jv64o2crt1-e1409314714373A second American has died fighting for the terrorist organization ISIS, or Islamic State — a group that is so extreme and bloodthirsty that even Al Qaeda leaders have stood against it. The latest American to die is Abdiraaman Muhumed from Minneapolis, who notably left behind nine children to seek paradise in martyrdom as a terrorist.

Muhamed was a Somali-American who appeared to see nothing immoral in abandoning nine children to seek his own salvation by joining a Muslim army that has been beheading nonbelievers, kidnapping women, and engaging in the mass execution of unarmed men. He is believed to be one of as many as 15 Minnesota Somali-Americans who left their homes to join ISIS. They have been reportedly joined by as many as 300 other Americans and thousands of Westerners.

140528195528-tsr-jamjoom-american-suicide-bomber-syria-00002127-story-topA week earlier, Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, a U.S. citizen from California, died fighting for the Islamic militants and Muhamed may have died in the same battle. In addition, a U.S. citizen from Florida, Moner Mohammad Abusalha, reportedly killed himself in a suicide bombing against Syrian government troops earlier this year. Moner Mohammad Abusalha posed with a kitten before his death. I suppose to show his more gentle side when he was not blowing people up.

xmn-isis.jpg.pagespeed.ic.LjgXFSY4rAAs a father, I was particularly struck by the willingness of Abdiraaman Muhumed to abandon his wife and children (to be supported by others or possibly the state). In addition to murdering people in the name of Islam, he also saw seeking paradise through martyrdom as perfectly moral while leaving his children to fend for themselves. It is part of the twisted morality of these Islamic extremists. By the way, the Islamic State just released another video that proudly showed it marching stripped captured Syrian soldiers into the desert and shooting them. While most of us are repulsed by images of ISIS members displaying severed heads and massacring people, some like Muhumed and Abusalha are drawn by those same images to the Islamic State.

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  1. Yeah, like JFK afraid of being “soft on Communisim” so we go into Nam. Johnson, same fear. Democrats afraid of being called soft. Maybe we do need a female President who does not have the fear of being called soft when she knows what a hardon is. 9/11 comes along and its like new day Pearl Harbor. Gotta keep the box cutters out of airports so we invade Afghanistan. Cant be soft on Saudi box cutter bearing tentheads.

  2. BarkinDog,

    Like Eisenhower followed Truman without withdrawing from Europe and Asia – staying the course to secure and build the peace. War is pointless if it fails to serve as the base for building peace. Bush understood that. Obama does not. Building peace has always been a longer and, in ways, more comprehensive project than waging war.

  3. I guess this martyr got his wish. Too bad for his kids but then he never cared about them anyway. How do I know? Evidence, the evidence of his behavior.

    By the way was he a naturalized citizen who was born in Samalia or was he an American born American who identified himself as a Somali American? I am asking because of my belief that the insistence of Americans to keep hyphenating even when they are Americna citizens is a bad idea.

  4. Yes folks. Stay the course of war. I remember back in 1980 when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan and allowed the women there to go to the medical school. They were there to keep down the friggin muslim tenthead extremists. The U.S. could not go along with that. NOOOO. We have been at war in Afghanistan for 11 years or so. Real smart. Yeah. Obama is supposed to follow the lead to two Bushies. Jeso.

    1. BarkinDog – we should have learned from the Russians and our experience against Kesselring in WWII. Don’t fight in mountainous territory.

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