Ohio Judge Who Held DUI Trials At High School Is Arrested For DUI After Helicopter Tracks Him Down

judge_dean_wilsonPerry County Judge Dean L. Wilson is well known in the Columbus area for holding drunk driving trials to New Lexington High School each year as a warning to students not to drink and drive. Wilson is now facing public criticism as he was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and, worse yet, leaving the scene of an accident. Both are first-degree misdemeanors punishable subject to a maximum of six months in jail for each.

Wilson, 60, is accused of driving a 2014 Mercedes-Benz (a loaner from his car dealer while his vehicle was in the shop) under the influence on Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. He hit a COTA bus after changing lanes. He then sped away. Police used a helicopter to track him down. He then refused to take a sobriety test. His license was automatically suspended.

The DUI is unfortunately unique as a charge against a judge (and is no trivial matter) but the leaving the scene greatly magnifies the seriousness for a sitting judge.

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  1. I have went in front of this judge several times for mm and traffic viol growing up. The man puts the hammer down. Frankly he scares me to death. After speaking with a few lawyers to fight a traffic viol. One lawyer said “he seems to do what he wants”. When I made my plea of NG it obviously upset him as his face got red and he began to shuffle papers. The man never has had anyone run against him and its a shame. He needs to be held to high standerds. I hope the judge he goes in front of let’s him have it

  2. Repeal the 21st Amendment.

    There’s too much DUIin’ goin; on out there.

    (Oops! I think I got that issue mixed up with the 2nd. My bad).

  3. It is the plague we have of a constabulary and others in the criminal justice system who, because of their positions of authority, consider themselves not subject to the same laws, codes of conducts, rules, and overall accountability for their actions as the rest of us.

    However this is not unique to them, it pervades our political landscape at this time, from the top down – across all branches of government – the distain for the Constitution and the rule of law. Why should we be surprised when it percolates quickly down to all levels below?

    There needs to be more accountability, not less for these people. A common man may legitimately claim ignorance in some matters, these people can not.

    The People grow weary of these abuses and their discontent is becoming quite tangible from where I sit.

  4. Well, if the judge has any integrity left, he will either plead guilty or have his trial at the school. It would really be a great lesson.

  5. This is why you cannot divide people into “good guys” and “bad guys”. Everyone is capable of doing the things they condemn others for doing, given similar circumstances.

    1. Yeah, but you can divide people into officials who have legal power over us, and ordinary citizens who claim no such moral and legal superiority.
      There is not a moral equivalence here. those who have lobbied and campaigned to have such power are that much more reprehensible when they breach the public trust.

  6. “Wilson is now facing public criticism”?
    I would hope it is more like public condemnation. The unmitigated gall and hypocrisy of these freakin leaders and head of our govt is nauseating.
    I was even before a Family Court judge who done a similar DUI thing, but fortunately with no accidents – he did try to use his position to cajole the arresting officer into letting him off the charge (a Judge Maney, NY Albany family court judge).
    Even worse, when they do get their hands caught in the cookie jar, they are usually treated with measured scorn and light treatment.
    It should be the exact opposite they are in positions of public trust, and breaches of just trust should be punished MORE harshly than the average misbehaving citizen, not less.
    The doctrine of Might makes Right allows them to protect their own.

  7. Well he was a sitting judge and not standing in the vehicle when it collided with someone. Or when he drove away.

  8. What if there is some truth to that old saying, “It takes one to know one…”???

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