LawDragon Selects Top 500 Lawyers For 2014

LawDragon has released the results of its increasingly popular survey of the top lawyers in America. I was fortunate to again make the list this year, which included the recent win in the Al-Arian case in the background statement.

The Top 500 Lawyers again includes many familiar names such as the Supreme Court members and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. This year also includes fellow academic Geoffrey Stone from the University of Chicago who is honored for his role on the NSA surveillance issue and the controversial review board of President Obama. Harvard Dean Martha Minow is also honored.

Thanks again to LawDragon for the honor of the selection and congratulations to everyone who made the list this year.

Here is the magazine.

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    1. Hi JT,

      Well, you asked us what we thought. So, attached is what I thought! Feel free to post it on your blog, which I frequent almost on a daily basis. Thank you!

      G. Tod Slone, aka P. Maudit and Editor of The American Dissident


  1. Charlie, You should read the comments on the Al Arian thread. Some very grateful Middle Eastern people made nice comments. It’s heartening.

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