Sacrilegious Selfies: Pennsylvania Teen Arrested For “Desecrating” Jesus Statue In Sexual Pose

jesusstatueloveincbedfordThere is an interesting case that in Pennsylvania where an unnamed teen is charged with “desecration” of a statue of Jesus in front of the Love in the Name of Christ, a Christian organization in Everett, Pennsylvania. The charge against the 14-year-old raises significant first amendment questions in the alleged desecration of a venerated object. He could be (unlikely) jailed for two jails for insulting a religious statue, something that contravenes free speech and establishment principles as well as vagueness issues. Warning: some viewers may find the picture below disturbing.

“Desecration” is defined in Pennsylvania as “Defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise, physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.” What on Earth does “physically mistreating” mean with a statue? The addition of “otherwise” to “defacing, damaging, polluting” adds another element of ambiguity and vagueness.

That fact that this was a religious statue seems to be motivating the charge. It seems unlikely that the teen would have been charged in the same way with a frog or dog statue. None of these excuses his actions, of course. His conduct was obnoxious and disgraceful. Unfortunately, those terms could be in the dictionary under “teenager.”

While there will be pressure to get the teen to plead out, the law appears ripe for an either as applied or facial challenge.


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146 thoughts on “Sacrilegious Selfies: Pennsylvania Teen Arrested For “Desecrating” Jesus Statue In Sexual Pose”

  1. So if I stand in front of an abortion clinic with a picture of a dead fetus (a lil distasteful) should I be charged criminaly too. I mean I’m sure that is gonna be offensive to some people. Look our jails already have way to many people in them who shouldnt be there. He didnt steal anything from anyone, he didnt physically harm anyone, and he didnt damage anyones property, I for one can sleep peacefully even with this kid on the street. Go find a rapist or murderer please and stop wasting OUR money on stupid crap like this. Im pretty sure there is noone who would want to whip out there checkbook and pay for this kids prosicution

  2. And Miley Cyrus – that’s okay? rubbing her almost naked butt on against a man’s crotch with millions of teens watching? Yet this teen gets arrested for making a political and societal statement. There’s nothing lewd about this teen’s post – He didn’t expose himself. He didn’t deface anything. His statement is CHRISTIANITY has too much power in politics. It’s obviously true.

    1. cetude – exactly how do you know what statement this young man was making? If he was making a statement at all.

  3. Charlie-

    So Christianity is the poison that made this little punk act like a homosexual.To deface not JUST a statue! But disrespected people like me who would fight & die for what that Man did,what that God did! I am not one who is a sheep…I AM LION!!!

    I am of the warriors He spoke of,I am of the House of Issachar/Judah! We are here to bring the reckoning on those who attack His! The ones who are beheading followers in Yehshua the Messiah Christ by Islamic extremist,Chinese military,North Korea,Burhma,Cambodia,the Phillipines,Sudanese & other African Jihadist.We are going to stop Satan’s New World Order! We are here to stop the masters & the creators of this worldly demise.The ones who are of Lucifer’s bloodlines of Cain-Genesis 3:15.The illuminati!

    The Lord’s death,justice & vengeance is coming on all of you who don’t believe or have not accepted Him! You people on this planet have had plenty of time.Now you all attack the greatest people on earth that would take you in,love you,give you a home, clothes & food if you asked.The Lord is coming,the signs have been in the sky like He said such as the blood moons.Everything written in the Bible has came true! Run,hide all you want but you can’t hide from truth! Most of all,you can’t run from Him! The Lord will find you & every knee WILL BOW! And confess He is the Lord!

  4. Tasteless but not in anyway illegal. The prosecutor obviously doesn’t have enough to do.

  5. Mickey Mouse, huh, Paul! Kodo’s to that, tho I think I would write in Ron Paul myself, who I don’t consider Republican. (in actions & viewpoint he’s Independant or Libertarian).

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